December 7, 2016 Ep. 127~The Power of Giving Your Time ~ A wrap up to Chiang Mai

In this episode, we are diving into the details of The Entrepreneur House ~ Chiang Mai. On Nov. 16th we wrapped up our 2nd House in Chiang Mai, and we are discussing how the month went. We will be joined by our Volunteer Events Coordinator, Bunty SomRoy. Bunty, speaks about his experience being a participant at The Entrepreneur House and shares how much of an impact it was on his business to be a volunteer for an entire month. By the end of the podcast, Bunty and I discuss a super-hack to grow your network that works really well for increasing business. “Its the most amazing and important thing that I have done in my business career to date.” Bunty SomRoy “The organization and volunteer take the same risk…because those bringing on a volunteer never know what they’re going to get” Bunty SomRoy Honorable Mentions: Taylor Pearson ~ Author of ‘The End of Jobs’ Tropical MBA Podcast Tal Gur ~ One Year to Freedom Esther Jacobs Steven Van der Piejl Paul Levine ~ Everweb App Dynamite Circle ~ (DC) Brenden Tully - Co-Founder of Dan Andrews ~ Co-Founder of the Dynamite Circle DCBKK