In early 2015, Cindy Vranken had 70 people on her email list. She had nothing but an idea for a business and ambition. In the past year and a half, Cindy has grown to become the founder of a popular sales community in the Dutch speaking markets and completed three very successful 6-figure launches. On this podcast, Cindy will tell us exactly how she did it!

Cindy is the founder of and teaches small business owners how to sell from the heart with her online program called Happy Salespreneur. Part of her message is teaching entrepreneurs that they don’t need to wait 10-years to make great money. It has been incredible seeing how she inspires people and leading others to accomplish their dreams.

“I started with 70 people on my email list a year and a half ago and have had three six-figure launches.” Cindy Vranken

“My customers, they are like my friends, they are like my family.” Cindy Vranken

“Only when you are 200% sure that you can help them, then you make the offer, otherwise, you don’t.” Cindy Vranken

21:42 ~ What is your intention when you are selling? Are you selling to sell, or are you selling to help?

31:27 ~ 3 Six-Figure Launches in 15 months

Get in Touch with Cindy: Mission: To help people to think differently about sales.

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Ep. 125 ~ Creator of The Largest Color Festival in Canada ~ Mark Gowland

November 7, 2016

“I market to myself. I give my audience things I would like to have, and it seems to work.” Mark Gowland

Today listeners, we are joined by my good friend Mark Gowland. Mark is the founder of the largest color festival in Canada called A MidSummers Dream.

Every August, Mark brings thousands of people together to experience a color festival unlike any other. It's a day if music, dancing, yoga, meditation, color and festivities. When it comes to creating vision branding, and marketing, Mark is spot on!

Mark, is also an incredible promoter, marketer and story teller. There were many nights in Thailand when Mark had the entire group stopping what they were doing to listen to his stories. He knows how to catch an audience and communicate in a way to entertain people. Mark and I have had some incredible discussions about taking goals and implementing strategies to make them work. Today, we are going to dig a little into the mind of this master promoter and visionary. He is going to tell us how he handles creating A MidSummers Dream and using meditation and visualization as a tool to create your business.

“After speaking with people at The Entrepreneur House…I ended up growing the festival attendance by 50%….and I credit a lot of it to the digital marketing strategies that I learned while in Chiang Mai.” Mark Gowland

Honorable mentions:

'The Alchemy of Finance' by George Soros

Quantum Funds

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Ep. 124 ~ Equity Crowdfunding ~ A Book Born in The Entrepreneur House

November 2, 2016

Today Entrepreneur House listeners, we have the founder of Assemble Advisory Nathan Rose back on our show. Assemble Advisory is a leading international financial agency for equity crowdfunding. About six months ago we featured Nathan on the show because we wanted to share his experience since he stayed at The Entrepreneur House and talk about the growth of his business. He also made an announcement that he was going to write a book about a hot topic in the business world today, equity crowdfunding.

We are happy to announce that the day of this recording Nov. 1st, 2016 Nathan’s book is launching as we speak. We are going to talk about the process of creating this book and get some insights about what the equity crowdfunding market is experiencing today! Nathan also shares information on whether your startup is ready for 'Equity Crowdfunding'.

If you have ever thought about writing a book about your expertise or wanted to dive deeper into the equity crowdfunding world, this is the episode for you! 
 Link for the Book:

‘Equity Crowdfunding ~ A complete guide for startups and growing companies'

Honorable Mentions:

Tal Gur: Tal’s Podcast

Tim Conley:

John Logar: Consulting Unleashed

MonzoBank: Raised 1,000,000 in 96 seconds

Oppo Ice Cream: Gave away free product to build audience

Guusto: Gift Cards

EkoRent: Electric Car Rental Service in Finland

Outtakes: 30:47

Contact Nathan Rose:

The book ‘Equity Crowdfunding ~ A complete guide for startups and growing companies'

Assemble Advisory:

Assemble Advisory helps entrepreneurs raise money through equity crowdfunding by helping busy company founders get their information memorandums, and financial models in order, and provide advice on structuring a successful equity crowdfunding campaign.

As of today they have over 11 million raised. Assemble Advisory are the equity crowdfunding experts.