November 5, 2018 Ep.372 ~ Taking GoPro from $600k to $650 Million ~ Ron Lynch

Ron Lynch ~ GoPro Marketing Genius & Founder of Big Baby Agency

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Listeners welcome back to the show and we are launching our first episode of the 100 Major Influencer series and do we have a special treat for you!  Ron Lynch is the marketing genius that helped take GoPro from $600,000 to over $600,000,000 by using video techniques to engage, enroll and sell. Ron chats with us and shares some of his favorite video marketing tips, how Hollywood played a role helping Ron get his start, some fundamental points successful marketing videos need and how to manage business and life as a major influencer.


02:25: Why Ron Loves Austin?

05:00: Who is Ron Lynch?

11:25: Big Baby Agency

13:00: Creating Successful Video Marketing

16:28: Where to Find Ideas for Successful Video Marketing

19:10: Formula for Creative Process to Create Video Marketing

24:28: Taking GoPro from $600k to $650 Million

30:00: Applying What Ron Learned Working w/ GoPro

35:13: Mixing Business Tactics with Values and Ethical Philosophy

41:30: The Way Media & Marketing Effects Reality

46:29: Balancing Influence

48:12: Ron’s Mentors



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