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Ep. 153 ~ Entrepreneurs and Alcohol with Some Social Media on Top ~ Anna Wickham

Ep. 153 ~ Entrepreneurs and Alcohol with Some Social Media on Top ~ Anna Wickham

January 31, 2017

“Peer pressure is hard, but what’s harder…is knowing you had the potential to do great things, and you were afraid of what people think.” Anna Wickham

Today listeners we are privileged to have Anna Wickham on our show. Anna is a blogger, coach, and entrepreneur that helps entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs leverage online marketing to grow their business.

Recently, Anna wrote an article that inspired me to reach out to her. The article was titled, ‘What I Learned When I Stopped Drinking Alcohol - 1 Year Later’. It was Anna’s journey of finding a point in her life where enough was enough with drinking and partying. She went one-year without a drop of alcohol and dives into how it was one of the most empowering and impactful years of her life. I wanted to bring her on the show for a couple reasons. First, to show entrepreneurs, and non-entrepreneurs that feel the pressure to drink, there are alternative options. And second, because I had a similar experience myself and thought it would be great to have a dialogue about this topic with a fellow entrepreneur.

At the beginning of the show, we talk business and then switch to the topic of alcohol towards the end. I think any listener will get a lot of value from this podcast whether they are thinking about quitting drinking or not. The lessons Anna learned from this goal are lessons we can apply to everyday business!

“There is a lot of people having this experience, wondering what to do about it.” Anna Wickham

7:21: What Are Some Things Working Today for YouTube

13:57: Anna on Facebook Live

16:19: Balancing Multiple Social Media Accounts

20:18: Anna’s Year without Alcohol

29:30: Anna’s Biggest Lesson Being Alcohol-Free

34:46: Using Work to Check Out of Life

“I really wanted to change the conversation around alcohol.” Anna Wickham

Anna’s Blog Post

‘What I Learned When I Stopped Drinking Alcohol - One Year Later’

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Self-Compassion Meditations by Kristen Neff

Gabby Bernstein

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Anna’s Influence School

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Ep. 152 ~ 100 Dates in 100 Days and Making It a Book ~ Neha Gupta

Ep. 152 ~ 100 Dates in 100 Days and Making It a Book ~ Neha Gupta

January 31, 2017

“As an entrepreneur, you will fail, and you will feel rejected constantly on a daily basis in order to hit levels of success. It’s the same thing as dating.” Neha Gupta

Today listeners we are welcoming an Alumni of The Entrepreneur House onto the show for a second time, Neha Gupta Today, we are talking to Neha about her new book ‘100 Dates in 100 Days’ The Single Gal’s Playbook for Online Dating. Neha set a goal to go on 100 dates in a span of 100 days. She dives into the adventure that this goal became and what she learned from it.

For those of you that don’t know, Neha is the founder of and College She is a featured author in ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul ~ A Time to Thrive. On our last episode…Ep. 107 - Girl Power - Neha talks about delegation, team building and scaling her serviced based business.

Today we get to talk about her inspiration for this goal, how it turned out, the numerous similarities between running a business and dating, and making it into a book.

In the words of Neha, “In this adventure of no-holds-barred dating, you’ll learn, you’ll laugh, and most importantly you’ll lighten up a bit – and remember that this is all part of the fun.”

“The way we use words in our (dating) profile is very similar to the copywriting we see in top marketers emails, sales pages, and websites.” Neha Gupta

13:28: Three Biggest Lessons Neha Has Learned

20:44: Why You Should Treat Dating Like the Ivy League Selection Committee

25:13: On Taking a Goal and Making it a Book

26:42: Neha’s Must Do’s for Dating

“In sales, there is a certain closing rate you have when you make cold calls. And you never know if you’re going to hit your $10,000 client. It could take you 100 calls to do it, but you know it’s completely worth it. It’s the same with dating.” Neha Gupta

Honorable Mentions:

Join Neha on February 6th, 8:00am to 11:00PM CST, as she celebrates the official release day of her second book, ‘100 Dates in 100 Days’.

