November 14, 2018 Ep.376 ~ Building an iTunes Top Ranking Podcast ~ Tyrone Shum

Tyrone Shum ~ Founder and Host of Property Investory

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From toilet deodorizing to having a top ranking real estate podcast on iTunes. Tyrone Shum the founder of Property Investory and Property Investory podcast is joining us today.  Tyrone started his podcast a little over a year ago when realizing there was a need in Austrailia for some better and more frequent real estate podcasts. He launched his show, and over 12 months grew it to where he is getting 40,000 downloads per month.

Today we dive into the nitty-gritty of podcasting. Tyrone shares the specific details on how he grew his podcast rapidly, the importance of iTunes stats and iTunes reviews, and a few little hacks that he uses to publish daily and get ranked faster.  

02:34: Strang and Random Elon Musk Bashing Email

05:22: Starting Out w/ a Toilet Deoderizing Business

08:13: Who is Tyron Shum?

11:05: Using a Podcast to Learn a Trade and Grow Wealth

13:55: Tyrone’s Real Estate Golden Nugget

16:25: Growing Property Investory Podcast to One of The Top Real Estate Podcast on iTunes

21:42: The Amount of Man Hours and Cost to Run a Podcast

24:20: Finding Interns to Help Grow Your Podcast

25:50: Making Sure Your Interns Know Working for You is a Good Internship

29:26: Difference Between a Download vs. a Listen vs. a Play on Podcasts

31:01: Where do Tyrone’s Listeners Come From?

32:01: iTunes Competition

33:31: iTunes and Podcasting Hacks

39:44: Importance of Rates and Reviews on iTunes

41:31: Publishing Daily vs. Publishing Weekly

43:05: The Future of Podcasting

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