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Ep. 414 ~ The UK’s #1 Biohacker ~ Tim Gray

Ep. 414 ~ The UK’s #1 Biohacker ~ Tim Gray

August 14, 2019

Tim Gray ~ Founder of The Health Optimisation Summit

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Today listeners we are joined by the organizer of the largest biohacking conference in the UK, Tim Gray.  Tim is a dedicated health optimizing biohacker, a psychology specialist and is the founder and investor in several successful London based digital marketing agencies, the Biohacker London Meetup Group and London's first private hyperbaric oxygen clinic.


Tim is working on building a global movement in health optimization. This began with starting London's first Health Optimisation Summit, advising many well known influencers, doctors, and specialists in the health and wellness space all over the world, and is often featured on podcasts and media regarding practical health hacks.


He has been optimizing health, energy, and mind for over seven years using a vast range of modalities and is known as the UK’s leading biohacker due to his vast knowledge of human optimization, plus due to detailed tracking of more than 35 + biomarkers per day. The Biohacker London Meetup group has over 1500 active members with world renowned speakers attending every event.


Throughout the show, we chat with Tim about all areas of biohacking. He takes us though the biohacks that helped him regain his health and energy levels to continue to be a high-performing entrepreneur. 



     03:48: The Largest Biohacking Summit in the UK

     06:24: Tim on Biohacking

     08:52: The Science Behind Grounding/Earthing

     15:51: The Placebo Effect & Biohacking

     16:42: Tim on Sleep Optimization

     24:37: Boosting Mental Clarity with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 

     27:07: Tim’s Daily Biohacks

     30:53: The Effects of Mercury Toxicity on the Immune System

     33:58: Tim’s Health Battles

     37:51: What You Thought You Knew About Hydration

     43:27 : Tim on Sources of Hydration

     46:47: How Often Should You Get Your Blood Tested?

     51:21: From Meetup Group to Biohacking Summit

     54:07: Creating a Conference with Major Influencers

01:03:24: How To Manage Relationships With Major Influencers

01:06:04: The Three Most Important Biohacks

01:07:31: Where To Find Tim’s Work

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Ep.413 ~ If You’re Not Happy, You’re Not Healthy w/ Biohacker Joe Cohen

Ep.413 ~ If You’re Not Happy, You’re Not Healthy w/ Biohacker Joe Cohen

August 7, 2019

Joe Cohen ~ BioHacker and Founder of Self Decode & Self Hacked

~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Today on the podcast we are joined by Joe Cohen, the founder of, one of the most recognized and trusted sources for natural health research on the planet. Everything that they put online about health is backed by evidence and medically reviewed. The SelfHacked library delivers sustainable solutions for optimal health performance and anti-aging. 

 Joe and I, recently met in Croatia and he's a really smart guy. He spent years of his life sick suffering from inflammation, brain fog, fatigue, digestive problems, anxiety, depression and other issues that were poorly understood in both conventional and alternative medicine. He was frustrated by this and he was frustrated by the lack of good information that was out there. So he started on his own personal journey of self experimentation and learning, and after years of experiments, he finally healed himself. Then he found that this online resource called that after only four years gets millions of monthly readers. Joe is a thriving entrepreneur, author and speaker. He's also the CEO and founder of Self Decode, and Lab Test Analyzer. What is really cool with Self Decode is that they analyze your DNA and then give you the results back suggesting areas where your health may be at risk or things that may come up for you in the future.

 Joe’s mission is to help people gain access to the most up to date unbiased and science based research and information to optimize your health. It was a fun interview and we got a lot of time to dig in deep understanding biohacking from Joe's perspective. We chatted with Joe about Self Decode and Self Hacked. We talked about Joe's diet and routine, how Joe manages influence and what drives him. Later in the show we chat more about using biohacking to optimize mentality.

