December 2, 2020 Ep.481 ~ Productivity from the Founder of Asian Efficiency ~ Thanh Pham

Thanh Pham ~ Founder at Asian Efficiency

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Today, we have a friend Thanh Pham joining the podcast. Thanh is known as one of the top productivity experts in the world. In this interview, Thanh and I nerd out on all his top-productivity techniques. 


Thanh is the founder of Asian Efficiency, and the host of The Productivity Show that he runs with his partner Brooks. On The Productivity Show, they have over 300 episodes, 9 million downloads in total, and around 200,000 downloads per month. Now he's been named as one of the top thought leaders in the productivity industry. 


Thanh teaches workshops all over the world. In the past 10 years, he's helped approximately 15,000 people become more productive from workshops, online training, and courses. During the interview, we talk about Thanh’s daily routine, his weekly planning, his work-life balance, how he created his own system for productivity, some of the productivity tactics that actually make him less productive, which ironically, maybe not so ironically make me less productive as well. Thanh and I discuss his Rule-of-Three, why he does more short-term planning, instead of long term planning, and we talk about the number one thing that helps people become super productive.


Anybody can learn something from this interview!


     02:12  Who is Thanh Pham?

     03:30  Asian Efficiency

     07:00  Thanh’s Entrepreneurial Journey

     09:50  Productivity Hacks That Decreased Productivity

     14:42  Why Sleep & Recovery are Trending

      17:20  Sleeping Habits

      26:11  The Power of Staycations

     30:58  Digital Detoxing Tips

     35:00  Thanh’s Personal Productivity System

     44:02  Short-term Planning vs Long-term Planning

     48:20  How To Prioritize

     52:05  Achieving Work/Life Balance

01:04:13  Changes in Productivity Strategies

01:14:18  Where to Find Thanh

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