100 Dates in 100 Days Virtual Book Launch

Facebook Book Release Event

Kavita J Patel

‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ by Greg Behrendt

“I was able to not only build rapport, I was able to get out there and I will say it directly affected my ability to do sales in my own business” Neha Gupta

Contact Info:

‘100 Dates in 100 Days’ Website

“A lot of the stuff I talk about in my book has a lot to do with being an entrepreneur, and taking some of the strategies…that made me successful in business and applying it to my dating life.” Neha Gupta

Ep. 151 ~ Founder of the Largest Digital Nomad Movement ~ Marcus Meurer

Ep. 151 ~ Founder of the Largest Digital Nomad Movement ~ Marcus Meurer

January 30, 2017

“For 2 1/2 years now, I don’t need an alarm and every day starts waking up with the sunrise no matter what country I am in.” Marcus Meurer

Today listeners we are welcoming Marcus Meurer to the show. Marcus runs the Life Hackz Podcast, but not only does that, he and his girlfriend/business partner (Feli) run the DNX Movement, DNX Global, and DNX Camp. Between all of these businesses, Marcus and Feli are putting together conferences, retreats, and experiences for digital nomads and those that want to become digital nomads.

Marcus and I go back a couple years when we met in Barcelona. Both being location independent entrepreneurs with businesses that bring entrepreneurs together, we hit it off. Marcus took his game to a whole new level, beyond what any digital nomad movement has before. I am personally amazed at everything he has done and continues to do.

While recording this podcast there is something that struck me about Marcus. The word is 'genuine'. Because I know Marcus personally I can say that this word fits him very well. I can tell you also, that this has a lot to do with the success that he has created. The way he communicates is genuine and you will notice that on the podcast. He is speaking to teach and help. I think this is an incredibly important trait when creating and building your tribe. You will eventually arrive at a point where your mission becomes to teach those in your tribe so they can empower themselves and continue to grow the tribe, or create their own tribe. It is powerful and necessary to create strength and unity amongst a group.

“The Golden Rule is not to go into Social Media before starting your Most Important Tasks for the day.” Marcus Meurer

Marcus’ Morning Routine

1. Wake with the sun

2. Make the bed

3. Coconut oil in your mouth for 20 min to remove toxins

4. 7 Min App Stretching Routine

5. Guided Meditation

6. 5 Minute Gratitude Journal

7. Vegan Diet Breakfast

8. Most Important Tasks/Eat the Frog for Work

-No Social Media or Email

9. Use the Pomodoro Technique

46:10 ~ Marcus on Going Vegan, Staying in Shape and Traveling the World

“More people (employees) won't let you grow quicker, or faster or easier….you have to be more reliable.” Marcus Meurer

Honorable Mentions:

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Mark Manson

Derek Sivers

Natalie Sisson

Pieter Levels

Pat Flynn

Coconut Oil Detoxification



Five-Minute Journal

Eat the Frog

Pomodoro Technique

Tomato Timer


Miracle Morning

Jodi Ettenberg

Tal Gur

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LifeHackz Podcast





DNX Movement

DNX Global in Lisbon

Sept 9-11, 2017

Ep. 150 ~ Niche Website and Affiliate Marketing in 2017 ~ Dominic Wells

Ep. 150 ~ Niche Website and Affiliate Marketing in 2017 ~ Dominic Wells

January 29, 2017

“It took me 18-months to hit $1,000 a month. Once we hit $1,000 then the next month we hit $2,000….and it really started to snowball. Dominic Wells

Today listeners, we have the founder of Human Proof Designs on our show. Human Proof Designs is a service based business that helps clients build online businesses through affiliate marketing and they create ready-made niche sites that are worth buying. Human Proof Designs has built over 600 affiliate websites, written 8400 articles and researched over 27000 keywords. Dominic is a specialist in web design, article outsourcing, oDesk, SEO, build and running a team and scaling a serviced based business.

Today, we are going to talk with Dominic about affiliate and niche marketing in 2017. We will also dive into team building/managing, and the growth of his Human Proof Designs and how to scale a service-based business.

“Most of my hires come from my audience.” Dominic Wells

Lesson for Team Building -Hire someone that doesn’t have the same skill set as you

Honorable Mentions:


Empire Flippers

Dynamite Circle

Superfast Business Membership

Human Proof Designs Membership

Jungle Scout Blog Post

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Ep. 149 ~ The Content Marketing Equation ~ Anthony Fasano

Ep. 149 ~ The Content Marketing Equation ~ Anthony Fasano

January 27, 2017

“The way to do content marketing…is having high-value content and being consistent.” Anthony Fasano

Today listeners we have a content marketing specialist Anthony Fasano on the show. Anthony is the founder of Anthony has built several successful content brands and in the past five years, they have developed some very successful niche content websites. Including in his brands are fours niche podcasts that have been downloaded almost 2 million times.

Engineered Content focuses on two special things…One, creating customized content and content plans, and Two, helping entrepreneurs reach the right markets with powerful and valuable content.

Anthony is also the author of ‘The Content Marketing Equation’ which officially launches January 30th.

Today we are going to dive into what it takes to build a successful brand. This is a topic that I am excited about because I know a lot of smart and successful entrepreneurs that have yet to take on the challenge of building a solid brand.

Spend time on what works best for you, and the more tedious parts of content marketing, try to get help as early on as possible.” Anthony Fasano

Brands that Anthony has Built

The Engineering Career Coach

The Civil Engineering Podcast

The Italian American Podcast

The Stem Cell Podcast

Purpee the Purple Dragon

Great Tips from Anthony

5:43: Content Marketing Tricks

6:43: Things that entrepreneurs miss with content marketing

9:37: Steps from ‘The Content Marketing Equation’

10:48: Bringing the Family into your Entrepreneurial Ventures

15:03: Tips on Podcasting

18:29: The Future of Podcasting

Anthony’s book ‘The Content Marketing Equation’ will launch on January 30th.

Honorable Mentions:

The Civil Engineering Podcast

The Italian-American Podcast

Anthony’s 1st Book

Engineer Your Own Success

Anthony’s 2nd Book

“The Content Marketing Equation” Anthony Fasano

Anthony's Brands:

Contact Info:




Ep. 148 ~ $750k Revenue, Email Mkting, A Biz Disaster, Mexico ~ Behind the Scenes w/ Freddy Lansky

Ep. 148 ~ $750k Revenue, Email Mkting, A Biz Disaster, Mexico ~ Behind the Scenes w/ Freddy Lansky

January 27, 2017

“I’m going to give you an honest answer…because I don’t recommend you do this with your business. We got addicted to the sales.” Freddy Lansky

Today listeners we are welcoming and Alumni of The Entrepreneur House and co-founder of iChess to the show Freddy Lansky. Today Freddy and I talk about a variety of subjects from YouTube to living in Mexico City. But the highlights for me on this show were two things. First, Freddy’s business created $750k in revenue in 2016, doubling from 2015 and he talks about his email marketing strategy that has created the majority of this. The second was how his business was a disaster behind the scenes while Freddy, his partner, and their team were hustling away to make sure not so long ago they could keep this business afloat. Today they are doing much better but Freddy talks about a low point in their business where they were questioning everything they were doing and if it was wise to continue forward with iChess.

“If you stop running the sales, our revenue will go from $70, $80k a month to $20k.” Freddy Lansky

What was really refreshing in this podcast is that Freddy was an open book and open to share his highs and lows and the reality of being an entrepreneur. Freddy shared his numbers and what was happening behind the scenes with his business and I am really glad we got him on the show.

If you take the time to listen to the podcast, I think any entrepreneur would really appreciate this episode and the take-a-ways we can learn from Freddy.

And with that, let me welcome Freddy Lansky to the show!

“In December 2016 we had a major milestone crossed, we hit 6-figures in monthly revenue for the first time ever and did nearly $50k profit for the month! We finished this year with 63% revenue growth and a mind-boggling 335% profit growth over 2015!” Freddy Lansky

3:00: Living in Mexico City and the Reality of Living in Mexico as a Foreigner Today

15:52: Business Disaster and Building Through It

18:22, 27:20: Using Email Marketing to Double iChess's Revenue

36:05: YouTube Today

1:06:10 Outtakes

Honorable Mentions:

Kunaki - Prints on demand for physical products

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Minaal Backpack

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Twitter: @onlinechessless

Ep. 147 ~ Creating a Business in an Environment Where Everything is Against You ~ Marcelle Bottini

Ep. 147 ~ Creating a Business in an Environment Where Everything is Against You ~ Marcelle Bottini

January 26, 2017

“In Brazil, we have a saying, ‘You have to kill a lion every day!’ This is a country that everything is against you, every little thing is against you.” Marcelle Bottini

Today listeners we are joined by a Brazilian entrepreneur that I am very excited to have on the show. Marcelle Bottini is the founder of FalaBrasil a Brazilian cultural and language school. Marcelle started off bootstrapping her business as a teacher and has built FalaBrasil into a full brick and mortar and online school. She has nine people on her team and created a place for foreigners to come to Rio de Janeiro, get high-quality Portuguese classes and become immersed in the culture.

Here is what is very impressive about Marcelle. Brazil isn’t a place where the entrepreneurial mentality is common and on top of that, the political infrastructure in Brazil makes it even more difficult to have a business. Marcelle created a successful business doing what she loves in a place that is very difficult to do it. After spending five months in Brazil and learning about the country.

If you asked me which countries in the world would be easiest to create a business, Brazil would be one of the last on the list. Not only that, when I met her, she informed me that she uses mediation to make all her business decisions. This school that has had hundreds of students, and hired many employees over the years was all created first while Marcelle was meditating! I imagine this has the most impact on creating a successful business in an environment that does not cater to entrepreneurs.