   03:52: Intro

   09:10: Starting

   16:50: Analyze Your DNA to Optimize Your Health

   27:43: Using Cold Therapy to Biohack

   29:15: Joe’s Favorite Biohacks

   36:40: Using Ice Baths and Breathwork to Manage Stress 

   40:06: Lectin Avoidance Diet

   41:30: Joe’s Un-Routine

   43:50: Handling Influence in the Health Industry

   50:33: The Next 10 Years of Biohacking

1:05:15: The Biological Aspects of Success


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Ep.412 ~ Brain.FM Changing the Way our Brains Perform ~ Dan Clark

Ep.412 ~ Brain.FM Changing the Way our Brains Perform ~ Dan Clark

July 31, 2019

Dan Clark~ CEO of Brain.FM

~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Using technology to help people focus, relax and sleep is changing the way we live in the modern world. Anyone with a smartphone has easy access to any type of music they want to listen to at any time. What is really interesting is that neuroscience is also on the bandwagon of understanding the effects of music on the brain because it goes hand-in-hand with making us mortal humans just a little bit more effective in our daily lives. 


Brain.FM is leading this charge by creating music to stimulate the brain that’s not too stimulating but rather helps reduce distractions and increase focus. One of their first users, Dan Clark has been CEO of Brain.FM since 2017 and we had the opportunity to pick his brain about all the magic behind Brain.FM’s success.


On today’s show, we dive deep into how the right sounds can help us take our productivity to the next level and sleep, meditation or relaxation even deeper. He talks about how they combine A.I. and professional music composers together to make highly effective tracks that their customers can listen to and get results from. We touch on why this works so well on the human brain, why it is replicating a natural part of our brains, and how this type of technology is helping people not only operate better in their own lives, but how neural-phase locking is helping people with trauma, mental disorders and replacing medication for people with ADHD.  

  4:00: Who is Dan Clark?

  6:08: What Does Brain.FM Do?

  8:44: How Brain.FM Helps You Hyper-Focus

11:03: The Science Behind

13:55: How Quickly Can We Reach Flow-State Using

15:46: How Helped the US Team Win the Olympics

18:18: Which User are You?

21:31: How Neural Phase-Locking Works

25:10: Combining Music & A.I.

31:22: What We Can Expect from in the Future

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 Listeners can access 20% off a membership at

Ep.411 ~ Altering Your Self-Perception to Maximize the Results in Your Life ~ Dr. John Demartini ~ Dr. John Demartini

Ep.411 ~ Altering Your Self-Perception to Maximize the Results in Your Life ~ Dr. John Demartini ~ Dr. John Demartini

July 24, 2019

Dr. John Demartini ~ Thought Leader & Entrepreneur from the Movie 'The Secret'

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Dr. John Demartini is a world-renowned specialist in human behaviour, a researcher, polyglot, author and global educator and is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behaviour, leadership and entrepreneurialism. He has studied over 30,000 books across all the defined academic disciplines, and is the founder of the Demartini Institute. He has authored more than 40 books on a wide range of topics such as corporate and financial empowerment, self-development, relationships and social transformation. He has appeared on Larry King Live and regularly contributes to the Oprah Magazine.


He is the author of nine internationally best selling published titles translated into 28 different languages, including The Breakthrough Experience, Inspired Destiny, Riches Within, Stress to Success, How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven, The Gratitude Effect, Wisdom of the Oracle, Count Your Blessings, The Heart of Love, You Can Have an Amazing Life in Just 60 Days and The Values Factor.


Demartini has also appeared in several films, including The Secret in 2006. He has also appeared in several documentaries and including Peter Rodger’s 2009 film Oh My God, and Overfed & Undernourished in 2014.


Today on the show, John talks about his experience.  He shares with us the 13 questions you should be asking yourself to gain competitive advantage in life. John talks about the art of delegation, and how mastering this can yield high-productivity. We also ask John about focus, meditation and how to achieve authentic flow-states. Lastly, John shares about applying this to business and having a professional speaking career!



02:03: Who is John Demartini?

05:38: What is Your Natural Competitive Advantage?

09:42: 13 Questions to Get You Into Hyper-Flow

15:49: Why You Should Update your Values Quarterly

17:42: Why Your Values Determine with Your Income Level

23:27: Pay Yourself First

29:22: Finding Your Entrepreneurial Sweet Spot - What Do People Want That You’re Inspired to Deliver?

