August 9, 2017 Ep.250 ~ When Your Business Becomes a Responsibility to Better the World ~ Fran Dunaway

“We recognized that this was a tremendous opportunity, and actually started feeling like a responsibility because we started hearing from women and girls around the world, who were so excited that there was finally a brand for them.” Fran Dunaway Many entrepreneurs dream of having a business they are passionate about, a business they know is making a difference in the world. Some entrepreneurs create that from their first business. Others take years of hard work to merge those two missions.  Today on the show we have Fran Dunaway who started an underwear line that quickly turned into a business that was making a huge difference. Fran is the founder of TomboyX, she and her partner started making clothing as a fun side project in their garage. After hearing from their customers about how much they loved their underwear they changed their focus and became an underwear company.  What is unique about TomboyX’s underwear?  Check out this episode to find out…. “At our core, we recognize...that people are pretty darn cool the way that they are. And we share that desire for people to be unapologetic about who they are every day! That is something we value very highly.” Fran Dunaway 01:53: Who is Fran Dunaway and What is TomboyX? 04:59: Being Drawn or Called to Create and Grow TomboyX 12:17: Is Your Brand a True Reflection of You? 14:32: Focusing on One Product to Build Brand 19:22: Building a 7-Figure Location-Independent Business and Enjoying It Honorable Mentions: Shopify Masters Podcast Mergelane Accelerator Contact Info: Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes