The Business Method

106 ~ Meet The Guy Who Went From Getting Kidnapped In China To Making 6 - Figures A Month Online

December 20, 2015

On today’s episode of The Entrepreneur House podcast I’m stoked to introduce our guest Winston Carter.

Winston is a crazy cool cat from Zinzie Land (you’ll find out where that is in a bit).

Winston recently stayed with us in the Chiang Mai, Thailand entrepreneur house and shared a story about how he:

1 - Got kidnapped in China by Chinese thugs (seriously)

2 - Came home shortly thereafter and got sacked from his job

3 - Proceeded to start a $100k business with some seed capital from the best investors ever...his parents! about making lemons into lemonade!

In this episode, Winston shares several poignant business (and life!) lessons, including:

- How to stay cool in a crisis situation

- How to use sales and persuasion skills to turn foes into friends

- How to enlist the help of locals to resolve disputes in a foreign country

- Buying tasers from street hustlers

- How to bounce back resiliently from getting kidnapped (and fired from your job) to start a successful business

...and more!

Click on the link below to listen now:…onth-online/