32:34: The Difference Between a Flow State & a Manic Episode

38:34: Recommendations for Achieving Flow State

39:39: Meditating to Integrate Not to Escape

42:10: How to Positively Grow Your Influence


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Ep.410 ~ Do You Really Know if You Have a Healthy Brain? ~ Dr. Andrew Hill

Ep.410 ~ Do You Really Know if You Have a Healthy Brain? ~ Dr. Andrew Hill

July 16, 2019

Dr. Andrew Hill~ Founder of Peak Brain Institute

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Do you really know if you have a healthy brain?  Most of us would like to think so, but how can we really tell? We know if we have a healthy body, we know if we have healthy habits. So why don’t we know if we have healthy brains?  One reason why is because society associates unhealthy brains with mental disorders, and if we don’t have a mental disorder then our brain must be healthy. Right?....Wrong!


We could actually have problems with our brains for years before it shows signs.  Brain health is on the cusp of becoming a really big movement and Dr. Andrew Hill is one that helping lead that movement.  Andrew is a neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and biohacking advocate. He holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience from UCLA, and is best known as an expert neurofeedback practitioner and brain fitness coach. With an extensive history working in mental health, and as a university lecturer and researcher, Dr. Hill founded Peak Brain Institute in 2015. Peak Brain Institute a community-oriented company whose mission is to expand understanding and accessibility to brain-hacking technologies. Peak Brain Institute and Andrew’s main mission is to make more brain gyms, where people can learn about and exercise their brain, without it being a mental issue. 


On the show today we chat in depth with Andrew about how our brains actually operate. We talk about how scanning brains can prevent many mental disorders, flow-states and the effects of alcohol and drugs on our brains. We also discuss the importance of meditation and how it is really changing brains for the better, and we discuss the many benefits people with healthy brains can get by scanning and continuing to exercise the brain regularly.




   02:06 Who is Andrew Hill?

   04:55 Sleep Training Across Time Zones

   10:16 The Journey to PeakBrain

   12:43 Is my Brain Healthy?

   14:40 Brain Scanning vs Brain Mapping

   21:10 The NeuroFeedback Process

   31:08 Can High-Performers Benefit from NeuroFeedback?

   35:26 Andrew’s Tips on Marketing Automation & Service Delivery

   37:56 A Deep Dive Into Brainwaves & Flow-States

   51:58 How Meditation Affects the Brain

   57:29 Basic Meditation Practice

1:00:24 Effects of Drugs & Alcohol on the Brain

1:06:57 Where to Find PeakBrain



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Social Media:


Twitter: @PeakBrainLA


Instagram: @PeakBrainLA






Listeners that mention this show will receive 10% off services at Peak Brain Institute (excludes equipment purchases)

Ep.409 ~ Ice Baths, Climbing Kilimanjaro in Record Time w/ Wim Hof & BioHacking ~ Scott Carney

Ep.409 ~ Ice Baths, Climbing Kilimanjaro in Record Time w/ Wim Hof & BioHacking ~ Scott Carney

July 10, 2019

Scott Carney ~ Co-Author of 'What Doesn't Kill Us' w/ Wim Hof

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Could you imagine climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in record time with no training? How about being injected with a deadly endotoxin and your body has no reaction to it? Or even just completing more pushups than you ever thought possible with no oxygen in your lungs?

Most people think these are impossible feats. Something only reserved for superhumans or for people that spend years in training. But they are not. All of the aforementioned activities have been accomplished by regular people that apply one simple breathing method, the Wim Hof Method.  

Our guest today is an investigative journalist and a long-time student of the Wim Hof Method. When Scott heard about Wim and his wild claims, he went to meet Wim with one purpose….to prove him wrong. After Scott spent a few days at Wim’s mountain house in Poland, he realized Wim and his wacky breathing tactics were the real deal. He was convinced because Scott himself began doing more pushups than he ever had completed with no oxygen in his lungs. He took baths in freezing cold water without getting hypothermia, and if those weren’t enough, Wim took Scott and in the dead of winter they both climbed the tallest mountain in Poland wearing nothing but shorts and boots!

