Jim Rogers ~ Founder and chairman of Rogers Holdings, and the Co-founder of the famous Quantum Fund and Soros Fund Management

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100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the podcast today. On the mic we have a very special guest. He is known as one of the world’s go-to people for investing advice amassing a net-worth of somewhere near $300,000,000. He is the founder and chairman of Rogers Holdings, and the co-founder of the famous Quantum Fund and Soros Fund Management that he built with George Soros in the 80’s. He is an author of many top-selling books and has been someone that offers sound and legitimate advice about business, investing and living a good well-balanced life, and his name is Jim Rogers.

We were very excited when we found out that Jim accepted our invitation to come on the show because he is a personal hero to both Noah Laith who joins us co-hosting today and myself. I started following Jim back in 2008 when I began investing in gold and silver.  He was a proponent of always having gold and silver, and I enjoyed listening to Jim on interviews and learning from someone who seemed to have an incredible amount of insight and experience. Chatting with Jim was a blast, because he is a very down-to-earth person who seems to value the important things in life, like spending time with his family, going to the beach, travel, riding motorcycles, giving back, teaching others, and doing good in the world over amassing more and more wealth. We had some creative questions to ask Jim about life philosophy, influence and what he would tell his 20-year old self, but also dig into those questions about investing today, where the markets are headed, his long-term view of economies and we threw in a few questions that you guys sent in to us.


03:22: Jim Leaving the Backwoods of Alabama for the Ivy League and Wall Street

04:56: How Jim Defines Focus

06:50: Training Yourself to be Persistent

07:40: The Influence of Jim’s Peers at Yale

08:53: Jim’s Advice for Today’s Youth

10:12: Tipping Points for Jim’s Life

12:30: New Emerging Markets for the Next 10 Years

16:21: Jim on Agriculture and Pharma

19:01: What Jim Would Do if He Were 20 Years Old?

19:33: Jim on Machine Learning and it Impacting Investing

20:25: What Was Jim’s Worst Investment?

21:40: Hedging Against the Effects of Climate Change

22:48: The Next Crisis

26:29: Jim on Using Intuition

27:28: Jim on Influence

29:00: Changing America’s School System

30:17: What Does Jim Wish People Asked Him More Often?


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Ep.389 ~ Selling HomeAway for $3.9 Billion, and Helping a Million Entrepreneurs in 5 Years ~ Ross Buhrdorf

February 20, 2019

Ross Buhrdorf~ Founding CTO of HomeAway.com & Founder of ZenBusiness.com

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100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Many of us entrepreneurs in the internet/tech world are younger. Most of us are in our 20’s and 30’s because we grew up with computers.  Every now and then we get a guest that has been involved with tech and internet companies since before the Dot Com Boom and it is exciting to hear their stories because it seems like they have seen it all.

Today’s guest is Ross Buhrdorf and he is the founding CTO that worked with the global giant HomeAway.com for eleven years until they sold to Expedia for $3.9 billion.  Ross was also involved with one of the first major search engines Excite.com that was once bigger than Google. Today, Ross and I chat about his time with Excite and HomeAway and what it was like building these companies up to become tech giants.  Later in the episode, Ross shares with us about how he sets goals and how he uses neuro-linguistic programming to help create the success that he has had. Lastly, Ross shares about his newest venture Zen Business, that is helping entrepreneurs incorporate easily for a very low cost in any state of their choosing.


02:54: Why Ross Lives in Austin, Texas?

07:29: Ross’s Early Career at Excite.com and HomeAway.com

11:49: Working with One of the World’s Largest Search Engines During the Tech Boom

16:49: Tipping Point When Google Took Dominance

19:44: Working as a Founding CTO with HomeAway.com  

23:09: Picking Great Companies to Work With

30:44: Selling HomeAway for $3.9 Billion

33:09: The Vacuum of TIme After Exiting a Business

40:44: Goal Setting from the CTO of a Billion Dollar Company

44:19: Zen Business Incorporating Business for Free

47:49: Helping 1,000,000 Entrepreneurs in Five Years

51:48: Ross on Influence

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Ep.388 ~ Destroying Swiss Banking Secrets, Exposing the Largest Tax Fraud Scheme in the History of the World, Author of Lucifer’s Banker ~ Bradley Birkenfeld

February 13, 2019

Brad Birkenfeld~ Exposing the Largest Tax Fraud Scheme in the History of the World w/ the Author of 'Lucifer’s Banker'

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100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


The Swiss banking system is one of the most powerful and secretive banking systems we have in the world. They have been known for years as the go-to place for wealthy from all countries to store their money and according to Swiss law they absolutely cannot share their clients information with any person, government or entity around the world.

