August 19, 2020 Ep.467 ~ 700 Million From His Copywriting Letters & $1 Million in a Single Day ~ Stefan Georgi

Stefan Georgi ~ Top Copywriter That's Grossed Over $1 Million 

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Stefan Georgi is a direct response copywriter who Individually wrote 50+ direct response marketing pieces that have grossed a combined total of nearly $700 million. Created a company that generated over $120 million in revenue for one single client in its first year. Built a health and wellness company that’s grossed over $23MM in a single year. Minority owner in a sports agency with players in the NFL and MLB.  He's the inventor of the RMBC method, which is a systematic approach to writing better and more consistent sales copy in less time. He's the Co-founder of Copy Accelerator, a high end copywriting mastermind whose 100+ members generate over a billion dollars in sales. 


Stefan and his partner Justin did over $1MM in a single day from a 900 person email list & 1000 member FB Group using Emotional Response Marketing. That FB group is called Justin and Stefan Talk Copy and is involved in a lot of talk in the entrepreneurial world right now. 



      02:06: Who is Stefan Georgi?

      14:40: How Masterminds Changed His Life

      30:35: The RMBC Method

      46:35: How Stefan Made $1 Million In A Day

      58:21: VSLs vs. Text Sales Letters

 01:05:22: Where To Find Stefan



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