Alexandra Jimenez ~ Founder of Travel Fashion Girl

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100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Those that travel abroad are almost certain to run into another traveler that has the dream of starting a blog about traveling. This is a passion for many and it is exciting when we get to meet someone who has actually done it and made it into a successful business.

Our guest today is Alexandra Jimenez and she is the founder of one of the world’s most trafficked travel blogs, Travel Fashion Girl. Alexandra started the blog out while traveling with the intention of just helping females travel the world in a carry-on suitcase.  The idea took off and now she has turned it into a very successful business that has thousands of community members and 1,000,000 monthly readers.

Alexandra and I get to chat about influence today, How she build her blog and community. How she grew her Pinterest to 2.6 million monthly viewers and her blog to 1,000,000 monthly readers!


02:56: Starting Travel Fashion Girl

09:45: Alexandra on Influence

16:40; Inspiring Others w/ Influence

19:00: Being Aware of Your Communication & What You're Creating as an Influencer

20:59: Creating a Community without Internet Trolls & Negativity

28:00: Tips to Hit 1,000,000 Monthly Followers

33:50: Which Social Media Platform is the Most Effective for Travel Fashion Girl?


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100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Ep.396 ~ Mastering the Hustle & Influence ~ Tyler Jack Harris

April 10, 2019

Tyler Jack Harris ~ Founder of My Living Legacy

~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Sales and influence are the words of the day! Today we have Tyler Jack Harris joining us on the podcast who is a master at sales and influence both. Tyler has achieved some absolutely incredible feats in his career. He is a master in hustle and productivity selling over 8,000 life insurance plans face-to-face in 3.5 years. He went from unemployed to millionaire during this time. He has achieved staggering results with his personal brand having a weekly reach of 49 million people.

Today on the show we dive deep into influence, sales, legacy, personal brands and of course mastermind the hustle.

11:30: Who is Tyler Jack Harris?

18:22: Obedience to Desperation

24:40: Closing 8,000 Deals Face-to-Face in 3.5 Years

29:25: Finding Motivation to Work 16,18,20 Hours a Day

32:00: Do You Need to Believe in What You’re Selling?

37:15: Building a Personal Brand

54:30: Energy Management for Little Sleep and Hard Hustling

58:04: Tyler on Influence


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Ep.395 ~ $100,000/Month Blogging & 4.4 Million Monthly Views on Pinterest ~ Alex Nerney

April 3, 2019

Alex Nerney ~ Location Independent Blogger, Founder of Create & Go

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Creating a blog to travel the world is the dream of so many travelers. There are graveyards all around the world full of peoples blogging dreams. Many people try and many people fail….myself included. However, even though blogging can be a tough nut to crack these days, there are people that are doing it, and teaching others how to find success in the blogging world.

Today’s guest is Alex Nerney the co-founder of and Create & Go. Alex, and his partner quit their jobs to start blogging just over three years ago and as luck would have it, they had nearly immediate success. Their first month earning, $170, then $900 in the second month and doubling it almost every month after until their seventh month when they hit $40,000 in one month. They had achieved the bloggers dream and now consistently produce over $100,000+ per month.

On the show, we chat with Alex on what is really working in the blogging world and what is not.  We chat about how Pinterest has become their top-performing social media platform giving them around 4.4 million views per month and around 200,000 visits to their website. We also chat with Alex on the theme of this series, influence.  Alex and I get into a great conversation about how people are using and abusing influence in today’s world, and how to find the “right” influencers to follow.


03:00: Alex on Austin, Texas

06:40: Starting a Blog w/ Instant Success

11:35: What are Most Bloggers Missing

16:15: Alex on Influence

23:25: What is Working for Video Marketing

26:35: 4.4 Million Monthly Views on Pinterest

27:50: The Misuse of Pinterest

33:19: Alex on Starting a New Blog

36:50: The Personal Brand Balance

41:36: Running Two Business at Once

44:10: Finding the Right Guru


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