“Go where you’re not comfortable.” Steven van der Peijl

Today listeners, we are so incredibly happy to announce that we are recording podcast 100 of our 100 podcasts with 100 entrepreneurs that have earned $100,000+ in their annual revenue.  It has been quite the hustle, but totally worth it. We hope you guys are enjoying the content. For those of you that don’t know, our previous 99 episodes have featured entrepreneurs with $100,000 and more in annual revenue. During this time, we have picked their brains and learned the science of what it takes to build 6 & 7-figure businesses.  Now, this is episode #100 but we aren’t finished.  Starting next week, we will start to interview another 100 entrepreneurs, but specifically, 100 entrepreneurs that have built 7-figure location independent businesses. These are the people that have complete freedom, traveling where they want, when they want, and how they want. They all have at least $1,000,000 in annual revenue in their business and many of them have large remote team members and others have none at all. It is going to be an exciting run of interviews and if you want to build a 7-figure location independent business, you guys will have 100 people that have done it, right here on The Entrepreneur House podcast. 

Joining us today is one of my best pals, super hacker, SaaS developer, SIM unlocker, remote team developer, and super entrepreneur Steven van der Peijl.  Steven built a Samsung SIM unlocking service and grew it to the largest in the world. He has been an entrepreneur since he was fourteen years old and is joining us on the show today to talk about his recent webinar launch that generated $190,000 in six days. We get the opportunity to pick his brain about how he and his partners put this together.  We will also chat a little about The Entrepreneur House as Steven has attended more of our events than anyone else staying about five months in total with us, and even serving as an advisor at the last event in Thailand.

If you’re interested in putting together an excellent webinar or want to know what it is like to be inside The Entrepreneur House, this is the episode for you.

Highlights of the Show:

04:42: Who is Steven van der Peijl? 15:06: Creating a $190,000 Webinar Launch 16:22: Non-Public Launch with a 2-Webinar Series for Each Promotion 22:34: Amount of People on Steven’s Webinar 29:36: When Taking Off Work and Business Increases 32:16: Random Stories and Conversation with Steven and Chris 35:30: Auto-Webinars 48:30: More Random Unedited Chat with Steven and Chris

Honorable Mentions:

Neil Napier on The Entrepreneur House Podcast http://theentrepreneurhouse.com/ep-137-teams-that-get-measured-get-built-neil-napier/

DCBKK http://www.tropicalmba.com/dcbkk-in-25-photos/

Local Supremacy http://www.localsupremacy.com/

Amar Ghose on The Entrepreneur House Podcast http://theentrepreneurhouse.com/amar-ghose/

Cindy Vranken on The Entrepreneur House Podcast http://theentrepreneurhouse.com/ep-126-three-6-figure-launches-in-15-months/

Stan Leloup http://stanleloup.com/

Contact Info:

https://kvsocial.com/ https://jobrack.eu/ http://www.flechamobile.com/

More Episodes

Ep.235 ~ Your Friends May Suck and You Don’t Even Know It ~ Taylor Pearson

June 23, 2017

“Always leave the door open, but never push someone through.” Taylor Pearson

Are the people you are surrounding yourself with, the people you should be surrounding yourself with?  You might have some friends, that really don’t deserve your friendship.

Today on the show, we welcome Taylor Pearson. Taylor is the author of the #1 Business Best-Seller ‘The End of Jobs’ a book that talks about what many location entrepreneurs can relate to, redefining life, mixed with travel and remote work.  Our world is changing rapidly, and so is business and the way we see life.  A forty-year career with one company is pretty much dead, and the idea of a regular nine-to-five job is decaying as well.

Taylor and I jump into the specifics of ‘The End of Jobs’ and why he decided to write it. We then accidentally jump into a conversation about analyzing friends. Taylor and I discuss how we measure our friends, and the importance if doing it.  If you are curious if you are really surrounding yourself with the right people, you might want to listen to this episode. 

“Stay hungry, stay foolish.” Taylor quoting Steve Jobs

01:41: Who is Taylor Pearson?

04;49: The End of Jobs - The Internet Entrepreneur Life Script

09:06: Process of Writing The End of Jobs

13:33: Taylor and Chris Chat Goals and The Entrepreneur ‘Happy Place

17:52: Analyzing and Maintaining 150 Friendships

21:11: Questions to Ask About Your Friends

Who would die for you? Who would you die for? Who would loan you money, no questions asked? Who would you loan money, no questions asked? Who would fly to another country for you, in case of an emergency? Who would you fly to another country for, in case of an emergency? Who would I follow? Who would follow me? Who would I invest money in? Who would invest money in me? Who would babysit your cat? Who’s cat would you babysit? Who would donate a kidney to you? Who would you donate your kidney to? 26:27: Taylor’s Recommendations for Personality Tests

29:24: Books Taylor is Reading

Honorable Mentions:

‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferriss


Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen


The End of Jobs


Taylor’s Article on ‘The Entrepreneur Happy Place’


‘The 7-Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Steven Covey


Robin Dunbar


Malcolm Gladwell


‘The Way of Men’ by Jack Donavan


Meyers-Briggs Personality Tests


Strengths Finder


Kolbe A Index


‘The Lessons of History’ by Will and Ariel Durant


‘Anna Karenina’ by Leo Tolstoy


‘The Black Swan’ by Nassim Nicholas Taleb


Contact Info:


Twitter: @taylorpearsonme


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Ep.234 ~ Squatty Potty, $30 Million in 2016 From Moms Poop Stool ~ Bobby Edwards

June 22, 2017

On this episode, we are joined by the CEO and founder of the legendary and so incredibly viral poop stool Squatty Potty. His name is Bobby Edwards and back in 2012, Bobby’s mother was having some troubles pooping. So, Bobby did what any good hearted son would do, he got creative and designed a stool that would help her poop, and it worked! His Mom (Judy) deemed the magic stool to be called Squatty Potty and now they are running a corporation that had $30 million in sales in 2016.

Bobby is an incredibly warm-hearted guy and you will be able to tell from the show that he is humbled and flattered from the success. Squatty Potty has literally changed the way people poop. The family receives ‘thank you’ messages all the time, and Squatty Potty has been featured on Oprah, CNBC, Shark Tank, Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur Magazine, Dr. Oz, Howard Stern, The View, and has a YouTube video that cleared over 150 million views complete with a unicorn pooping rainbow ice cream…we’ll put the video in the show notes.

Today we will get behind this ingenious entrepreneurial mind and chat with Bobby about the growth of Squatty Potty. He shares some ups and downs, some essential elements to the businesses growth, and some tips for fellow entrepreneurs out there about the difference between the 7-figure and 8-figure mentalities in business.

03:55: How Squatty Potty Started

11:30: Getting Traffic in Year 1

14:33: Mistakes from Year 1

17:01: The Turning Point of Squatty Potty’s Messaging

20:14: Inspiring Stories About Squatty Potty

23:03: What’s Life Like for Bobby Edwards These Days?

23:30: A Team of 17 Running a Company that Produced $30 Million in Revenue Last Year

24:51: The Squatty Potty Video That Went Viral

27:12: Growth and Sales From a Viral Video

32:43: The Future of Squatty Potty

33:49: Bobby Edwards on The Difference Between the 7 & 8-Figure Mentalities

“The first full year in business we did about $600,000 in business just on our website.” Bobby Edwards

“In the first few months, I started sending out Squatty Pottys free of charge….to influencers…with a not from myself and a picture of my mom.” Bobby Edwards

“People responded to toilet posture….and that’s when we started getting response.” Bobby Edwards

“(At first) we didn’t know how to message our product, people weren’t ready for it, and it was pretty foul and gross and disgusting.” Bobby Edwards

“It’s not a big team, it’s not a small team, but for $30 million in business, I think 17 people is pretty lean!” Bobby Edwards

Honorable Mentions:

Squatty Potty YouTube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbYWhdLO43Q

The Harmon Brothers http://harmonbrothers.com/

Oprah https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oprah_Winfreyhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oprah_Winfrey

Dr. Oz https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mehmet_Oz

Howard Stern https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Stern

SharkTank http://abc.go.com/shows/shark-tank

The View http://abc.go.com/shows/the-view

What Women Want Trade Shows http://www.whatwomenwantevent.com/

‘Billions’ on Showtime http://www.sho.com/billions

Bloomberg https://www.bloomberg.com/

Inc https://www.inc.com/

Entrepreneur Magazine https://www.entrepreneur.com/magazine

Forbes Magazine https://www.forbes.com/forbes/welcome/?toURL=https://forbes.com/&refURL=&referrer=

Contact Info:


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Ep.233 ~ Making a Snowboard Hobby Into a Multi-Million Dollar Business ~ Nev Lapwood

June 21, 2017

“I’d say Facebook now, is probably at least 5-10 times more important for us than YouTube is. Where as, for the first 5-years of my business YouTube brought in 50% of all of our traffic.” Nev Lapwood

Could you imagine mixing your favorite hobby and building into a multi-million dollar business? Our guest today did just that and his name is Nev Lapwood.

Nev is the founder of Snowboard Addiction. He started out making YouTube videos to help people learn how to snowboard.  Fast forward to today and Snowboard Addiction is one of the most popular snowboard YouTube channels and they are selling products to help you acquire more snowboard skills any time of the year.

Today on the show, Nev and I chat about the early days of Snowboard Addiction and his process of moving into the physical products space.  Nev shares about why he prefers a Shopify platform, and we compare his YouTube videos to Facebook videos. Lastly, New dives into his ROI from Facebook Ads, and the future of Snowboard Addiction.

“If your expenses are higher than the money you’re bringing in, you’re going to die very, very quickly.” Nev Lapwood

01:43: Who is Nev Lapwood?

04:12: The Early Days of Snowboard Addiction

07:45: Changing to Physical Products

10:28: YouTube Videos vs Facebook Videos

12:45: Nev on Facebook Ads

14:10: Snowboard Addiction ROI on FB Ads

17:34: Converting from FB Video to Email Subscribers

21:26: The Future of Snowboard Addiction

22:56: The Value of Moving a Shopify Website

25:33: Nev’s Work-Life Balance Today

“Stop thinking and execute!” Nev Lapwood

Honorable Mentions:







Contact Info:


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Ep.232 ~ The Co-Founder of Thrive Themes ~ Shane Melaugh

June 19, 2017

“In well over 90% of the cases, it’s not about what you add, it is about what you remove.” Shane Melaugh

Have you ever been curious about how to make your website convert?  Do you have too many options on your landing page?  Have you ever used quizzes to generate more traffic?

Today listeners, we have Shane Melaugh the co-founder of Thrive Themes on the show. Thrive Themes is an incredibly powerful platform that has proven results helping entrepreneurs around the world.

On the episode today, we chat with Shane about his team in Romina and bootstrapping five businesses before finding success. Shane will share his systematic way to solve problems and work through mistakes. Towards the last half of the show, Shane talks about how Thrive Themes grew into the thriving business that it is today. He also adds some cool tricks to help your site convert.

“Treat what you do as an experiment.” Shane Melaugh

01:46: Shane on His Remote Team and Slow Travel

03:55: Bootstrapping 5 Businesses and Starting as a Clueless Entrepreneur

08:58: A Systematic Way to Solve Problems and Work Through Mistakes

13:46: Thrive Themes

17:52: Using Quizzes to Add Value to Marketers

21:17: Ways to Create Converting Sites

Honorable Mentions:

Thrive Quiz Builder


Thrive Themes Blog


Contact Info:


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Ep.231 ~ Is it Time for You to Franchise? ~ Matt Miller

June 16, 2017

“To commit to something a year in advance mentally for a lot of people is difficult…most of us are making a decision this week or maybe a couple of months down the road.” Matt Miller

Ever thought about franchising?  Many of our listeners are getting to a point in their business where they are thinking about making that move.  It can be a big leap to take your business to the next level and serve more customers.

Today’s guest is Matt Miller and he is the founder of School Spirit Vending.  Matt literally started this business setting up gumball machines at schools around his hometown.  Fast forward to today and School Spirit Vending has 100 franchise families working with their organization, they serve 2,500 schools in 42 states in the U.S. and has raised $5,000,000, yes $5,000,000 for schools in 5-years 50 cents at a time.

So if you are thinking about moving into the franchise world and want to learn more about the science of this process check out this episode.

“The thought process of being consistent over a period time is the thing that is so crazy simple that most people don’t get it.” Matt Miller

01:51: Who is Matt Miller?

07:48: Starting School Spirit Vending and Building It Into a 100 Member Franchise

09:04: The Importance of a Checklist in Business (aka SOP’s)

15:52: On Teaching Franchisee’s the Business Process

18:50: The Traits Matt Looks for When People Join His Organization

25:47: Do You Want to Franchise Your Business?  Start Here

“You’re not going to learn or figure it all out by sitting at home online trying to figure it out and looking for answers there.” Matt Miller

Honorable Mentions:

Aron Walker and Dave Ramsey


‘Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell


Contact Info:


‘Live Your Dreams - The Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Own a Vending Business'

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Ep.230 ~ Life Disrupters with a 3x Team USA World Champion ~ Ray Matz

June 15, 2017

What is a life disrupter? One of those moments in your life that absolutely changes everything. Our guest today is someone that has used Life Disrupters throughout his life and thirty years of experience as an entrepreneur to build business and change the way his future will look.

Ray Matz is a seasoned entrepreneur and a three-time Team USA World Champion who joins us today to chat about gaining the right mentality to bring your game to the next level. Ray started out growing up around poverty in Philadelphia and has now started and sold a landscaping business, built a real estate business and now enjoys life as a personal coach and family man. Towards the end of the episode Ray shares some tips on how he has created an entrepreneurial foundation with his family. 

01:54: Who is Ray Matz?

09:44: Ray On Being a 3x Roller Hockey Champion

11:47: What is Game Changing Dads?

14:34: Ray and Chris Talk Life Disrupters

18:00: Applying Life Disrupters Into Your an Entrepreneurs Life

19:07: Entrepreneur Keeping Their Head Up During the Hard Times

20:39: Ray On Creating an Entrepreneurial Foundation with His Family

Honorable Mentions:

‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki


Dave Ramsey


Christan Hiscock's Interview


Contact Info:


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Ep.229 ~ From a Living Room Table Business to Forbes 30 Under 30 ~ Candice Galek

June 14, 2017

“There is some statistic that says highly practical content is 34% more likely to go viral, than content that is not helpful.” Candice Galek

Her business went from a living room table to a warehouse with forty employees in twenty short months. That’s Candice Galek the founder of Bikini Luxe and today’s guest on our podcast.

Candice is quite the entrepreneur and joins us today to share about the rapid growth she created in her business and landed her on Forbes 30 Under 30 list. She discusses at length about how her business went viral on LinkedIn, the leadership lessons she learned from this process, and how she uses Polyvore to drive traffic and sales.

“It takes 13 milliseconds for your brain to register an image and 50 milliseconds for your brain to form a first impression. And first impressions are everything when it comes to the short attention span while browsing online these days.” Candice Galek

01:49: Who is Candice Galek?

05:57: Taking Bikini Luxe From a Living Room Table to a Warehouse with 40 Employees in 20-Months

09:21: Candice On Leadership During the Rapid Growth of Bikini Luxe

11:29: Bikini Luxe Going Viral on LinkedIn

17:54: Polyvore and How Candice Uses it to Drive Massive Traffic to Bikini Luxe

“In managing my own PR and marketing, I interviewed 100 different businesses that would offer me PR.” Candice Galek

Honorable Mentions:

Candice on Forbes 30 Under 30


Candice on LinkedIn


Bikini Luxe Going Viral on LinkedIn




Candice’s Colum on Inc Magazine


Contact Info:

Website: https://www.bikiniluxe.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bikinigeek

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Ep.228 ~ Making Entrepreneurs Into Authors ~ Jesse Krieger

June 13, 2017

“Seventy-percent plus of Americans have thought about writing a book, or believe they have a book in them…and less than one-percent ever do.” Jesse Krieger

Many entrepreneurs think about writing a book, many end up writing one, two, three or multiple books.  After thousands of hours of practical experience building business, they use their books to teach others, some use it as a marketing channel, some have an inspirational story to tell, and some use it for all of those reasons.