Scott then spent the next six years of his life training with Wim, learning these methods and eventually he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in record time also wearing only boots and shorts and co-authored with Wim on the best-selling book What Doesn’t Kill Us.

Today on the show, Scott talks to us about the Wim Hof Method and how its application helped him gain more control over his body and mindset. He also shares breathing techniques, tips on how to identify false gurus and cultivating your own inner guru when looking to make life changes. 


   02:16: Who is Scott Carney?

   14:20: Why Scott Wanted to Expose False Gurus

   16:53: The Enlightenment Trap

   17:23: The Wim Hof Technique

   27:59: Native Americans & Ice Baths

   32:10: Basic Breathing Pattern & Cold Shower Routine

   35:24: Benefits of Breathing & Cold Showers

   37:39: The Endotoxin Study

   44:04: Holding 29 World Records

   46:44: Ice Baths & Testosterone

   49:49: Scott Carney’s Breathing & Cold Shower Routine

   55:04: Identifying False Gurus

1:02:24: Meditating to Death

1:10:44: Understanding Mindfulness

1:13:16: Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro w/ No Training


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Ep.408 ~ BioHacking and Optimal Performance ~ Ben Hebert

Ep.408 ~ BioHacking and Optimal Performance ~ Ben Hebert

July 3, 2019

Ben Hebert ~ BioHacker and Founder of Natural Stack

~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Hello listeners and welcome back to the show! Today, we have a very special show for you. We wanted to bring on an entrepreneur that has created amazing results building a 7-figure location independent business and knows a lot about the biohacking. Enter, Ben Hebert. Ben is the founder of Natural Stacks. Natural Stacks is a supplement company that helps people achieve the highest level of performance with natural solutions that work. It is also a company that took Ben from less than $3,000 in his bank account to over $1,000,000 in revenue his first year in business.

It is an incredible episode full of high-value content and without further adieu...Ben Hebert


“Just stay in the game. If you stay in long enough, you will find success, and you’ll make it happen!” Ben Hebert


Ben recommends taking Dopamine in the morning to get your day going and GABA for sleep at night!


Honorable Mentions:

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SPECIAL NATURAL STACKS DISCOUNT FOR LISTENERS: Listeners can use the coupon code ‘CHRISREYNOLDS’ to save 25% on anything. Limited to 50 people!


Ep.407 ~ Becoming a Top 1% Jet Fighter Pilot and Using That Mentality for High-Performance ~ John Foley

Ep.407 ~ Becoming a Top 1% Jet Fighter Pilot and Using That Mentality for High-Performance ~ John Foley

June 26, 2019

John Foley ~ Blue Angel Fighter Pilot & Professional Speaker

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Could you imagine flying a fighter jet at 1000 miles per hour? Or flying that same jet upside down and only 3 feet away from another jet also going just as fast as you are? To operate at this level you need an incredible amount of training to become one of the best jet pilots on the planet and today’s guest is one of them and his name is John Foley .  John is a retired Blue Angel pilot for the Navy. The “Blues” as they are called, are known to be the absolute best jet pilots on earth. To perform at this level, takes a lot of focus and hard work and much of his training has helped him transfer into the high-performing entrepreneur and public speaker that he is today.

Today on the show, John talks about his experience as a Blue Angel fighter pilot.  He shares with us about training for dog fighting in the air flying at lightning speed. John talks about what it is like flying at 1000 miles per hour, the scariest flight he ever made almost leading to disaster, and how he mastered his thoughts and emotions to get behind the pilots seat the very next day.  As you could imagine it takes an intense high-performance mentality, so we also ask John about focus, meditation, visualization, flow-state and how to master your mindset for success. Lastly, John shares about applying this to business and having a professional speaking career!


  06:15: Who is John Foley & What is a Blue Angel?

  12:25: What is Dog Fighting for Pilots?

