Andrew Henderson ~ Founder & CEO of Nomad Capitalist

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Today listeners, my good friend, and co-host Noah Laith and I get to interview the Founder and CEO of Nomad Capitalist, Andrew Henderson. Andrew joins us on the mic to chat about how he legally reduced his global tax rate from 43% to joke! Andrew has had quite a bit of success as an entrepreneur from a very young age and when his businesses hit 8-figures he realized that the tax checks he was writing to the government were getting pretty large. Andrew then started out on a journey to save those taxes legally to maximize his wealth. Throughout the show, we also get to ask Andrew about some of the best overseas investments, second residencies and citizenships, banking around the world, how to maximize on the nomadic lifestyle, and how to build influence along the way!


02:52: Who is Andrew Henderson?

10:48: Strategies to Legally Reduce Your Global Tax Rate

13:38: Go Where You Are Treated Best

16:07: Countries Abroad to Incorporate

22:33: Getting Second Residencies and Citizenships

33:09: Living Abroad and Second Residencies w/ a Family

37:52: Growing a Business By Giving Content Away for Free

42:16: Tips on Growing Influence

50:34: Andrew’s Recommended Books

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Ep.378 ~ The CEO of K-Swiss & Partnering w/ Gary Vaynerchuk ~ Barney Waters

November 19, 2018

Barney Waters ~ CEO of K-Swiss Shoe Company

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

We are five podcasts into our new ‘100 Major Influencer’ series and I have to tell you I am really inspired by our guest today! Recently, I was introduced to the CEO of K-Swiss shoe and apparel company Barney Waters.  Barney agreed to come on the show and I am very glad he did. Barney and K-Swiss are taking their marketing strategy to a completely different level that I have never seen before. They are focusing on making ‘the shoe’ for CEOs and entrepreneurs.

I have to be honest, at first, I was a bit taken back by the strategy, but after talking to Barney and learning more about their purpose and focus I am completely on board with what they are doing. In fact, during the show, I thought to myself a few times...I have to get me a pair of those shoes!.  K-Swiss is using influencer marketing for new and young hip CEO’s and entrepreneurs to promote and they have even created a very unique partnership with the legendary Gary Vaynerchuk and Barney share exactly how that partnership and partnerships with other influencers were created and handled.


06:43: How did Barney Wind Up at K-Swiss

09:01: A Behind the Scenes Snapshot of the Sneaker World

12:43: The Peaks and Troughs of K-Swiss

15:59: Making K-Swiss the Show for the CEO and Entrepreneurial World

19:41: Picking Fights You Can Win in Business

21:31: Recognizing if You're in a Market You Can’t Win

24:55: K-Swiss’s Influencer Marketing and Establishing a Partnership w/ Gary Vaynerchuk

28:17: Sending a Freezing Cold Email to Gary V and Having Success

29:29: Creating Partnerships w/ High-Profile Partnerships

36:29: Barney on Authenticity & Transparency


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CEO’s Wear Sneakers Podcast

Social Media: @barneywaters

Ep.377 ~ Influence in Today’s World as a Powerful Female Entrepreneur ~ Silvia Christmann

November 16, 2018

Silvia Christmann ~ Founder of & Long-Term Location Independent Entrepreneur

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Hey listeners, welcome to The Business Method Podcast, I am your host Chris Reynolds and we have another amazing episode coming to your earbuds right now.  Silvia Christmann is a good friend, fellow podcaster and one of the most impressive location independent entrepreneurs that I know. Silvia started out traveling the world solo back in 1999 and has been location independent for nearly two decades. On top of that, she has worked in and with the tech scene with some major players and high-level executives for many years. As she continued to live out her dreams of traveling and building business she noticed people wanted to learn more about her, and follow her.


Over the years, Silvia has built up a pretty impressive amount of influence rubbing shoulders with some of the most well-known entrepreneurs in the world and now hosting the DNX Podcast which is one of the top English speaking podcasts in Germany, and also very popular all around the world. Today we chat with Silvia about handling influence, her struggles as a solo female traveler and entrepreneur, the change in business environments and importance of a stronger female presence in the business world, and we dive into the importance of podcasting and how it has helped both of our careers.


