Two life-changing hacks I have recently been learning and applying:


1. How to hack jet lag. 

2. How to hack the time you spend on your phone. 

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Ep.369 ~ What We Learned From Interviewing 100 7-Figure Location Independent Entrepreneurs and a Few Episodes to Bookmark

October 29, 2018

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Location-Independent
Entrepreneurs that have over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue


That's a wrap!  It has been about 15 months of interviewing 100 7-figure location independent entrepreneurs and on this episode, I will highlight some of the lessons throughout the process and of course we address the difference between the 5-figure, 6-figure, and 7-figure mentalities!



Ep.368 ~ Making a Podcast a 7-Figure Location Independent Business ~ John Lee Dumas

October 26, 2018

John Lee Dumas ~ Founder of Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Location-Independent
Entrepreneurs that have over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue


Hey listeners, I am very excited about this podcast and this podcast guest for a few reasons. The first reason is that this is podcast #100 of the ‘100 7-Figure Location Independent Entrepreneurs’ series. It has been over a year that we have been hopping on the mic with 7-figure entrepreneurs from all over the world that have built location independent businesses. It has been an incredible ride and we are finishing this chapter of podcasts and getting ready to start a new series that we will announce at the end of this show. Another reason I am excited about this podcast is because we invited the great John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire podcast to join us. John was the original podcaster to publish short daily episodes interviewing entrepreneurs and he really helped the podcasting world grow, especially for entrepreneurs. John has done a fantastic job creating a 7-figure location independent podcast model. He has won iTunes podcast of the year in 2013, now he is still podcasting and has published over 2000 episodes with over 1,000,000 listens per month!

John hops on the mic with us today to chat about what it takes to be a podcaster in today's world. He shares about some of the things that are important when building a podcast and he recommends many things that podcasters should not be doing. We talk about some of the best tactics to theme your podcast and how to maximize your rankings and subscribers.


04:00: John Starts a Podcast for Profit

06:06: Starting a Podcast Off Right

07:25: How to Get 1,000,000 Podcast Listens in a Year

08:50: Finding a Niche for Podcasting

09:51: Mistakes Most Podcasters Make w/ Trying to Grow

11:02: John on Getting the Best of iTunes

12:35: Strategy for Getting Ranked on iTunes

14:25: Podcasts That John Likes

16:01: Opportunities for Location-Independent Entrepreneurs


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Ep.367 ~ Underground Fight Clubs, Waking Delta State-of-Mind, Enhancing Creativity & a Simple Business Model ~ Jesse Elder

October 24, 2018

Jesse Elder ~ Mindset Coach and Founder of

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Location-Independent
Entrepreneurs that have over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

I recently met today’s guest on an island in Croatia at the most impressive business conference I had ever been to. It was called Baby Bathwater Institute and on the island were many of the world's top entrepreneurs/inventors/investors and thought leaders. A few of them include Jamie Wheal the co-founder of Flow Genome Project and author of Stealing Fire, Trevor Chapman who hosts a top-five business podcast on iTunes. Jack Charles Alloca, one of the worlds top neuroscientist. The men that spend the most amount of money on YouTube and Google Ads totaling in hundreds of millions of dollars a month and the marketing genius that took GoPro from $16 million to $600 million.  There was also one individual that wasn’t as well known but just as impressive. His name is Jesse Elder and he is the guest on our show today.

Jesse is an entrepreneur, international speaker and black belt in Taekwondo. He started out building multiple martial arts schools in Texas as a young man eventually selling them to follow another vision he had to build his personal brand and become a mindset coach. I have seen A LOT of mindset coaches out there, and I can honestly say, I think he is one of the best I have ever encountered. Jesse has a way to him that can captivate those that are around him, and after I attended one of his talks, I remember how much in awe the audience of incredibly successful entrepreneurs was afterwards. Fortunate for us, Jesse was kind enough to come on the show! And by the way, this is without a doubt one of my favorite interviews.

On the show, Jesse talks about mindset in a much different way than I had ever heard. He shares tips on enhancing creativity and the importance of using that creativity in our businesses. He shares about his years teaching martial arts, the importance of understanding what is useful vs. what is truth, a powerful four-phase meditation and he also tells us about his experience fighting in underground fight clubs and being in waking delta state-of-mind.


07:00: Increasing and Enhancing Creativity

10:30: Having Too Many Awesome Creative Ideas to Implement

12:05: Losing Inspiration on an Idea or Goal

14:50: Who is Jesse Elder?

22:30: Finding Integrity Through Underground Fight Clubs

28:15: Applying Concepts That Are Based on Results

32:40: Know When You Need to Follow a New Path in Life

37:20: Jesse’s Daily Routine

40:10: The Four Phase Meditation

49:10: Waking Delta Brainwaves

55:05: Gamma State of Mind

1:01:20: Jesse on Implementing Goals


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Ep.366 ~ Subscription Business Goes from $0 to Over $10 Million in One Year ~ Alex Brown

October 22, 2018

Alex Brown ~ Co-Founder of The Beard Club

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Location-Independent
Entrepreneurs that have over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue


Recurring revenue for a business is a hot topic these days. Everyone wants to learn optimal ways to have the extra monthly revenue coming in to help their business grow and also be able to provide more value to their customers. Alex Brown is an expert in this space and joins us to chat about how businesses can find ways to create recurring revenue and how entrepreneurs can grow their businesses.


Alex is the co-founder of The Beard Club and together with his partner, they have grown their business from $0 to $10 million in revenue in year 1! Their business absolutely exploded over the past few years and Alex joins us to chat about creating subscription models, handling rapid growth and of course living the location independent lifestyle!  

