July 8, 2017 Ep.237 ~ The Content Marketing Godfather ~ Joe Pulizzi

“I’m the first one to say follow your passion, but sometimes you just can’t monetize your passion. You got to realize that!” Joe Pulizzi Thank you for joining us once again listeners and are we excited today to let you know about our guest. Today, we have the man who is known as the Godfather of Content Marketing, Joe Pulizzi on our show!  Joe started Content Marketing Institute back in 2007 and later started Cheif Content Officer Magazine and Content Marketing World. These have become the leading education and training organizations for content marketing as well as the largest in-person content marketing event in the world. There are few people in the content marketing world that haven’t heard about Joe and today we got to pick his mind for almost an hour. Joe will share with us what it is like after selling his business that he built for nine years. We talk about why it might be a bad idea to fall in love with your products and services. Joe shares about how he would build a community in today's world, and some practical tips about building a seven-figure location independent entrepreneur. 02:00: Joe’s Taking His First Vacation Completely Offline 02:41: Joe On Balancing His Life Never Taking Time Offline for 10 Years 06:47: How Joe Became the Godfather of Content Marketing 15:56: Should You Fall in Love With Your Products/Services? 20:54: Building a Community in Today’s World 23:58: The Future of Content Marketing 33:22: Changing From the Idea of an Office Space Business to a Location-Independent Business 35:53: 6-Figure Mentality vs. 7-Figure Mentality 38:06: Joe on Hitting Monetary Goals 41:40: Life After Selling a 9-Year Business “Media companies have been doing this for 200 years. They focus on building one property on one content platform they do it really well. They build an audience, and then they diversify.” Joe Pulizzi Honorable Mentions: Content Marketing Institute http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/ Cheif Content Officer Magazine http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/chief-content-officer/ Content Marketing World http://www.contentmarketingworld.com/ UBM Events Company in London http://www.ubm.com/ ‘Killing Marketing’ by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose https://www.amazon.com/Killing-Marketing-Joe-Pulizzi/dp/1260026426 ‘Content Inc.’ by Joe Pulizzi https://www.amazon.es/Content-Inc-Entrepreneurs-Successful-Businesses/dp/125958965X Contact Info: http://www.joepulizzi.com/ Twitter: @joepulizzi https://twitter.com/JoePulizzi Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/entrepreneur-house-live-in/id1069958541?mt=2