3:00 Where Marcelle gets the idea to start a business as a Portuguese teacher

15:37 How Marcelle used meditation to build her business

Honorable Mentions:

NLP - Neuro-linguistic Programming


Social Starters

United Nations

Contact Info:

Ep. 146 ~ Balancing Emotions in Business ~ John Castagnini

Ep. 146 ~ Balancing Emotions in Business ~ John Castagnini

January 25, 2017

“Everyone of us owe it to ourselves to hone the skill in so that we can perform in the zone on a continuous basis!” John Castagnini

Today podcast listeners we have the founder of ThankGodI, John Castagnini on the show. ThankGodI is a movement that John started to help people understand the value of appreciation in all circumstances. When you visit you will see quotes from people that say things like “Thank God I have Cancer.”, “Thank God I was abused.”, “Thank God I was raped., and “Thank God I was a heroin addict.” Quotes like these can be very shocking to people and one might say to themselves, “How can someone thank God they were raped?” John wants all people to become aware of the empowerment of being appreciative of all events that happen in our lives and he has many stories from people who can be a testament to this.

“Is it failing or is it changing?” John Castagnini

I first ran into John when he was speaking at a conference in northern California. His speech was incredible and very inspirational. Needless to say, he had the crowd on the edge of their seats and is why I wanted to get him on the show. I believe the inspiration that he wants to give to the world has created a movement to truly help others while building a business at the same time. He is a perfect example of how this is possible. and without further adieu here is today's show with John Castagnini.

When we tap into our uniqueness, our purpose, our vision…we activate the prefrontal cortex…so we literally access our creativity and genius that way. Now taking that genius and channeling it into a business is its own art.” John Castagnini

Honorable Mentions:

John Castagnini

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Discover the Gift -Film John did with the Dalaii Lama

Thank God I am Blind Story

Human Echolocation

Thank God I Have Cancer Story


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Ep. 145 ~ Building an Online Business from Hostels Around the World ~ Leon Hoffmann

Ep. 145 ~ Building an Online Business from Hostels Around the World ~ Leon Hoffmann

January 24, 2017

On Bootstrapping a Business in Hostels from Asia…."There was no other choice than having the cheapest accommodation, eating the cheapest food and working your ass off!” Leon Hoffmann

Today listeners we are welcoming Leon Hoffmann to the show. Leon hails from Berlin, Germany, has been an entrepreneur for eight years and founded a crowdsourcing-based agency called Click Your Ads is a service agency finding experts in different fields and outsourcing them.

Ironically, Leon and I met at a co-living workspace in the south of Morocco in a small town called Taghazout. We got the chance to spend some time talking business, life, and philosophy together. He had some great experience as a location independent entrepreneur and building his business and team up to what it is today and I thought he would be a great guest.

“For four months I was living in a yoga village on a small island. This was one of the most productive times of my life.” Leon Hoffmann

Honorable Mentions:

Co-Living Space in Morocco

Contact Info:


Twitter: @‏tweetsfromleon

Ep. 144 ~ Fostering Serendipity at FiresideConf ~ Daniel Levine

Ep. 144 ~ Fostering Serendipity at FiresideConf ~ Daniel Levine

January 23, 2017

“We try to curate an environment that fosters serendipity.” Daniel Levine

Today listeners we have one of the co-founders of Fireside Conference, Daniel Levine on the show! FiresideConf happens just outside of Toronto, Canada. Once a year, some of the brightest minds in business and tech disconnect from our digital world, travel to Camp Walden near Toronto to spend a long weekend networking and learning from one another in a fun filled outdoor adventure. They host speaker sessions while sitting around the campfire discussing business ideas. The entire camp is open to waterski, canoe, kayak, sail, participate in sports and a rope course. What is really cool about FiresideConf is that you truly are disconnected. Meaning that there is absolutely no cell phone reception at the camp. It is an invite-only, all-inclusive technology, business and investor summer camp!

I am really excited to welcome Daniel to the show because he is the first person that we have had on the show that creates events similar to The Entrepreneur House. I started researching FiresideConf and Daniel, and became more and more excited about learning more about both him and FiresideConf…..and with that, let’s welcome Daniel Levine to the show!

“We take a really strong and deep care for the people that join us. Daniel Levine

“The more you turn off, the more you turn on.” Noah Kagan


Join The Entrepreneur House Cabin @ FiresideConf Sept. 8-10, 2017

Honorable Mentions:

Noah Kagan

Camp Walden

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