April 19, 2017 Ep.214 ~ Over 1 Million in 2 Years on Amazon and Saigon, Vietnam ~ John Cavendish

“I see Amazon Europe how Amazon USA was five years ago.” John Cavendish Today listeners, we are joined by a very successful Amazon UK seller, John Cavendish. John has been selling on Amazon UK for only two short years, and he has already seen massive success selling over seven figures in product. On this episode, John shares with us the biggest difference between Amazon in the US and Amazon in Europe. There are some major advantages that John capitalized on by selling in Europe and he shares some of his secrets with us on the show. It is always incredible to see a fellow entrepreneur have rapid success, and even more incredible when that entrepreneur shares how he did it. This is why John started FBA Frontiers, a website and course to help Amazon sellers open up shop in Europe fast. If you are selling or interested in selling on Amazon, check out what John has to say about some big opportunities that Amazon Europe has right now. “I started two years ago and did a million dollars last year. So, everything can change so quickly, you might as well start now, and make your million dollars and then exit when all the changes happen.” John Cavendish 01:53: John’s Story 03:32: Starting with Amazon UK 04:32: Amazon UK vs Amazon in the USA 07:23: The Future of Amazon 09:58: Two Years to a Million Dollar Business - How did John do it? 13:47: What Products John Recommends Selling 15:51: Disadvantages of Selling on Amazon UK vs Amazon USA 17:11: John on Connecting with Good Suppliers and Forming Good Relationships 19:32: If You’re Selling on Amazon USA Should you Sell on Amazon Europe? 20:36: Saigon, Vietnam “Outsource as soon as possible but keep your eye on the strategy, cause it’s the strategy that’s going to make you money.” John Cavendish Honorable Mentions: https://fbafrontiers.com/calculator Amazon Products FBA Frontiers Recommend Selling https://fbafrontiers.com/ Greg Mercer founder of Jungle Scout https://www.junglescout.com/ Contact Info: FBA Frontiers https://fbafrontiers.com/ Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/entrepreneur-house-live-in/id1069958541?mt=2