Today on the podcast, we have the founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, Jesse Krieger on the show.  Jesse specializes in making entrepreneurs authors and authors entrepreneurs. To date, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press has published over 28 personal development/entrepreneurial books and a few fiction and spiritually focused books.

In beginning half of the show, Jesse and I will dive into his experience playing music on the streets of Europe and how it led him to launch a record label. We also discuss the importance of entrepreneurs expressing their creativity, and the process of becoming a published author. Towards the end of the show, Jesse shares how he keeps the author’s momentum going after the book launch, and some hacks to get on best-seller lists.

“The root of most personal dissatisfaction is a lack of creative expression, or a gap or incongruency between what they currently do, for profession or even personally, and what they want to be doing…” Jesse Krieger

02:31: Who is Jesse Krieger?

07:43: Jesse and Chris Chat About Entrepreneurs Expressing Creativity

10:00: What Jesse Learned From Playing Music on the Streets of Europe

13:19: Jesse Talks About an ‘Instant Feedback Cycle’ for Growth

15:47: What is Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press?

19:38: The Process of Publishing Entrepreneurs Books

24:57: How Authors Keep Momentum Going After a Book Launch

27:44: Jesse’s Hacks to Get On Best-Seller Lists

“The core strategy of becoming a best-seller is concentrating interests and purchasing activity into a finite window of time.” Jesse Krieger

Honorable Mentions:

~Harsh Krieger Record Label


~Jasper Ribbers


~Top Resource for AirBnB Hosting ‘Get Paid for Your Pad’ by Jasper Ribbers and Huzefa Kapadia


~‘Lifestyle Entrepreneur’ by Jesse Krieger


~Dave Chesson, Kindle Calculator


Contact Info:



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Ep.227 ~ A 19 Year Old Makes $200,000 in 3 Weeks on Social Media ~ Jason Wong

June 12, 2017

“The things that people are generally insecure about go out the window once you’re on the internet.” Jason Wong

Could you imagine being 19 and making $200,000 in 3 weeks from social media? That is exactly what Jason Wong did. Jason is not your typical 19-year old. He started exploring ways to make money online at the age of twelve. When the lesser known social media platform Tumblr was released, Jason fell in love with the idea of it and over a few years gained 2.1 million followers. 

As a fun project, Jason decided to create ‘The Meme Bible’.  He then released it to his Tumblr following and three weeks later, he was sitting with $200,000.  That is a day he will never forget, but the many that might see this as a lucky win for this young man might be surprised. Jason is a very intelligent entrepreneur and connector and knows how to work the social media world.

“For Tumblr, it’s really a way to express your inner-self. For Instagram, it is really a way to express your outer-self.” Jason Wong

02:01: Who is Jason Wong and What is The Holy Meme Bible?

04:43: $200,000 in 3-Weeks on Tumblr

11:06: Why Tumblr?

14:16: Gaining a Massive Following on Tumblr

15:26: Is Tumblr a More Authentic Platform?

16:42: What’s the Future of Tumblr?

18:18: Keeping Copy Simple When Retargeting

20:32: What Does Social Media Lack Today?

22:43: Suggestions to Grow Your Networks

“The meme culture has become more prominent in today’s society……think about Gucci the fashion designer, (they) made an entire fashion catalog out of memes.” Jason Wong

Contact Info:





Meme Bible on Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/holymemebible/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/holymemebible

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/holymemebible/

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Ep.226 ~ The Entrepreneur’s Journey is About Execution ~ Tim Sanders

June 9, 2017

“When you’re small if the customer says ‘We aren’t happy.” you tear up the invoice, and you eat it, and you learn a lesson from the pain.” Tim Sanders on what he learned while working for Mark Cuban 

On today’s episode we welcome the great Tim Sanders, and for those of you who don’t know him, I couldn’t recommend more than to listen to this show because Tim is an incredibly vibrant lifestyle entrepreneur that has had some INCREDIBLE…and I emphasize the word incredible business experience.

He has worked side by side with Mark Cuban for years until Cuban sold off to Yahoo. He then worked side by side with the co-founder of Yahoo, Jerry Yang for a number of years until Tim launched a book that was massively successful and he toured the world promoting his book and Yahoo for a year.  After his book tour, Tim decided it was time to start his own business.

These days, Tim has written six books, working on his seventh, he is the founder of Deeper Media and a professional speaker. On the show, we get behind the mind of Tim Sanders and let me tell you….This is a man you want to listen to. Tim shares what he learned working with Mark Cuban and Yahoo, then starting his own journey as an entrepreneur. Tim and I talk about the difference between a true lifestyle business vs. a growth business, tactics on being a great connector and leaving a good digital footprint in today’s world.

The value in this episode is HUGE!

“The entrepreneur's journey is not about getting introduced to the right person, it’s about execution.”  Tim Sanders

Interview Highlights:

02:30: Tim’s Book Suggestions

03:18: Who is Tim Sanders?

05:28: Tim Working for Mark Cuban

10:14: Tim Leaves Yahoo to Create a True Lifestyle Business and Zero Employees

12:42: Lifestyle Business vs. Growth Business

17:54: What You Need For a Lifestyle Business to be Successful

23:34: Tactics on Being a Connector, Not a Networker

29:57: Creating a Good Digital Footprint

“When you’re small if the customer says ‘We aren’t happy.” you tear up the invoice, and you eat it, and you learn a lesson from the pain.” Tim Sanders on what he learned working for Mark Cuban

Honorable Mentions:

Norman Mailer


'Subliminal' by Leonard Mlodinow


Abraham Maslow, On ‘Being’


'Art of Happiness' by the Dali Lama


Bob May

Pat Summeral Productions


Mark Cuban

Audionet and Broadcast.com


Jerry Yang


Literary Agent, Jan Miller


‘Love is the Killer App’ by Tim Sanders


‘On Caring’ by Milton Meyerhoff


“I now have the philosophy of zero employees….I have become very good at managing contractors/partners, and I have twelve.” Tim Sanders

 Contact Info:



Deeper Media


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Ep.225 ~ How a Homemade Product Attracted 40,000 Visitors a Day ~ Travis Beck and David Fisher

June 7, 2017

Travis Beck asked a friend to wrap a phone cable with Paracord so his cat wouldn’t chew the cord again. This was the moment that sparked the idea of Paracable, a business that has set two childhood best friends free and launched them into the entrepreneurial world.

Today on the show we chat with Travis Beck and David Fisher the founders of Paracable and we get the inside on how they anonymous tipped off MacRumors about their product, landing it on the front page of the site and changing their lives forever.

Travis and David tell us about how they were getting 40,000 visitors a day with nothing in inventory and how they transitioned to the entrepreneurial world.

Discussion Points:

01:47: Who are Travis Beck and David Fisher?

05:55: The Birth of Paracable

11:09: Getting on the Front Page of MacRumors

22:03: 40,000 Visitors a Day with No Inventory

23:49: Going From an Employee Mindset to an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Honorable Mentions:



Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


Squatty Potty


Contact Info:

Website: https://paracable.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Paracable/

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Ep.224 ~ Can Online Giveaways Catapult Your Business Growth? ~ Dafina Smith

June 7, 2017

Hard work, consistency, and focusing on the long-term is what it takes to build a sustainable, successful business. This is what our guest was taught from her parents that immigrated to the U.S. and had a dream of being entrepreneurs.

Dafina Smith is the CEO of Sunny’s Hair. Sunny’s Hair started out as a wig and extension store in Minnesota. Today, they have three locations across the U.S. and have absolutely exploded their business online.

On this episode, you will learn how Dafina launched and grew the online part of her family’s business. She also discusses how she learned about humility…one of the most powerful traits any entrepreneur can have...from her father. Dafina will discuss in depth about how she structures ‘giveaways’ with her business to grow the online and offline sales.

If you are exploring new ways to sell physical products to your customers, I am going to recommend this episode.

“Successful friends like to have successful friends.” Dafina Smith

Discussion Points:

01:45: Who is Dafina Smith?