03:13: Sewing Buttons and Productivity Hacks

10:55: Traveling the World for 17 Years and Becoming an Entrepreneur

18:52: Becoming an Influencer

21:32: Challenges as a Female Traveling Entrepreneur

25:47: Significant Moments in a 17 Year Location Independent Career

30:05: Using Influence to Grow Business and Have a Positive Impact in the World

30:57: Seeing Major Political Leaders That Ignore the Progress of Women in Business

35:56: Helping Leaders Grow and Scale Rapidly

40:51: Using a Podcast for Influence

44:03: Relating to Podcast Guests

46:02: Suggestions for Being a Good Podcast Guest


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Ep.376 ~ Building an iTunes Top Ranking Podcast ~ Tyrone Shum

November 14, 2018

Tyrone Shum ~ Founder and Host of Property Investory

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


From toilet deodorizing to having a top ranking real estate podcast on iTunes. Tyrone Shum the founder of Property Investory and Property Investory podcast is joining us today.  Tyrone started his podcast a little over a year ago when realizing there was a need in Austrailia for some better and more frequent real estate podcasts. He launched his show, and over 12 months grew it to where he is getting 40,000 downloads per month.

Today we dive into the nitty-gritty of podcasting. Tyrone shares the specific details on how he grew his podcast rapidly, the importance of iTunes stats and iTunes reviews, and a few little hacks that he uses to publish daily and get ranked faster.  

02:34: Strang and Random Elon Musk Bashing Email

05:22: Starting Out w/ a Toilet Deoderizing Business

08:13: Who is Tyron Shum?

11:05: Using a Podcast to Learn a Trade and Grow Wealth

13:55: Tyrone’s Real Estate Golden Nugget

16:25: Growing Property Investory Podcast to One of The Top Real Estate Podcast on iTunes

21:42: The Amount of Man Hours and Cost to Run a Podcast

24:20: Finding Interns to Help Grow Your Podcast

25:50: Making Sure Your Interns Know Working for You is a Good Internship

29:26: Difference Between a Download vs. a Listen vs. a Play on Podcasts

31:01: Where do Tyrone’s Listeners Come From?

32:01: iTunes Competition

33:31: iTunes and Podcasting Hacks

39:44: Importance of Rates and Reviews on iTunes

41:31: Publishing Daily vs. Publishing Weekly

43:05: The Future of Podcasting

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Ep.375 ~ Whistle-Nut the Rodeo Clown Talks Influence ~ Jason Dent

November 12, 2018

Jason Dent ~ Professional Rodeo Man

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Hello listeners, today we have a special treat for you. I got someone on the podcast I have wanted to join the show for quite a while now, a good friend/partner/client Jason Dent.  Jason is his real name, but his stage name is Whistle-Nut the rodeo clown! True story, Jason is a professional athlete, stuntman, comedian, jokester, and former semi-pro bull rider in the rodeo world. On top of that, he is a farmer, family man, auctioneer, celebrity, and reality show contestant. This man is a rare breed of entrepreneur and influencer.

I have known Jason for nearly twenty years and worked one-on-one with him over the past four years to ride along as he went from a small town rodeo entertainer with 2500 Facebook followers, to a national celebrity in the rodeo world and in the reality TV world with somewhere around 300,000 followers on social media.  It has been a wild ride to see my friend grow and incredibly fun to be a part of that journey and today Jason and I talk about the past four years and what it takes to be a major influencer in the rodeo world!

03:00: Who is Jason Dent?

05:07: The Professional Rodeo Life

09:50: The Whistle-Nut & Ole Rodeo Team Business Growth Over the Past 4 years

13:19: Going From Money Focus to Value Focus

17:56: What Does a Rodeo Entertainer Do?

27:59: Important Mental Shifts for Jason and Brand Growth

40:47: The Four C’s to Grow Towards Success

50:52: Most Important Lessons Being an Influencer


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Ep.374 ~ Coaching Today with to Co-Founder of Mindvalley ~ Ajit Nawalkha

November 9, 2018

Ajit Nawalkha ~ Co-Founder of Mindvalley & Founder of Evercoach

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Hello listeners and welcome back to the show. I love spending time with like-minded entrepreneurs that have mindsets that almost seem like they are light years beyond most business mentalities. I am happy to say we have another one of those people on the show today. Ajit Nawalkha hops on the mic with us to share about how he went from a house of twenty-three people to becoming the co-founder of Mindvalley, the founder of Evercoach, an author and an entrepreneur on the forefront of business thought today!


