December 14, 2016 Ep. 128 ~ The Lifestyle Accountant

Stuck in your accounting job? Learn how to escape the 9-5 cubicle, discover the freedom to roam and enjoy your lifestyle…..this is the tagline and topic of today's podcast. On this episode, we are chatting with the founder of, Jeff Maddux. Jeff is a recovering 9-5 accountant who has created a community specifically for accountants that want to and have escaped their cubicle job to design their own life. The Lifestyle Accountant community has many different resources where accountants can come together and learn more about using tools to help them create this lifestyle. They teach people about mini-retirements, credit card consulting, using reward points and miles, personal finance automation, small business finances and how to still keep a successful career as an accountant while creating time and location independence. *Those that mention hearing Jeff Maddux on our podcast will get a free lifetime membership to The Lifestyle Accountant Community. Steps for Accountants to Create Location Independence: 1. Cloud Software -Xero -Quickbooks Online 2. Create an Online Presence 3. Learn from Successful Accountants 4. Read the Four Hour Work Week 5. Connect with prospective clients 6. Identify a niche you want to work with 7. Invest in being an entrepreneur 8. Just do it… the ticket….someday will never come 9. Make sure your finances are in order Financial Automation Apps -PersonalCapital 22:06 ~ Frequent Flyer Mile Hacking Honorable Mentions: Cloud Accounting Software: -Xero -Quickbooks Online Chris Hooper, CEO of Accodex The Four Hour Work Week Personal Capital Josh Bauerle CPA on Fire John Lee Dumas Entrepreneur on Fire Maneesh Sethi ~ Hack the System Blog Contact Information: The Lifestyle Accountant Blog Twitter: Instagram: Linkedin: