March 28, 2018 Ep.283 ~ $5,000/Month Habits vs. $100,000/Month Habits ~ Simon Lovell


Simon Lovell, Founder of Fitpreneur and The Simon Lovell Show


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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

Simon Lovell is joining us today on the podcast! I was recently introduced to Simon by a friend and guest of our show Brad Hart. Simon is the founder of and the host and founder of The Simon Lovell Show.

Simon recently wrote a powerful Facebook post that was turned into a blog article talking about the difference between $5,000/month habits vs. $100,000/month habits.  He also shares about how he went from being bullied, in debt, using alcohol and drugs to creating $1,000,000 in 18 months and the importance of being aware and changing your environments.

“I am always asking myself this question. Where am I leading people to?” Simon Lovell


01:15: Who is Simon Lovell?

06:53: Recognizing and Moving Away from Living a Double Life

10:38: Changing Your Environment to Change Your Life

14:31: Why Simon Invests 20% of His Income Into Himself

17:45: Fitpreneurs and The Simon Lovell Show

20:39: Should You Have a Personal Brand in Addition to Your Business?

21:55: Communicating the Right Image of Your Personal Brand

25:53: $5,000/Month vs. $100,000/Month

34:01: $5,000/Month Taking a Month to Make Decisions vs. $100,000/Month Making a Decision in 30 Seconds


“I moved out of the area I was living in to remove the triggers and toxicity that was around me.” Simon Lovell


Honorable Mentions:

Brad Hart

The Lunch Box Diet by Simon Lovell

Gary V

Lewis Howes

The $5k Per Month Habits vs. $100k Per Month Habits That Helped Me Turn My Life Around by Simon Lovell


“Having a personal brand in 2018 is so key in parallel to the business that you have.” Simon Lovell


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Instagram: @simonlovellofficial



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