10:29: Online Sales 10 years Ago

13:19: Growing Your List Through Giveaways

19:55: How Often to Have Giveaways

21:54: Testing Out Different Amounts for a Giveaway

22:35: Syncing Email Lists with Facebook for Smarter Advertising

Honorable Mentions:

Viral Sweep




Klaviyo - Announces the Giveaways






Contact Info:

Website: https://www.sunnyshair.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sunnyshair/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SunnysHair/

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Ep.223 ~ To Have An Online Course or To Not Have An Online Course? ~ Grant Weherley

June 6, 2017

On the episode today we are joined by the gentleman who created Monetize My Expertise. His name is Grant Weherley and Monetize My Expertise is a done-for-you online course and training creation service. The world of online courses is huge, many businesses use courses for selling products, services and training members of their team. The type of business that can use an online course is nearly limitless and the numbers are growing every day. Grant and his team work confidently at building these courses for entrepreneurs and businesses that want the job done by a pro.

Grant and I talk today about the steps you should follow to create an online course. We discuss the actual time it takes to build a good quality course and some tactics from the most successful online courses and businesses in the world.

“One of your main jobs as a course creator is actually to filter information.” Grant Weherley

01:40: Medellin, Colombia

02:47: Who is Grant Weherley?

06:52: Steps to Follow When Creating an Online Course

1. Put yourself in the beginners mind

2. Why am I trying to help my customers achieve?

3. How can I break it down into smaller steps as simple as possible?

10:29: How long does it take to build a 30-min course?

13:07: What are the characteristics of the best online courses today?

16:51: What kind of businesses work well with online courses?

19:40: What are some businesses that online courses don’t work well for?

Honorable Mentions:



Book in a Box


Peter Shankman


Lead Pages and Co-founder Simon Payne


Contact Info:



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Ep.222 ~ The Facebook Ad Ninja ~ Vincent Nguyen

June 5, 2017

Hi listeners, today Vincent Nguyen the founder of Growth Ninja joins our show. Growth Ninja is a company that brings your business leads and sales from Facebook ads. The difference between Growth Ninja and every other Facebook ad company is that they are paid based on performance. So if they don’t deliver results, they don’t get paid.

On the show today we have a great conversation with Vincent. What I specifically enjoyed about him is that he is a young entrepreneur just starting out with an incredibly mature mindset. I can respect any entrepreneur that wants to be paid based on their own performance. Vincent it doing just that, and doing it very well.

Further along in the show, Vincent and I discuss the process of getting comfortable being paid well by our clients, quitting your job to start a business and we also touch on how he prefers to work solo over having employees.

02:34: Who is Vincent Nguyen?

08:52: Is it Smart to Quit Your Job and Start a Business?

11:47: What is Growth Ninja?

15:15: When Someone Pays You For the First Time

20:20: What’s Working in Facebook-Land and is Retargeting on FB a Good Idea for You?

Honorable Mentions:

Justin Cooke founder of Empire Flippers


Nev Lapwood founder of Snowboard Addiction


Pro Church Tools


Quinn Zeda founder of Zeda Labs


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Ep.221 ~ From Hobby to 1,000,000 Downloads to Online Community ~ Christopher Sutton

June 1, 2017

Today podcast listeners we are joined by the founder of Musical-U, Christopher Sutton. Christopher runs Musical-U an online community and website that helps people become more musical. Over the past few years, Christopher has helped over one million people with their music goals.

On this episode, we chat in depth about how Christopher has created an online community of over seven hundred musicians and aspiring musicians, and how he has built apps that have been downloaded over one million times. We also chat about how entrepreneurs young and old can shake the entrepreneurial ‘not good enough’ self-talk.

02:33: Who is Christopher Sutton?

7:07: Christopher and Chris on Feeling Like a Fake

11:11: How to Shake the Entrepreneurial ‘Not Good Enough’ Self-Talk

22:57: Getting Apps Downloaded Over 1,000,000 Times

29:49: Building an Online Community

Honorable Mentions:

Dan Sullivan


Christopher’s Apps


-Easy Ear Training

-Relative Pitch

-Tone Def Test

-Sing True

James Schramko


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