February 14, 2017 Ep.166 ~ Are you a Happy Entrepreneur? ~ Anil Gupta

“Be so great that you cannot be ignored.” Anil Gupta quoting Steve Martin Today listeners we are welcoming Anil Gupta to the show. Anil is the founder of Immediate Happiness and has taken his passion of helping others and built a movement and business that does exactly that. After becoming a multimillionaire and then losing it all, Anil began to question what was truly important in life. When this happened, he realized what the world needed most, that was for people to spread happiness. Nowadays, that is exactly what he is doing. He has made a very successful business out of spreading happiness and being an happiness expert. Today we will dive into Anil’s story, creating a business around your passion and the most important subject, how you can be happier with practical methodologies that you can immediately use. “Knowledge is not power unless you implement.” Anil Gupta 2:10: Anil’s steps on getting out of a suicidal mental state 3:28: Tips for entrepreneurs on gaining clarity 4:20: Steps on becoming more aware 4:54: Anil’s happiness formula 7:23: Questions to ask your business or life partner to improve the relationship “In the moment that you give authentically without wanting anything back. There is no pain, there is no despair, there is no suffering.” Anil Gupta Honorable Mentions Tony Robbins myhappinessscore.com ‘Immediate Happiness’ by Anil Gupta Richard Branson “Awareness gives you clarity, clarity gives you focus, focus gives you action, action gives you results.” Anil Gupta Contact Info: http://www.immediatehappiness.com/ Immediate Happiness Podcast https://www.facebook.com/AnilGInspires