Throughout the show, Ajit shares about his life starting in a small village in India living with twenty-three family members to becoming a co-founder and CEO of Mindvalley. Later in the episode, Ajit and I discuss concepts like The Matrix of Practicality, tapping into Flowstate, and the importance of Intuitive Intelligence.  His story is incredible, and the lessons that he learned throughout this process is a goldmine of knowledge.


04:47: Starting Life Living w/ 23 People in One House

20:47: Building Mindvalley

24:27: Measuring the Value of a Product

25:32: Killing Products That No Longer Add Value

26:37: Enjoyable and Ethical Marketing

31:07: Evercoach

32:32: What to Look for When Hiring a Coach?

34:42: Tips for People Looking to Start a Coaching Business

36:56: The Matrix of Practicality

41:29: Flow-State

43:57: Intuitive Intelligence

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Ep. 373 ~ The Wild Card of Mindvalley ~ Jason Campbell

November 7, 2018

Jason Campbell ~ Leaving the World of Entrepreneurship to Work for Mindvalley

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers


Many of you know of the company Mindvalley. They are without a doubt one of the most popular and fastest growing personal development companies in the world today. Today is a special show because we got the chance to sit down with ‘The Wildcard of Mindvalley’, Jason Campbell...and that is really his title. Jason and I start our chat talking about his process leaving the world of entrepreneurship because he had such a strong desire to work with Mindvalley. Most people are shocked at this reaction, but once you start to understand the inner workings of Mindvalley you quickly begin to realize that for many, this a really smart move. Mindvalley catapults its employee's careers and lives to a completely different level. They are incredibly passionate about helping their employees accomplish their dreams, even if their dreams take them away from their time with the company. This creates very passionate promoters and employees at the company and thus makes Mindvalley grow faster and better.

Today we will chat with Jason about how Mindvalley creates and launches products, about their team building and company culture. Their very interesting and successful hiring and firing process, and what Jason would implement if he were building a remote team.

02:38: FreedomXFest

04:33: The Future of Education

09:36: Who is Jason Campbell?

16:08: Creating the 4-Hour Work Week and Finding Mindvalley

19:23: Leaving the Entrepreneur Life to Work at Mindvalley

26:05: Mindvalley’s Incredible Hiring & Firing Process

30:38: Jason’s Biggest Takeaway from Working With Mindvalley

32:35: Love Week

44:46: Creating Systems and SOP’s at Mindvalley

47:33: Building a Remote Team

54:38: Jason’s Productivity Tips

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Social Media: jascampbell17


Ep.372 ~ Taking GoPro from $600k to $650 Million ~ Ron Lynch

November 5, 2018

Ron Lynch ~ GoPro Marketing Genius & Founder of Big Baby Agency

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Listeners welcome back to the show and we are launching our first episode of the 100 Major Influencer series and do we have a special treat for you!  Ron Lynch is the marketing genius that helped take GoPro from $600,000 to over $600,000,000 by using video techniques to engage, enroll and sell. Ron chats with us and shares some of his favorite video marketing tips, how Hollywood played a role helping Ron get his start, some fundamental points successful marketing videos need and how to manage business and life as a major influencer.


02:25: Why Ron Loves Austin?

05:00: Who is Ron Lynch?

11:25: Big Baby Agency

13:00: Creating Successful Video Marketing

16:28: Where to Find Ideas for Successful Video Marketing

19:10: Formula for Creative Process to Create Video Marketing

24:28: Taking GoPro from $600k to $650 Million

30:00: Applying What Ron Learned Working w/ GoPro

35:13: Mixing Business Tactics with Values and Ethical Philosophy

41:30: The Way Media & Marketing Effects Reality

46:29: Balancing Influence

48:12: Ron’s Mentors



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Ep.371 ~ Get Shit Done Live 2018 Follow Up w/ Ben Dziwulski

November 2, 2018

Get Shit Done Live 2018 Follow up


03:27: Who is Ben Dziwulski?

06:50: Taking a Year to Build an Audience Before Selling to Them

10:52: Why Ben Came to Get Shit Done Live?

15:34: The Accountability and Value From It At Get Shit Done Live

17:29: The Attendees of Get Shit Done Live

18:42: Ben’s Productivity Levels at Get Shit Done LIve


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