June 1, 2016 109 ~ A Disastrously Successful Off-Road Motorcycle Trip…and The Leadership Lessons From It

Today listeners we are joined by Mohit Tater and Purushothaman Rajagopal who both hail from the land of India! This is an incredible episode where we talk about everything from kindle publishing, SEO, content marketing, angel investing, flipping website and leadership in difficult situations. One of the features of the show we discuss a disastrous off-road motorcycle trip that we took in the jungles of Northern Thailand. There is a bit of distortion in the audio towards the last 10 min of the track. We are sorry about this, but we couldn’t throw the content out because of the great tips these guys leave us with and the incredible story we talk about our motocross trip through the jungles of Northern Thailand, and how leadership played an essential role in keeping us calm in very stressful situations. Mohit Tater ~ Mohit helps people get a higher ROI by investing in revenue generating web properties. http://mohittater.com/ http://blackbookinvestments.com/ Professional Skills: -Angel investing -Content marketing -FBA (Selling on Amazon) -Online Business valuation -Buys websites and helps people run them -Published 15 Kindle books -Bought Flippa.com for $2,500 and sold it for $12,000 “I accelerated my growth at The Entrepreneur House. What I would have achieved in one year, I accomplished in one month.” Mohit Tater “Thousands of dollars in consulting fees from being in the house, and friendships that are going to last a lifetime.” Mohit Tater Purushothaman Rajagopal ~ Purush has built a full service digital marketing agency in four years with 30 employees before the age of 30. http://infinitymedia.in/ Professional Skills: -content marketing -SEO -paid traffic -social media marketing -conversion optimization “My business productivity improved at least by 150% here, and I had a lot of fun! “Stop talking and take action” Purush