  14:20: Using Focus, Visualization & Debriefing as a Fighter Pilot

  16:55: Flying Upside Down 3 Feet Away From Another Jet

  20:20: Becoming a Blue Angel Fighter Pilot

  24:40: Mentalities Between Blue Angel’s and Other Pilots

  26:25: What is it Like at 1000 Miles Per Hour?

  29:20: John’s Scariest Flight

  35:20: Preparing to Fly Again After Almost Dying

  40:50: John on Meditation

  45:15: Focus and Flow-State from a Professional Fighter Pilot

  49:10: Forming a New Habit

  51:55: Keeping Energy Levels High

  58:00: Creating a Professional Speaking Career

1:03:25: Determining Your Monetary Worth as a Speaker

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Ep.406 ~ Do Assholes Really Finish First? ~ Tucker Max

Ep.406 ~ Do Assholes Really Finish First? ~ Tucker Max

June 19, 2019

Tucker Max ~ Influencer and Author

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Having a polarizing personality helps many people gain influence and fame.  It helps potential fans understand exactly what they stand for, and quite often they are the person saying and doing things that others wish they could do or should do themselves.  Today’s guest started his career with one of the most controversial personalities out there. In 2009, he was ranked as Time Magazine’s Top Influential People, and his name is Tucker Max.  

Tucker is the author of many New York Times best-selling books such as, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, Assholes Finish First, What Women Want, Sloppy Seconds, and Hilarity Ensues. Tucker features wild stories he had with partying and women that were true stories of his life, many of which brought a lot of comedy and controversy to surface. He continued this lifestyle and stories for many years until 2012 when he decided he was done with the lifestyle after he had begun psychotherapy.  Today, he is married with three children and on the show, Tucker talks a bit about being a major author and influencer, comedy, his life, his past, the growth that came from his experiences, his biggest regrets, and of course how he sees life today.


09:30: Why Tucker Lives in Austin, Texas

15:55: What is the Biggest Change of Tucker’s Past Decade

25:30: Learning How to Be Funny

32:40: The History of Humor

36:45: Tucker’s Regrets

51:00: Difference in Comedy Styles

54:40: Tucker Meeting His Now Wife


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Ep.405 ~ Building a Community of Top-Level Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders & Influencers & Taking Them to an Island ~ Hollis Carter

Ep.405 ~ Building a Community of Top-Level Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders & Influencers & Taking Them to an Island ~ Hollis Carter

June 12, 2019

Hollis Carter ~ Co-Founder of The Baby Bathwater Institute

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Hey podcast listeners, today we are hopping on the mic with Hollis Carter. Hollis is an internet marketer from back in the day when it was a Wild Wild West show. He has had quite a bit of success and one of the first people to create a video sales letter. Throughout his years as an entrepreneur, he kept going to these conferences that were all about “pitching and selling”. After many different conferences, his now partner Michael Lovich and he got to talking about creating a community of high-level entrepreneurs and high-caliber people that forbid ‘pitching and selling’ at their events. Thus, they created a community of entrepreneurs called Baby Bathwater Institute.

Each year, they have an event on an island in Croatia called Baby Bathwater Island. Last year, I attended and I was blown away by the content. A friend of mine said it was kind of like Mario Bros. the video game, and warping from Level 2 to Level 12 in a matter of a few short days. I couldn’t agree more, and as soon as I left the event last year, I knew I wanted to attend again this year. That event is coming up soon, at the end of June on an Island in Croatia. On the show today, Hollis and I chat about the experience of being on the island and what it like running a community of high-profile entrepreneurs, influencers and thought leaders. One thing that I really like about their events, is that there are no paid professional speakers. If someone is sharing their content, it is because they have proven their methods, and they are there to share and be a part of the community.

02.55:  A Bit About Baby Bathwater Island & Hollis

08:10:  What is it like on Baby Bathwater Island?

16:35:  Having No Sales Community

18:05:  Spoilers for Workshops on the Island in 2019

21:05:  A Business Mastermind Like Summer Camp

23:30:  Curating a Community of Influential People


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