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Ep.445 ~ How to Handle the Corona Crisis w/ a Special Forces Mindset & Keeping Your Immune System Strong ~ Itamar Marani

Ep.445 ~ How to Handle the Corona Crisis w/ a Special Forces Mindset & Keeping Your Immune System Strong ~ Itamar Marani

March 18, 2020

Itamar Marani ~ Former Israeli Special Forces, 15 Years in Counter-Terrorism w/the Israeli Government, Former Head of Security for a Billionaire, International Jiu-Jitsu Champion, Trained Medic & Founder of Marani Consulting

~ Current Series ~

Entrepreneurs Surviving & Navigating the Corona Crisis


Topics During the Interview:

  • Special Forces Mindset on the Corona Virus Outbreak
  • How to Handle Yourself During Times Like These
  • What is the Most Important Trait to Have During a Crisis?
  • How to Analyze the Situation in Real Danger
  • The Importance of Being a Leader Right Now 
  • How Leaders Stay Calm in Crises
  • The Importance of Transparency and Communication
  • How to Stay Healthy While Quarantined
  • How to Balance Your Neurochemistry While Quarantined 


Intellihelp Facebook Group for Support During the Corona Virus:


5-Minute High-Performance Meditation to Reduce Stress

2-Minute High-Performance Meditation to Reduce Stress


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Ep.444 ~ Why Most People Suck at Listening ~ Dane Maxwell

Ep.444 ~ Why Most People Suck at Listening ~ Dane Maxwell

March 11, 2020

Dane Maxwell~ Founder of The Foundation & Start From Zero

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Dane Maxwell has been an entrepreneur for over 10 years and has started 16 business in his career.. He’s  the Founder of The Foundation, a program designed to teach entrepreneurs how to build a profitable SaaS business, and currently owns a multi-million dollar SaaS business called, as well as, ‍, & ‍ 


Dane found building a business around a painful problem to be extremely lucrative. He taught people not to follow your passion, but to follow the pain, and become passionate about the process of problem solving. 


Nowadays, he has a love hate relationship with teaching entrepreneurship because while building a business that solves other people’s problems is financially rewarding, it’s not always fulfilling. So he has  recently had an awakening and has chosen to retire from business to develop himself as a singer/songwriter.


01:54: WHo is Dane Maxwell?

08:00: MLK, Steve Wozniak & Michelangelo

12:33: Dane's Decision Making Process

24:16: Living in a State of Receptive Curiosity

34:23: Live Listening Exercise w/ Chris

47:56: How to Improve Your Listening Skills

01:04:12: Identifying What Gives You Pleasure

01:13:09: Final Thoughts

01:16:48: Where to Find Dane 

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Ep.443 ~ An 8-Figure Philosopher ~ Pejman Ghadimi

Ep.443 ~ An 8-Figure Philosopher ~ Pejman Ghadimi

March 4, 2020

Pejman Ghadimi~ Author of Third Circle Theory

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers



Pejman Ghadimi is a self-made entrepreneur, philosopher and the author of the best selling books Third Circle Theory & RADIUS. 


Over the last 20 years, Pejman has built a multitude of businesses ranging from a one-of-a-kind investment firm that focuses on alternative asset management known as VIP Motoring to a series of online education businesses including Secret Entourage, Exotic Car Hacks and Watch Trading Academy that have reshaped what and how people learn. 


In 2018, Pejman's companies finished the fiscal year with over $87,000,000.00 in combined revenue. A byproduct of his very own teachings, Pejman is the perfect example of how resourcefulness and self-education are the two most powerful keys to success. 


Today, Pejman is a mentor to over 36,000 students from across the globe and his teachings have created many 6, 7, and 8-figure Entrepreneurs.

     03:00: Who is Pejman Ghadimi?

     10:43: The Evolution of a Car Wash Business

     21:13: Becoming a Chase Bank Manager at 18 

     36:36: Entrepreneurs VS Money Flow: What are they missing?

     39:08: Third Circle Theory: The Progressive Journey of Entrepreneurship

     42:23: Dimensional Awareness

     48:00: What is True Freedom?

     58:47: Pejman on Planning for the Next Decade

01:02:14: Where to Find Pejman Ghadimi

01:02:38: Pejman's Final Thoughts

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Ep.442 ~ Co-Founder of Kajabi ~ Travis Rosser

Ep.442 ~ Co-Founder of Kajabi ~ Travis Rosser

February 26, 2020

Travis Rosser~ Co-Founder of Kajabi

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


After a decade in the software industry, Travis co-founded Kajabi, a knowledge capital platform that has helped customers redefine themselves as experts, free themselves from the traditional notions of a job, and live more fulfilled lives. 


Since 2010, Kajabi has helped more than ten thousand people launch their own small businesses, and to this day these knowledge entrepreneurs have generated more than $600 million in sales. He is also the best-selling author of the book You, INC

02:00: Who is Travis Rosser?

12:08: The Impact Rich Dad/Poor Dad

15:30: The Beginning of Kajabi

25:56: Kajabi Success Stories

29:27: Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

36:03: Exiting Kajabi

41:23: Profession, Passion, Profit, & Pain

47:43: Is The Online Course Market Too Saturated?

51:26: What’s Next for Travis?

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Ep.441 ~ Using Celebrity Entrepreneurship to Take Your Business to the Next Level ~ Clint Arthur

Ep.441 ~ Using Celebrity Entrepreneurship to Take Your Business to the Next Level ~ Clint Arthur

February 19, 2020

Clint Arthur ~ Author Break Through Your Upper Limits on TV

~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Host of The Greatest Show of All Time on 77WABC Radio in New York City  Celebrity Entrepreneur, Personal Branding Expert, Wharton Business School graduate, Dan Kennedy's GKIC Info-Marketer of The Year, with 20 years experience running his own gourmet food company.


Clint's #1 Bestsellers include Break Through Your Upper Limits on TV, followed by What They Teach You At The Wharton Business School, then Speaking Game: 7-Figure Speaker Secrets Revealed, and his latest manifesto: Celebrity Entrepreneurship, then you also have The Greatest Book of All Time, The Presidents Code - Common Traits of Uncommon Leaders, The Last Year of Your Life, The Last Lecture for Entrepreneurs and Authors…. 21 Performance Secrets of Donald Trump

Clint believes the Meaning of Your Life is Determined by You. That You Can Do More, Be More, and Have More — and Capacity is a State of Mind.

03:10: Who is Clint Arthur?

14:58: The 5 Elements of Celebrity Entrepreneurship

23:10:The Hierarchy of Media

32:38: Clint on Goal Setting

39:43: Where to Find Clint Arthur?



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Ep. 440 ~ Making Amazon Millionaires from Romania ~ Alex Huditan

Ep. 440 ~ Making Amazon Millionaires from Romania ~ Alex Huditan

February 12, 2020

Alex Huditan ~ Founder of Amazonienii

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Alex Huditan, or Hudi as his friends call him is on the mic today to talk about how he became a millionaire on Amazon from Romania and how he has helped many other Romanians become millionaires also.


Alex has completely changed his life since 2014 and personal beliefs about money over the past few years, switching from corporate to running a business from a deck chair in a tropical country and running his 7-figure business that he works on only four hours per MONTH!  


Alex and his friends found a perfect business model and strategy that helped him succeed on Amazon. It worked so well that Alex and his friends decided to help other Romanians share in the success now teaching their method to others. Alex has mentored over 500 launches, sold over $4,000,000 and now runs a community of Amazon sellers with over 3,000 people. 


   02:36: Who is Alex Huditan?

   22:07: Building a Business Mastermind

   29:20: 5 To The Power of 5- Amazon Strategy

   35:56: Tips on Building an Entrepreneurial Mindset

   50:45: Lifestyle Design Through Trial & Error

1:03:06: Where to Find Alex Huditan



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Ep.439 ~ From Juggling on the Streets to $16 Million ~ Daniel Rosen

Ep.439 ~ From Juggling on the Streets to $16 Million ~ Daniel Rosen

February 5, 2020

After leaving home at age 13 to make a living juggling on street corners he ended up in a 25+ year career on TV. The longest gig was the announcer of The Price Is Right. Yea, he was the one who said: "Come on down!" 


For him life took an unexpected turn when a bank error devastated his credit, leaving him on the verge of bankruptcy. There weren't any solutions out there to help with the process and while fixing his own problem, he thought of a way to help others by bootstrapping the world's first credit repair software.


Credit Repair Cloud was born and now powers the credit repair industry and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to become “Credit Heroes” by changing millions of lives and 25 of them have become millionaires by leveraging the software to start their own credit repair business.


Now, with more than $16M in revenues, Credit Repair Cloud is the industry leader and Daniel Rosen is known as one of the most innovative SaaS CEOs out there. 







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Ep.438 ~  Niche Travel Blogging ~ Janice Waugh

Ep.438 ~  Niche Travel Blogging ~ Janice Waugh

January 29, 2020

Janice Waugh~ Founder of Solo Traveler World Blog

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Hello listeners! Welcome back to The Business Method Podcast once again and today we have another amazing guest that we wanted to bring on the mic and share about blogging, and travel blogging specifically. 


Janice Waugh is the founder of Janice hops on the mic with us to talk travel and blogging. This is a really good episode because Janice is very transparent and opens up about all the in’s-and-out’s of her business and how she has built SoloTraveler World. 


