December 12, 2018 Ep.382 ~ The Co-Founder of MicroConf ~ Rob Walling

Rob Walling ~ Co-Founder of MicroConf

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Many influencers use a conference as an incredible opportunity to build camaraderie with their community. A lot of times, it is this event that can really take a person’s influence to the next level. People need this type of event to build a tribe and to create personal one-on-one connections. Today’s guest is no different. Rob Walling is the founder of MicroConf, the first conference for software and SaaS entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

Today, MircoConf is known world-wide and it has two major events in the US and one in Europe. Rob hops on the mic to chat about building MicroConf to what it is today, the tools and methods he used to start his first event and building it to where it literally sells out in three minutes! On top of running MicroConf, Rob is a successful serial entrepreneur, blogger, the founder of Drip, Tiny Seed, Zen Founder Podcast and Startups for the Rest of Us Podcast


03:14: Who is Rob Walling?

06:42: The Importance of the Backend of an Online Business

15:36: Starting MicroConf

19:02: Selling the First Tickets

23:04: The Tipping Point for the MicroConf Brand

26:20: Starting Your Own Conference

29:39: How Blogging Played a Role to Gain Influence

37:17: To Create a Personal Brand vs Not

42:15: Using the Podcast and Conference to Grow Relationships

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