September 22, 2021 Ep.521 ~ CryptoCurrency for Dummies ~ Gerbz

CryptoCurrency, BitCoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum these are all newer terms for a new form of currency that to be honest is now a major player in global finance and now a part of human culture. It is the first global non-governmental regulated currency in the history of the world, and it was made by the common people for the common people to keep the governments of the world out of our bank accounts. As an American myself and most of us have never experienced governments taking our money….well except for our taxes, and some of those taxes that you are paying, if you do some indepth research, you might not approve of, even if you are a good red blooded tax paying American. But, there are many governments in the world, even today that go right in and take peoples money from their bank accounts. It happened in Argentina in the 90’s. And whether you know it or know, even the good ole USA plays with the value of the American dollar and how much you can spend with it on a regular basis. So you might not see that they’re playing with our money, but they are, and they have for decades. 


This leads us to this newer phenomenon called CryptoCurrency. It is, we think and we hope, turning out to be a form of currency, with the idea that money exchanges can happen and the governments of the world have no idea they happened. You can hold wealth that you earned and those governments won’t know about it unless you decide to tell them.


Today on the podcast we have a friend of the show and Crypto expert who goes by Grebz. Gerbz has been holding Crypto pretty much since it formed about a decade ago. He even started a business that accepted only CryptoCurrency so he could get more of it. Gerbz is the founder of BitLift, a crypto eComm business with a crypto educational aspect, and he is the host of The BitLift Podcast.  

04:10 What is CryptoCurrency & Who is Gerbz?

10:05 The Bitcoin White Paper

18:07 40 Year Return on Gold & Silver vs. 8 year Return on BitCoin

21:27 Why No One Knows Who Created Bitcoin

25:02 Other Coins Besides Bitcoin & Forks of Bitcoin

28:37 What is a CryptoCurrency Wallet?

29:47 How to Buy CryptoCurrency?

35:57 How Secure is CryptoCurrency?

44:32 Centralized vs Decentralized Crypto

46:37 What is Decentralized Finance?

49:02 What is a Stable Coin?

51:57 Gerbz Portfolio

55:07 NFT’s

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