December 16, 2016 Ep. 129 ~ Serial Traveler and Goal Hacker ~ George Millo

In this episode, we are privileged to have George Millo on our show. George is 25 years old and has seen and lived in more parts of the world than most people do in a lifetime. Dropping out of University to travel the world indefinitely, George isn’t your normal run of the mill Brit. He really took on his life, making some of his wildest dreams come true using growth hacking to learn multiple languages and accomplish dozens of bucket-list items while still young. Before the age of 25 George has…. -Visited Angkor Wat Temples is Cambodia -Ran with the Bulls in Spain -Attended Woodstock in Poland -Saw Koh Rong in Cambodia -Island hopped in Thailand -Attended the famous Yi Peng Lantern Festival -Was in Berlin when Germany won the World Cup -Rode a motorcycle across Vietnam -Participated in the famous Correfoc Fire Run in Barcelona -Surfed in Bali -Watched sunset at Bali Beach in Thailand -Full Moon Festival in Koh Phangan -Traveled to 42 countries and lived in 14 -Visited 5 countries in 3 days -And much much more.... “The way we learn languages in school is radically broken.” George Millo Honorable Mentions: Idahosa Ness ~ Mimicmethod ‘Fluent Forever’ by Gabriel Wyner Benny Lewis Urban Light ~ Charity in Thailand that takes care of young boys involved in prostitution. Derek Sivers ~ Ted Talk Eban Pagan Sebastian Marshall ‘Castaway’ the Movie Contact Info: