Laird Hamilton ~ World’s #1 Big Wave Surfer & Surf Innovator

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Our guest today is someone that I have followed since I first heard about him when I was 25 years old. Somewhere I came across this cool hour long surf video and I used to watch 2-3 times a week as a sort of meditation/visualization process picturing myself living somewhere where I could surf on a regular basis, and enjoy the beach lifestyle. One day, I was looking up more cool surf videos on YouTube and came across a video of this guy that would surf the biggest and most difficult waves anyone could surf. And I remember him saying in one of his videos on how he said he felt called to the waves, how the waves just called him in, and this really stuck out for me because many times I had felt called to climb mountains, travel the world, go on adventures and I didn’t really know where it came from, because the things that I was doing were semi crazy compared to everyone else I knew at the time. but that I had this intuitive feeling of being called to things also. During one of his videos he said this quote that struck me to my core. It was, “Do not be afraid of death, be afraid of a half lived life.” This really resonated with me, it spoke to me and I thought to myself….I like this guy. Since that moment I have followed him and watched multiple documentaries about the accomplishments he has taken on and how he lives his life. He is one of the two biggest names in surfing, and has become the Michael Jordan of big wave surfing and his name is Laird Hamilton. 


I will be honest, I was nervous as hell before the interview. I think that is expected when anyone meets their role model/superhero for the first time. But after a couple minutes, it really felt like I was speaking to an uncle that I had known for years. Laird was really down to earth, a good conversationalist and just fun to hang out with for the time we had together. We got nearly an hour and a half to chat on this interview and we talked about so much during that time, but what I really wanted to get out of the conversation is Lairds mentality, how he sees the world, and why he chooses to live his life the way he does. I think I did a pretty good job of that, while both of us having a really good time during the interview. We touch on everything from competition surfing, handling opposing views, near death experiences, inner-callings and being connected with one's higher-self, his passion for innovation, living a healthy and high-performance lifestyle and of course keeping his home balance and family routine. We dive into breath work, Laird’s current recommended books, flow-states, reducing stress goal setting, daily rituals, the type of people Laird surrounds himself with, riding Teahupoo, where he conquered the impossible wave to ride that really put him at the top of big wave surfing and we find out if Laird still fears a half lived life. Ladies and gentlemen, I am so excited to bring this show to you….Laird Hamilton 

   05:25: Who is Laird Hamilton?

   09:40: How Does Laird See Himself?

   15:15: Laird on Competition Surfing

   16:40: Handling Opposing Views

   18:38: Laird on Near Death Experiences & the Impact on His Life

   22:45: What is Laird’s Internal Inner Drive?

   25:50: Staying Connected to One's Higher-Self

   28:30: Laird’s Biggest Fear

   33:30: Laird's Biggest Passion Currently

   34:50: How Laird Keeps His Home Balance

   36:30: Laird on Breathwork

   41:55: Laird’s Recommended Reads

   45:00: Laird on Influence

   55:40: Laird Defines the Spiritual Side of Himself

   57:55: Riding the Impossible Wave

1:03:40: Flow-States

1:08:50: Basic Ways to Reduce Stress & Get Into Flow-State

1:11:15: Laird's Daily Rituals & Time Tested Rituals

1:20:20: The Types of Men Laird Surrounds Himself With

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Ep.428 ~ Understanding Men & Making it a Successful Business ~ Alison Armstrong

November 20, 2019

Alison Armstrong ~ Understanding Men

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Hello listeners, welcome to the show today. I want to welcome you back to the podcast and introduce another very special guest. Alison Armstrong is our guest today, I actually heard her first speak over six years ago and I was blown away by the content about men and women, and then I started just engulfing myself into her material. I can be a testament that what she teaches changes people's lives because it has been one of the most impactful subjects that I have studied throughout my life and my personal growth process. Alison and what she teaches has absolutely revolutionized the way that I see the world.

Alison’s exploration into understanding the differences between men and women started way back in 1991. She just was curious about why men operated the way that we do, and she wanted to understand the differences between the sexes. She's been studying men for nearly 30 years now, and she has this type of understanding about the sexes, that when men see her speak they actually start to cry, and they do that because they feel more understood than they ever had in their entire lives. What she does is she distinguishes human instincts that compel both men and women to behave in ways that contradict and undermine our own purposes goals and values and needs and relationships. I think there's a few key important things that we don't study in school that are incredibly important. One of those is of course money. The other one is effective communication, and the other one is understanding relationships. These are three things that are essential for people to live a healthy well balanced life. So, I recommend anybody to check out.  

I've made it actually one of my goals to make Allison and her material one of my major studies for the next year. I usually have a few major goals in a year and Allison is in her materials, one of the most important things my priorities for 2020. Throughout the interview, we talk about how she built this passion into an amazing location independent business, starting way back in the 90s. We talk about essential differences between the sexes, why men are operate the way that we do and argument resolution for couples. 

I don't think there's anybody that could listen to this show and not get an incredible amount of value out of it this podcast interview!

06:01: Starting a Location Independent Business on Accident in 1995

07:40: Who is Alison Armstrong and Why is She On Our Podcast?

14:55: Tips on How the Sexes Can Listen To Each Other Better

29:49: The Five Layers of Protection Men Have About Criticism

41:15: Argument Resolution for Couples

52:10: Turning Alison’s Mission of Understanding Men Into a Business


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Ep.427 ~ Entrepreneur Makes $18,000 in 10 Days at Get Shit Done Live ~ Emil Goliath

November 13, 2019

GSD Live is a perfect example of entrepreneurs being in the trenches of business together, experiencing the blood, sweat and tears of entrepreneurship that most people are trying to do all on their own. And what happens because of this is….is rapid growth, both business and personal, deep levels of trust and bonding, and bottom line massive results. This is exactly why I created GSD Live, you can’t get this at a conference, you need to be in the trenches with other entrepreneurs experiencing the pains, growth and rewards of entrepreneurship. It is the event that gives entrepreneurs the platform to see huge shifts in their businesses in a very short period of time.


10 Days of High-Performance Productivity, Targeted Collaboration, and Focused Execution

If you have been craving an environment where you can excel at getting A LOT done for your business in a short amount of time while collaborating with other established entrepreneurs…then join us for a 10-Day high-performance productivity sprint designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs to get real tangible results and to bottom-line help you make money!

“My first three-day productivity session I created a funnel that produced mid-5 figures in revenue. My second productivity session one week later I created a course that produced $25,000. It was literally like six-months of work in two-weeks!” Omer Bar, Founder of Facebook Lab
"Every single thing I worked on at Get Shit Done Live has now made me over $40,000." Willo Sana Transformational Business Coach for Entrepreneurs

The Event

"It's like 6 months of work in 10-days!"

Imagine spending an extended period of time at a private location in Thailand collaborating to complete some of your most IMPORTANT PROJECTS with other established entrepreneurs! 

From Oct. 24rd to Nov. 2nd. we will be spending 10 days at a private location 



It is as simple as that…this was created for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. There is magic that happens when brilliant minds come together to push one another towards rapid productivity, high collaboration, and targeted execution.

The Schedule

  • Day 1: Intros and Brain Dump – Put all the things you want to implement in the next 10 days on paper and get ready for our first 3-day productivity session!

  • Day 2: 10:00 am Start 3-Day Productivity Session and 7:00 pm Check-in

  • Day 3: 10:00 am and 7:00pm Check-in

  • Day 4: 10:00 am Check-in 7:00pm Check-in

  • Day 5: Open Day/Skill Exchange Day and Guest Speaker on Using Productivity to Build a 7-figure Business

  • Day 6: 10:00 am Start 2nd Productivity Session and 7:00 pm Check-in

  • Day 7: 10:00 am Start 2nd Productivity Session and 7:00 pm Check-in

  • Day 8: 10:00 am Check-in and 7:00 pm Check-in and Rapid Round

  • Day 9: 10:00 am Check-in and 7:00 pm Results

  • Day 10: Closing Events

Day-to-day you interact with other entrepreneurs that are very driven and smart business people. Spending a long amount of time with them alters your business and your mentality about business. Goals are set, new businesses are formed, new partnerships will develop, greater profits margins are achieved, and the productivity skyrockets for those at the event! 

"My ROI right now is super high, around 450%. I would say I made around $12,000 from the sales at this event." Eduardo Borges, founder of Partners Factory
I've already decided, to getaway next year and spend another 10 days at Get Shit Done Live. I'll be here for sure!" Andy Steven, co-founder of High-Voltage SEO and Page Optimizer


The Get Shit Done Live location is in the beautiful northern Thai city of Chiang Mai. It is one of the most cultural places to visit in Thailand and known as one of the world's easiest cities to live. On location we have a private coworking/meeting room, high-speed wifi, restaurant, cafe, a gym and pool on location. The event takes place within walking distance to many of the cities best restaurants, shopping, cafes and nightlife. It is also just a few minute drive to be in nature exploring the mountains and waterfalls in the area. 

"My experience has been awesome. It has been some of the most productive time I have had in a loooonnng time....just the structure of the event is pretty amazing. It has been a real driver for me to get things done!" Derek Pankeaw founder of Flexr Travel Pullup Bar

Ep.426 ~ Mastering the Side Hustle & Why Podcasts are Not a Good Business Model ~ Nick Loper

November 6, 2019

Nick Loper~ Founder & Host of The Side Hustle Show

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Currently, we have interviewed about 65 major influencers from around the world on this podcast series and today’s guest, I am happy to announce is one of the top business podcasters raking in at #7 on Apple Podcasts for Entrepreneurship! Nick Loper is the founder and host of The Side Hustle Show a podcast for part-time entrepreneurs who are looking for business ideas, actionable tips to start a business, and killer strategies on how to turn their side hustle dreams into a growing business. They cover all aspects of starting a business and making money online and offline. The topics include passive income ideas, niche sites, self publishing, software and app development, and many more. 


Today on the show, we get into the nitty-gritty of starting and building a podcast and business part-time. Entrepreneurs talk all the time about ‘the hustle’! Working hard to make things happen in your business and make your dreams come true. What we don’t talk about as often as we should is the art of building a business slowly. Many entrepreneurs have done this successfully and have ended up building incredibly successful businesses. The fact is, that not everyone can go all in with a new business. There are a lot of people that have their jobs and lives that come first, and a business has to be built on the side of these priorities. Nick talks directly to people about this on his podcast.  


Throughout the show, Nick and I really talk a lot about how he has built a successful side hustle business and making a podcast profitable. He has some incredible insight on what is working and what is not working for podcasting today. Nick is transparent enough to share his financial numbers and how many listeners he has. He gives thorough advice on creating a successful business and a successful podcast.  It is a must listen if you are thinking about or have started your own podcast. 


  1:43: Who is Nick Loper?

  5:47: 500 Days of Cold Showers

  8:02: The Inspiration behind The Side Hustle Show

15:23: Nick on Using SEO Strategy to Grow His Podcast

21:44: Nick’s Tips for Starting a Podcast in Today’s Market

26:54: Nick’s Thoughts on What Podcasts Are Lacking Right Now

28:02: How To Double Traffic To Your Podcasts

29:18: Getting Advertisers VS Creating Your Own Products

35:14: Nick on Selecting Sponsors

37:15: Nick’s Advice to New Podcasters

39:06: Nick on Building a Facebook Community

43:05: Nick’s Thoughts on Video Podcasting

45:54: Nick’s Productivity Batching Tips For Podcasting Habits

47:28: Nick on Managing His Influence

51:40: Nick on the Importance of  Being Respectful of Your Listeners Time

52:47: Where to find Nick Loper?

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