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“I worked so hard to get all this freedom, and….it was paralyzing.” Natalie Sisson

     Today listeners, we have the founder and CEO of The Suitcase Entrepreneur, Natalie Sisson on the show. The Suitcase Entrepreneur is one of the largest blogs in the digital nomad world. Natalie has been traveling the world almost non-stop for years while building The Suitcase Entrepreneur and helping thousands of people become location independent and redefine their lives.

On this episode, we talk about a few of the strategies that Natalie uses to build her business and travel the world. We will talk about how she became a featured author for Forbes, and Business Insider. Also, how she landed a TedTalk. Lastly, Natalie and I talk about an interesting idea about how chasing freedom can actually entrap you.

“Freedom to me was the ability to drop anything at any moment to be with the ones I love.” Natalie Sisson

01:35: Natalie’s Story

08:20: How Natalie Became a Featured Author for Forbes

11:10: Pitching to Get on Large Platforms i.e. Business Insider and Forbes

13:05: Getting a Ted Talk

17:00: Is Chasing Freedom Limiting You?

24:40: Natalie’s Sabbatical

“Chasing freedom, or always putting freedom first, had in many ways become debilitating.” Natalie Sisson speaking about her podcast with Conni Biesalski

 Honorable Mentions:

'Is Freedom Really Free?'- Podcast with Conni Biesalski and Natalie Sisson

Tony Robbins

Natalie’s Ted Talk

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Ep.472 ~ From Poor Backpackers to 7-Figure Entrepreneurs Traveling Non-Stop with 6 Kids ~ Ka Sundance

September 23, 2020

Ka Sundance ~ Creator Freedom as Family Challenge

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100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers



What are the pictures in your mind that come up when you think of traveling the world with children?  Most people think of the challenges, the fears, the lack of support and the money.  Of course, you would need to be very rich to make this happen, right?


Our guest today has been traveling the world almost non-stop with his wife for nearly 20 years and everywhere they go, their kids come along. And guess what? They don’t just have one or two kids. Not three or four...they have six!  Yes, six and they are one of the few truly nomadic/location independent entrepreneurs of the world that travel long term as a family and without a home base. On top of that, they are very successful in business, but they didn’t start out that way.  


They started out as poor backpackers in their early years trying to get by while traveling the world, and they forged a life of their own when the world told them they were wrong. Now, people can’t wait to ask them how they did it! They are The Sundance Family and today the father, Ka Sundance, joins us from Slovakia to share about how he and his wife Katie made this dream a reality.

“I felt like a lot of people, and I still feel a lot of people are living lies. Lies toward themselves, trying to live a life that is supposedly normal, but is making them unhappy.” Ka Sundance

01:38: The Sundance Family

05:26: The Sundance Family as Entrepreneurs

06:32: The Sundance Family’s Decision to Go Raw Food and Vegan to Save Their Son’s Life

14:22: Finding Out a Baby is On the Way in South America, and Deciding to Keep Traveling

20:21: Ka’s Family Reaction to World Travel with Small Children

22:52: Ka On Making the Leap to Travel with Kids

26:57: How Ka and Katie Define Security for Their Family

31:40: Maintaining Healthy Long-Term Intimate Relationships while Traveling

38:37: Ka’s Dream for His Children

45:55: Tips on Growing a 7-Figure Location Independent Business

“True security comes from within!” Ka Sundance

Honorable Mentions:

The Sundance Family YouTube Channel

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Ep.471 ~ A 7-figure SEO Location-Independent Business in 4 Years ~ Matt Diggity

September 16, 2020

Matt Diggity~ Founder of Diggity Marketing

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


“Just start tracking everything. Just gather all the data you can in whatever activity you do.” Matt Diggity

Today Matt Diggity joins us to share how he built a 7-figure SEO Location Independent business in four years. Matt is the founder of Diggity Marketing a very well respected SEO company that gets their clients ranked ASAP to catapult their business.

On this episode, Matt and I chat about a few things that hit home for location-independent entrepreneurs. We talk about the home-based/travel life balance and Matt shares why he prefers a 60/40 split. Matt digs into the science of building and maintaining a 7-figure business with plenty of travel involved. Lastly, he shares about where SEO is headed and ways you can manage your SEO to get better results.


01:31: Why Matt Loves Chiang Mai?

02:50: Who is Matt Diggity?

06:15: What Diggity Marketing and Lead Spring Offer

09:19: Mastering Tracking and Testing

11:06: Tracking SEO

13:35: The Future of SEO vs. Google

15:39: Will Google Ever Fill Search Results with Only Advertisements?

16:09: What’s the 80/20 of SEO vs Google Ads?

18:07: Balance Work/Travel with a 7-Figure Location-Independent Business




Honorable Mentions:

'The 4-Hour Work Week' by Tim Ferriss

Matt’s SEO Conference

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Ep.470 ~ Squatty Potty, $30 Million w/ 17 Employees ~ Bobby Edwards

September 9, 2020

Bobby Edwards ~ Founder of Squatty Potty 

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


On this episode, we are joined by the CEO and founder of the legendary and so incredibly viral poop stool Squatty Potty. His name is Bobby Edwards and back in 2012, Bobby’s mother was having some troubles pooping. So, Bobby did what any good-hearted son would do, he got creative and designed a stool that would help her poop, and it worked!  His Mom (Judy) deemed the magic stool to be called Squatty Potty and now they are running a corporation that had $30 million in sales in 2016.


Bobby is an incredibly warm-hearted guy and you will be able to tell from the show that he is humbled and flattered from the success. Squatty Potty has literally changed the way people poop. The family receives ‘thank you’ messages all the time, and Squatty Potty has been featured on Oprah, CNBC, Shark Tank, Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur Magazine, Dr. Oz, Howard Stern, The View, and has a YouTube video that cleared over 150 million views complete with a unicorn pooping rainbow ice cream.

Today we will get behind this ingenious entrepreneurial mind and chat with Bobby about the growth of Squatty Potty. He shares some ups and downs, some essential elements to the business's growth, and some tips for fellow entrepreneurs out there about the difference between the 7-figure and 8-figure mentalities in business.

“People responded to toilet posture….and that’s when we started getting a response.” Bobby Edwards

03:55: How Squatty Potty Started

11:30: Getting Traffic in Year 1

14:33: Mistakes from Year 1

17:01: The Turning Point of Squatty Potty’s Messaging

20:14: Inspiring Stories About Squatty Potty

23:03: What’s Life Like for Bobby Edwards These Days?

23:30: A Team of 17 Running a Company that Produced $30 Million in Revenue Last Year

24:51: The Squatty Potty Video That Went Viral

27:12: Growth and Sales From a Viral Video

32:43: The Future of Squatty Potty

33:49: Bobby Edwards on The Difference Between the 7 & 8-Figure Mentalities


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Ep.469 ~ The Content Marketing Godfather ~ Joe Pulizzi

September 2, 2020

Joe Pulizzi ~ Author of Killing Marketing, Content Inc. 

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Today, we have the man who is known as the "Godfather of Content Marketing", Joe Pulizzi on our show!  Joe started Content Marketing Institute back in 2007 and later started Chief Content Officer Magazine and Content Marketing World. These have become the leading education and training organizations for content marketing as well as the largest in-person content marketing event in the world. There are few people in the content marketing field that haven’t heard about Joe and today we get to pick his mind for almost an hour.

Joe will share with us what it is like after selling his business that he built for nine years. We talk about why it might be a bad idea to fall in love with your products and services. Joe shares about how he would build a community in today's world, and some practical tips about being a major influencer.

02:00: Joe’s Taking His First Vacation Completely Offline

02:41: Joe On Balancing His Life Never Taking Time Offline for 10 Years

06:47: How Joe Became the Godfather of Content Marketing

15:56: Should You Fall in Love With Your Products/Services?

20:54: Building a Community in Today’s World

23:58: The Future of Content Marketing

33:22: Changing From the Idea of an Office Space Business to a Location-Independent Business

35:53: 6-Figure Mentality vs. 7-Figure Mentality

38:06: Joe on Hitting Monetary Goals

41:40: Life After Selling a 9-Year Business

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Twitter: @joepulizzi


“Media companies have been doing this for 200 years. They focus on building one property on one content platform they do it really well. They build an audience, and then they diversify.” Joe Pulizzi



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