July 7, 2021 Ep.511 ~ Building a Business Around a Trend from the Man Who Made Crossfit & Paleo Cool ~ Robb Wolf

Entrepreneur, NYTimes & Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author, Paleo Expert, & former research biochemist Robb Wolf is on the podcast today! You may have heard Robb’s name before from his books The Paleo Solution, and Wired to Eat. Robb is the former California State Powerlifting Champion, an amateur kickboxer and Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast! 

He is also the executive producer of the film Sacred Cow, the host of Healthy Rebellion Radio, he has served as a review editor for the Journal of Nutrition & Metabolism and as a consultant for the Naval Special Warfare Resiliency Program. 

Robb has successfully turned his passion for food, health & Paleo into a successful online business & personal brand that has led him to create multiple books, online courses & products around health & nutrition eventually leading him to a 7-figure book deal. We are going to learn how Robb built this business, nerd out on some high-performance health topics & throw out some controversial questions at him about health, diet & Paleo!

   03:55 Who is Robb Wolf?

   08:00 Robb in the Crossfit Movement

   23:50 Adding a Business System to the Crossfit Gym Model

   35:05 Robb’s Methodology for Predicting Trends

   47:15 Working Through the Haters

   55:10 Testosterone Crashing & Decrease in Younger Generations

1:10:30 Robb Tears Down Chris’ Diet

1:19:30 Robb’s Daily Routine & High-Performance Tips


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