June 8, 2016 110 ~ Where Are They Now? Seven Months After The E House Mohit Tater Has a Portfolio Worth $500k+

In October 2015, Mohit joined us at The Entrepreneur House in Thailand. While at the house Mohit came up with an idea for Blackbook Investments. He presented the idea at a mastermind and seven months later he has a business portfolio worth $500,000+. This is his story! Mohit Tater ~ Mohit helps investors get a higher ROI by investing in revenue generating web properties. 
blackbookinvestments.com/ Professional Skills: 
-Angel investing 
-Content marketing 
-FBA (Selling on Amazon)
 -Online business valuation 
-Buys websites and helps people run them 
-Published 15 Kindle books 
-Bought a site Flippa.com for $2,500 and sold it for $12,000 “I accelerated my growth at The Entrepreneur House. What I would have achieved in one year, I accomplished in one month.” Mohit Tater “Thousands of dollars in consulting fees from being in the house, and friendships that are going to last a lifetime.” Mohit Tater