Janice started the blog in 2009. We talk today about her expertise and why she decided to start blogging about solo travel, why she also loves solo travel and still to this day, 10 years after starting the blog, she is still solo traveling and and doing it on a regular basis. Janice shares about how she grew her Facebook following to over 260,000 followers. Why she doesn't focus so much on video on YouTube, where a lot of travel bloggers do focus on those mediums, and she shares why.


Then we discuss why she's doubling down these days on Pinterest. But also, she has a course that's a pick-your-price course. Janice has created a course on solo travel and she actually lets the clients and customers pick their price on what they pay, and you'll find out in this podcast how and why that's working for her. Janice then shares about some of the other revenue sources of ad revenue; Google ads, Amazon affiliates, and she is partnering up with other companies to advertise.


Janice has is very open. She has a very open heart and she's sharing some really good information here. I think you guys will enjoy it. If you want to learn more about blogging, solo travel or creating a solo travel blog or a travel blog. This is a great podcast to listen to. 



01:30: Who is Janice Waugh?

05:05: The Inspiration Behind Solo Traveler World

10:08: Transitioning from Business Writing to Travel Blogging

19:00: Sources of Revenue

26:15: Building Solo Traveler World’s Readership

30:49: Pick Your Price Course

35:26: Doubling Down on Pinterest

37:17: Keeping Solo Travel Society Facebook Community Engaged

51:50: The Solo Travel Awards

57:50: Tips for Building a Travel Blog



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Ep.437 ~ The Creator of the ‘Profit First’ Formula  ~ Mike Michalowicz

Ep.437 ~ The Creator of the ‘Profit First’ Formula ~ Mike Michalowicz

January 22, 2020

Mike Michalowicz ~ Author Fix This Next

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


By his 35th birthday Mike Michalowicz had founded and sold two multi million dollar companies then he decided to become an Angel Investor and lost it all. He stared all over again determined to help entrepreneurs grow healthy, and strong companies by creating the Profit First Formula


Now, Mike is running his 3rd & 4th million dollar ventures. Mike is a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal; is the former MSNBC business make-over expert; is a popular keynote speaker on innovative entrepreneurial topics; and is the author of Profit First, Clockwork, The Pumpkin Plan, Fix This Next, Surge, and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, which BusinessWeek deemed "the entrepreneur's cult classic." Mike is also a guest lecturer for collegiate entrepreneurial programs such as Babson, Boston College, Columbia, Copenhagen Business School, Emerson, Harvard, Penn State, Pepperdine and Princeton. His books are in the core curriculum for entrepreneur students at Pepperdine, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford University, and universities across the country. His books have been translated into over 10 languages, and sold over ½ million copies, and he is the host of Entrepreneurship Elevated Podcast!


I recommend listening to this episode for all the entrepreneurs out there. Mike’s method for helping entrepreneurs business successful business should be standard business knowledge and I am convinced that if more entrepreneurs knew what Mike taught, the success rate of building a business would greatly increase. It is an incredible episode so make sure to listen to this one! 

02:19: Who is Mike Michalowicz?

10:39: Building a 7-Figure Business & Losing It Through Angel Investing

15:05: Mike on Rebuilding After Failure

20:21: Entrepreneurial Hierarchy of Needs

34:18: Apparent Issues VS Impactful Issues

38:31: Achieving Colossal Growth: Quality over Quantity

43:12: Using Nature to Understand Business Efficiency

49:48: Mike’s “Profit First” Business Model

55:05: Tips from Mike’s New Book “Fix This Next”

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Ep.436 ~ Using the Skill of Mastery to Build an 8-Figure eComm Business ~ Ezra Firestone

Ep.436 ~ Using the Skill of Mastery to Build an 8-Figure eComm Business ~ Ezra Firestone

January 15, 2020

Ezra Firestone ~ Founder of

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Ezra Firestone is one of the biggest names in the internet marketing world. He is the founder and face behind, a resource and educational company that helps eComm entrepreneurs scale to the next level. Ezra has over 10 years of experience in the eCommerce world. In the last few years Ezra has done $65 million in sales. He is the founder of Boom! an 8-figure eComm business and also the owner of a few other 7-figure companies. 


Ezra, says the reason why most entrepreneurs don’t make it, is because of their expectations and lack of patience. Today, we talk with him about his mentality regarding both expectations and patience. We get to talk about how he designs and structures his business, why he focuses solely on ads for his businesses, how important routines are for him, and when he breaks them how he stays productive and focused, and of course some tips on managing influence. 

01:45: Who is Ezra Firestone?

06:05: Marathon Not a Race: Recommendations for Up & Coming Entrepreneurs

12:26: Scaling VS Profitability

14:20: Ezra’s Business Model

16:08: Why Education?

20:04: Ezra on Work/Life Balance

22:17: Ezra’s Daily Routine

26:26: How Ezra Manages His Influence

30:38: Tips for Entrepreneur in the Hustle

32:41: Where to Find Ezra Firestone

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