November 2, 2016 Ep. 124 ~ Equity Crowdfunding ~ A Book Born in The Entrepreneur House

Today Entrepreneur House listeners, we have the founder of Assemble Advisory Nathan Rose back on our show. Assemble Advisory is a leading international financial agency for equity crowdfunding. About six months ago we featured Nathan on the show because we wanted to share his experience since he stayed at The Entrepreneur House and talk about the growth of his business. He also made an announcement that he was going to write a book about a hot topic in the business world today, equity crowdfunding. We are happy to announce that the day of this recording Nov. 1st, 2016 Nathan’s book is launching as we speak. We are going to talk about the process of creating this book and get some insights about what the equity crowdfunding market is experiencing today! Nathan also shares information on whether your startup is ready for 'Equity Crowdfunding'. If you have ever thought about writing a book about your expertise or wanted to dive deeper into the equity crowdfunding world, this is the episode for you! 
 Link for the Book: ‘Equity Crowdfunding ~ A complete guide for startups and growing companies' Honorable Mentions: Tal Gur: Tal’s Podcast Tim Conley: John Logar: Consulting Unleashed MonzoBank: Raised 1,000,000 in 96 seconds Oppo Ice Cream: Gave away free product to build audience Guusto: Gift Cards EkoRent: Electric Car Rental Service in Finland Outtakes: 30:47 Contact Nathan Rose: The book ‘Equity Crowdfunding ~ A complete guide for startups and growing companies' Assemble Advisory: Assemble Advisory helps entrepreneurs raise money through equity crowdfunding by helping busy company founders get their information memorandums, and financial models in order, and provide advice on structuring a successful equity crowdfunding campaign. As of today they have over 11 million raised. Assemble Advisory are the equity crowdfunding experts.