In this episode, we have a recent Alum of The Entrepreneur House on the show, Kamil Kaminski! Kamil is from Warsaw, Poland and runs a business providing content for entrepreneurs that don’t have much time by interviewing them and translating those interviews into blog articles.

His background is in mathematics and education. He was developing an E-learning platform that would prepare students for their exams, but just before sealing the deal with venture capitalists he decided to pursue his dream of being location independent and starting a real business rather than working with a VC backed startup.

He’s talents are content strategy, and creating educational blog posts. In this episode, we will address the why behind content, writing a blog and why they are both important. We will also touch on new business and product ideas and how to scale them from 0-$4,000 in one month. 

P.S. We have to let you know we had some connection issues during the podcast and there are a few choppy places in the audio. Many apologies we did the best we could to patch it up nicely.

Valuable Tips from Kamil:

The questions you should ask yourself before you start a new business or product…. 1. Are you excited to work on this everyday for the next 4 years? 2. Would you like to have lunch with your clients every Friday? 3. Is it scaleable and can it run without you? 4. Will it launch quickly?

“It’s human nature to write about yourself. What you should be doing is writing about the person who is going to be reading your blog.” Kamil Kaminski

“I though f*** that….I told the VC’s I won’t take their offer.” Kamil Kaminski

“I created my offer using the exact problems and objections they had.” Kamil Kaminski

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Ep. 127 ~ The Power of Giving Away Your Time

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Ep. 130 ~ Obtain an Obsession ~ Clare Goodwin

December 29, 2016

Today listeners, we have a current member of The Entrepreneur House ~ Chiang Mai on the show Clare Goodwin. Clare is the co-founder of SolePal. Sole Pal is a premium shoe powder designed for active people. Sole Pal makes foot deodorant as cool as it can be.

Clare started out as semi-pro athlete in New Zealand, she then became a nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner founding and specializing in helping women reverse Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

A couple of really great tips that Clare addresses in this podcast are how to obtain an obsession to achieve a goal and how to handle failure when your entire image of yourself is wrapped up a business.

“The Entrepreneur House was one of the best decisions of my life” Clare Goodwin

“Seek out places where like-minded people are and you will be so much more successful!” Clare Goodwin

Contact: Sole Pal ~ Sweat Proud

Ep. 129 ~ Serial Traveler and Goal Hacker ~ George Millo

December 16, 2016

In this episode, we are privileged to have George Millo on our show. George is 25 years old and has seen and lived in more parts of the world than most people do in a lifetime. Dropping out of University to travel the world indefinitely, George isn’t your normal run of the mill Brit. He really took on his life, making some of his wildest dreams come true using growth hacking to learn multiple languages and accomplish dozens of bucket-list items while still young.

Before the age of 25 George has….

-Visited Angkor Wat Temples is Cambodia -Ran with the Bulls in Spain -Attended Woodstock in Poland -Saw Koh Rong in Cambodia -Island hopped in Thailand -Attended the famous Yi Peng Lantern Festival -Was in Berlin when Germany won the World Cup -Rode a motorcycle across Vietnam -Participated in the famous Correfoc Fire Run in Barcelona -Surfed in Bali -Watched sunset at Bali Beach in Thailand -Full Moon Festival in Koh Phangan -Traveled to 42 countries and lived in 14 -Visited 5 countries in 3 days -And much much more....

“The way we learn languages in school is radically broken.” George Millo

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Ep. 128 ~ The Lifestyle Accountant

December 14, 2016

Stuck in your accounting job? Learn how to escape the 9-5 cubicle, discover the freedom to roam and enjoy your lifestyle…..this is the tagline and topic of today's podcast. On this episode, we are chatting with the founder of, Jeff Maddux. Jeff is a recovering 9-5 accountant who has created a community specifically for accountants that want to and have escaped their cubicle job to design their own life. The Lifestyle Accountant community has many different resources where accountants can come together and learn more about using tools to help them create this lifestyle. They teach people about mini-retirements, credit card consulting, using reward points and miles, personal finance automation, small business finances and how to still keep a successful career as an accountant while creating time and location independence.

*Those that mention hearing Jeff Maddux on our podcast will get a free lifetime membership to The Lifestyle Accountant Community.

Steps for Accountants to Create Location Independence:

1. Cloud Software -Xero -Quickbooks Online

2. Create an Online Presence 3. Learn from Successful Accountants 4. Read the Four Hour Work Week 5. Connect with prospective clients 6. Identify a niche you want to work with 7. Invest in being an entrepreneur 8. Just do it… the ticket….someday will never come 9. Make sure your finances are in order Financial Automation Apps -PersonalCapital

22:06 ~ Frequent Flyer Mile Hacking

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The Lifestyle Accountant Blog




Ep. 127~The Power of Giving Your Time ~ A wrap up to Chiang Mai

December 7, 2016

In this episode, we are diving into the details of The Entrepreneur House ~ Chiang Mai. On Nov. 16th we wrapped up our 2nd House in Chiang Mai, and we are discussing how the month went. We will be joined by our Volunteer Events Coordinator, Bunty SomRoy.

Bunty, speaks about his experience being a participant at The Entrepreneur House and shares how much of an impact it was on his business to be a volunteer for an entire month. By the end of the podcast, Bunty and I discuss a super-hack to grow your network that works really well for increasing business.

“Its the most amazing and important thing that I have done in my business career to date.” Bunty SomRoy

“The organization and volunteer take the same risk…because those bringing on a volunteer never know what they’re going to get” Bunty SomRoy

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