Nadia Masri ~ Founder of Perksy and Forbes 30 Under 30

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

There are so many different aspects to influence. It is quite eye-opening to see people in different stages of their lives use influence and understand how to use it.  Today’s guest is no exception and quite a prodigy when it comes to business and influence. Although she might not call herself that. Nadia Masri is the founder of Perksy a revolutionary market research app that is helping businesses get much more effective results when conducting market research and it also gamifies the surveying with rewards for those that are replying to the research. On top of that, Nadia is a recent featuring winner of Forbes 30 Under 30.

Today on the show, we talk with Nadia about how she created Perksy from a project at college and building it into a company highly recognized by Forbes and the business world today by the age of twenty-eight. We also chat about how she sees and designs quality platforms for users, how she was a driven entrepreneur from a young age, how she uses high-performance productivity and how Nadia blends influence and leadership into one.


03:09: Who is Nadia Masri?

14:29: Being Successful Rapidly at a Young Age

19:59: Nadia on Resilience

23:29: Creating a Leading Platform for Market Research

30:09: Gamifying Market Research

33:24: Well Designed App Examples

35:34: Getting on Forbes 30 Under 30

43:39: Influence Equals Leadership

50:44: Nadia on Productivity & Open Office Space


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Ep.402 ~ Using Influence to Build a Real Business from a Forbes Top Travel Influencer ~ Kiersten Rich

May 22, 2019

Kiersten Rich ~ Forbes Top 10 Travel Influencer & Founder of The Blonde Abroad~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Kiersten Rich was named by Forbes as one of the Top 10 Travel Influencers in the world and has been featured worldwide on major publications for her photography and influence in the travel space. Kiersten's blog, The Blonde Abroad, started as an online journal where she could share her travel stories and help inspire women to travel the world, and it has now evolved into a travel-focused media company with multiple brand extensions that is set to hit her first 7-figure year in 2019. Kiersten and The Blond Abroad are a perfect example of taking online influence and turning into a legitimate multi-faceted business.

Currently, The Blonde Abroad has over 550,000+ followers on Instagram, nearly half a million monthly blog visitors, 5 million monthly Pinterest viewers, over 200,000 Facebook fans, and over 2.5 million YouTube views. On the show today, we get the backstory of how Kiersten started this project and spent the time and effort over the years to become a serious entrepreneur and build a solid, sustainable business. We chat about how she handles priorities while traveling, where her traffic comes from, being an early adapter to social media platforms, and how she creates videos while travels. We also get into some fun chat about her favorite blogging perks, best travel experiences, favorite conferences, and of course, how to manage influence in a responsible way.  


  08:40: The Beginning of The Blonde Abroad

  20:00: Finding Synchronicity After Many Years of Travel

  25:33: Prioritizing When Running a Successful Location-Independent Business/Blog

  30:25: Being a Good Friend and Analyzing Friendships

  33:38: Becoming a Forbes Top Travel Influencer

  37:53: Where Does The Blonde Abroad Get Their Her Traffic?

  41:18: Moving from Blogger to Entrepreneur and Being an Early Adapter

  47:38: Blending Influence w/ Entrepreneurship

  50:58: Giving the Online World Boundaries

  55:28: Creating Your Own Videos While Traveling

1:04:38: Top Blogging Perks

1:08:28: Top Travel Experiences

1:12:58: Top Conferences & Groups


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Ep.401 ~ Leaving the #1 Cable News Show to Become an Online Influencer ~ Clayton Morris

May 15, 2019

Clayton Morris ~ From News Anchor to Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, and Influencer

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Would you quit a high-paying job at the #1 cable news show in the world?  It would be a difficult decision to make, especially if you were quitting to go out on your own to invest in real estate and build your own business.

Clayton Morris is our guest today and is a former News Anchor for Fox. He wanted to work in media since he was a child and after having a successful career he decided to leave Fox to become a full-time entrepreneur.  Many people told him he was foolish to leave the network and security of a great job, but Clayton was ready for the move because he has been investing in real estate and creating passive income for years before he made the leap.  

Since, leaving Fox, Clayton has built a top-rated podcast with over 10,000,000 downloads, a successful YouTube channel with over 6.5 million views and has created the Financial Freedom Academy where he teaches others to invest and find financial freedom for themselves.


02:40: Our Favorite Book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’

11:25: Who is Clayton Morris?

19:25: Clayton on Mentors and Teaching

26:27: Moving from Fox News to an Online Influencer

31:20: Clayton’s Thoughts on the Current & Future Real Estate Economy

36:51: Getting 10,000,000 Downloads on Clayton’s Podcast

51:45: Clayton on Influence


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Clayton’s Real Estate Podcast

Clayton’s Financial Freedom Cheat Sheet

Ep.400 ~ Running a Profitable Tech Company 36 Out of 37 Years and Going Blind During an IPO ~ Ray Zinn

May 8, 2019

Ray Zinn ~ Longest Running CEO from Silicon Valley

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Building a successful business requires focus on one important thing….profit!  Today’s guest is a master at focusing on profit. Ray Zinn is the longest running CEO from Silicon Valley, running a company for thirty-seven years and thirty-six of those years his company Micrel was profitable.  

This isn’t the only astounding fact about Ray.  In 1994, Ray went legally blind during Micrel’s IPO on the stock market. He was torn on what to do, but ultimately decided to continue to run the company for another eighteen years. Throughout the show, we get to hear Ray’s story about building and running a company in Silicon Valley for almost four decades. We talk to Ray about his challenges being an influencer, how he prioritizes time, and what he is up to today with his newest project ZinnStarter.

02:30: Being a Polyglot?

06:10: Who is Ray Zinn?

15:30: Running a Profitable Business 36 Out of 37 Years

18:20: The Changes of Silicon Valley and Having a Significant Part of the Technological Revolution

26:30: Ray on Prioritizing Time

29:55: Going Legally Blind During an IPO

38:30: Thoughts on Being the Best in All Areas of Life

39:35: Ray on Influence


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Ep.399 ~ Leaving the Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Family Legacy for Health ~ Ocean Robbins

May 1, 2019

Ocean Robbins ~ Author and Founder of

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

We have often talked about health on our podcast occasionally chatting with guests about diet and how they maintain a healthy lifestyle.  On today’s show we go a step further and really learn about what you absolutely should remove from your diet and understanding the exact science behind it.

The grandson of the famous Baskin-Robbins legacy, Ocean Robbins joins us on the podcast to talk about health!  Yes, health!

Ocean’s father left the family business that was paved with gold because he how bad ice cream was for people. Ocean continued down the path of his father making it his mission to help people understand health and why the “Standard American Diet” is causing so many diseases. Ocean really gets into the “nuts and bolts” of heath, food, the food industry, and what you need to have in your diet to maximize a healthy lifestyle.  It was such an eye opener, that as soon as the show finished I went and downloaded his book from Amazon.

If you are interested in your health whatsoever, this episode is a must listen.


02:09: Intro

11:24: Who is Ocean Robbins?

15:55: Ocean’s Father Leaving the Baskin-Robbins Legacy

17:25: What is the 3 Most Import Things to Remove From the Your Diet?

19:40: What to Fry Food WIth?

24:59: A Recommended Standard Diet

29:50: The B12 Debate

34:53: Ocean on the CBD Industry

38:11: The Big Pharma Companies

41:28: Major Shifts For Food in the Near Future

43:03: The 31 Day Food Revolution

46:07: Superfoods, Magic Mushrooms and Soy

51:09: Ocean on Influence


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