Our guest today, Bradley Birkenfeld is a former top employee of the Union Bank of Switzerland, known as UBS. He ran the United States division of the company in Geneva for years. While working for UBS, he found some documents that were written to protect the bank from illegal activity that the bank was condoning in the United States. These documents were worded in a way that they could throw their employees “under the bus” if they needed to direct the blame elsewhere.  When Brad approached the company about it, they ignored him. This was a huge red flag for Brad, and after numerous attempts, he eventually resigned from the company.  

This inspired a series of events which led Brad to approach the Department of Justice in the United States government, about the problem and illegal activity the bank had been conducting on US soil. To his surprise, the Department of Justice didn’t welcome him with open arms. In fact, they even turned the case against him. Eventually, Brad had to turn to the US Senate and IRS to expose what turned into the largest case of tax fraud the US government has ever seen, and Brad became largest whistleblower the US Government and the Swiss banking system has ever come across. On today’s show Brad tells his story and outlines what he has written in his book Lucifer’s Banker: The Untold Story of How I Destroyed Swiss Bank Secrecy.

 Now, because of Brad’s participation with the bank, he was actually sentenced to 30 months in prison by the United States. What is shocking, is the out of the 19,000 names Brad exposed to the US government not a single sole went to jail, except him. That’s right, the only person that went to jail is the man that exposed billions of dollars of tax fraud against the United States.  So far, the US government has collected somewhere near $16 billion in unpaid taxes from Brad’s case. Now there is some good new at the end of this tale! Because the government collected so much from Brad’s case, the IRS rewarded him $104 million...yes, you heard me right. The US government put the man in jail that blew the whistle on the largest tax fraud scheme in the history of the world with the Swiss banks, they then gave him 30 months in jail, and then rewarded him with $104 million….and yes, it is all a very true story!

  05:05: Lucifer’s Banker the Book

  07:41: The Swiss Banking Background

  17:11: Brad Starts Working for the Swiss Banks

  19:56: Seeing Red Flags While Working for a Swiss Bank

  27:59: The Whistleblowing Law

  29:36: Brad Brings 19,000 Names of People Committing Tax Fraud to the Department of Justice

  36:31: Exposing a Partner to Saddam Hussein

  41:06: Taking the Case to the Senate, the IRS and the SEC

  47:06: Brad Goes to Jail and is Rewarded $104 Million

  57:11: What Has Gotten Better Due to Brad’s Whistleblowing?

1:01:11: Are the Banks Really Too Big to Fail?

1:05:11: What is the Solution for the Future of Banking?

1:08:11: How Can the Average Person Support Whistleblowers and Stopping Corrupt Banking?

1:12:16: Brad’s Experience in Jail

1:14:51: Brad’s Investment Advice

1:16:51: Brad on Influence

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bradley-birkenfeld

Ep.387 ~ What’s Working on YouTube From The Attractive Man ~ Matt Artisan

February 6, 2019

Matt Artisan ~ Dating Coach, Founder of The Attractive Man & YouTube Influencer

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Imagine having over 500,000 YouTube subscribers and 80% of those were we the past 11-months. Today’s guest is a good friend, founder of The Attractive Man and world-renowned dating coach Matt Artisan. In the past year, Matt’s YouTube channel and influence has skyrocketed!  Matt has a been a dating coach since 2006 teaching men how to communicate and date women. He started out by helping a couple clients one-on-one. Over the years, he has turned this service into a business that helps thousands and thousands of people and they consistently run events all over the world.

Today, Matt and I chat about the influence he has acquired over the years. We talk about how he grew this simple service into a business and he shares his secrets to his massive YouTube growth in 2018!

  • 05:06: Matt Getting His Start Helping Guys Talk to Girls in College
  • 15:32: Results from Coaching Men About Dating
  • 17:59: 420,000 YouTube Subscribers in the Past 12 Months
  • 23:08: Experiencing Rapid Growth
  • 24:09: What is Working on YouTube?
  • 26:49: Time and Effort Matt Puts Intro a YouTube Video
  • 28:59: What is a YouTube Subscriber Worth vs Other Platforms?
  • 31:34: Matt’s Habits That Keep Him Going
  • 33:09: Recommended Books & Podcasts
  • 36:04: Handling Major Influence in a Constructive Manner
  • 38:19: Challenges Maintaining Influence
  • 41:18: Tips on Growing Influence

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Website: https://www.theattractiveman.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/theattractiveman1