03:53: The Importance of Location Independence

05:53: Keeping Balance While Traveling

08:56: Starting as an Entrepreneur

14:45: Screwing Up On a Regular Basis

23:36: Alex on Creating Recurring Revenue for Your Business

29:49: Maintaining a Community to Keep Authenticity, Trust, and Loyalty

33:59: Recommendations to Find New Ways to Create a Subscription Product

35:39: Staying on Top of Business Growth

41:56: The Difference Between 5-Figure, 6-Figure, 7-Figure & 8-Figure Mindsets

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Ep.365 ~ Entrepreneur Loses Eyesight, Continues to Run Business and Travel the World, Sells $1.4 Million Online Her 1st Year ~ Tiffany Julie

October 19, 2018

Tiffany Julie ~ Founder of

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Location-Independent
Entrepreneurs that have over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

I want to start today’s introduction off like this, I love today’s podcast and I love today’s guest. It was the first time we had ever talked and I found that our guest's story is so incredibly inspiring that it blew me away and I think it will blow you away today. Tiffany Julie is our guest today, and she is a super nomadic, world traveling, 7-figure location independent entrepreneur. She started out by sailing the open seas as a yacht captain for several years before starting her own business fixing and repairing yachts. She quickly grew that to a 7-figure business with a team of twelve and she had a dream life but knew something bigger was calling her. So she sold all of her things camped across the country and then bought a one-way ticket to Thailand.


After arriving, she and her partner traveled around living in different countries and testing new online businesses. Finally, they decided to start an eComm store and put all of their time into this business, when she woke up on her 32nd birthday at 4:00 am completely blind. Yes, you heard me right completely blind. This, as you can imagine, absolutely changed her life. She then flew back to the US and met with some of the best eye doctors in the world looking for solutions. The only problem was that the doctors were stumped. They had never seen a case like Tiffany’s before and they didn’t know how to fix it.


This is when Tiffany reached deep inside herself and threw herself into meditation, personal development podcasts, and positive thinking. The deeper she went into her meditations the more she had the feeling that everything was going to be okay. She held onto positive thoughts and positive emotions knowing that she would be healed. And, she even kept working on growing her newly launched eComm business. It took her six long months and finally one day she woke up and she could see light again. She wasn’t completely healed, but it was the first step. She got so excited that she and her partner bought tickets to move back to Thailand! She has continued the healing process and now, she can see much better. Another incredible aspect of this story is that in year-1 with her eComm business, while she was blind and partially blind Tiffany pulled in $1.4 million in sales. Year-2 has just passed and the business did over $2 million. Now Tiffany is branching off into coaching female entrepreneurs to help them be the best that they can be. It’s an absolutely amazing story!

04:47: Why Tiffany Has Based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

10:05: Who is Tiffany Julie?

16:55: Growing Your Money Thermometer and Getting to the Next Level of Income

21:55: Traveling the World and Starting to Work Online

25:10: Hitting $2 Million in 2 Years and $1.4 Million in 1 Year

27:53: Finding Traffic Sources

31:27: Tiffany Loses Her Eyesight

38:10: The Experience of Being Blind

42:10: Tiffany’s Meditation Process to Help Heal Eyesight

45:00: Tiffany’s Vision Starts to Come Back

46:55: Overcoming Self Doubt

51:09: Starting Coaching High-Performing Female Entrepreneurs

53:47: Helping People Become More Productive

57:47: Tiffany’s Favorite Productivity Tips

Contact Info:

Social Media: IamTiffanyJulie

FB Group:


Ep.364 ~ The Founder of Wealth Research Group ~ Lior Gantz

October 17, 2018

Lior Gantz ~ Founder of Wealth Research Group

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Location-Independent
Entrepreneurs that have over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

I love insightful entrepreneurs and investors. Some people just understand markets and economics very well even without a traditional education. Today’s guest is one of those people. Lior Gantz the founder and CEO of Wealth Research Group joins us today. Wealth Research Group allows readers into the minds of the few that beat the markets consistently. Lior started investing at 16 years old, he started his first business shortly after and now has built numerous successful businesses.


Today on the show we get into the mind of Lior and how he thinks like an entrepreneur and investor. Lior also talks about Cryptocurrency, how he was featuring Ethereum before it’s value skyrocketed and of course, we chat a bit on optimizing the location independence lifestyle.


02:41: Lior Gets His Start as an Entrepreneur/Investor

20:33: Lior’s Businesses

30:37: Lior Predicts Ethereum Before it Boomed and Where Crypto is Headed


Contact Info:

Ep.363 ~ Location Independent Entrepreneur With Four 7-Figure Exits Says Start Small ~ Nate Broughton

October 15, 2018

Nate Broughton ~ Co-Founder of Opt Out Life

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Location-Independent
Entrepreneurs that have over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

Many people in the world were sold the lives that they are living, by people and systems that don’t necessarily serve them. They wander day-in and day-out through life wondering why they aren’t happy. This is the core concept of lifestyle design.  You designing a life that fits your needs and dreams. Today’s guest is a fellow lifestyle designer and someone that is working hard to help others opt-out of the traditional life. His name is Nate Broughton and he is the co-founder of the Opt Out Life movement and Opt Out Podcast.


Nate grew up in Missouri and hit a gold mine as a young college student working for a company that sold tickets online. A few years later that company was worth $22,000,000! Taking what he learned from that company and partnering with some others Nate and the team then grew a mortgage company that still runs today and two other businesses that he could exit from for over 7-figures. He then opted-out of his own life and moved to Southern California and still based there but continues to travel the world. Throughout the show, Nate and I discuss lifestyle design and creating side-hustles to help people escape 9-5’s and free them up from monthly expenses. We also talk about steps one can take building a side-hustle, how to travel with a family, and what it is like being a digital nomad.


03:27: A Tijuana Taxi Ride

07:29: Nate on San Diego, California

10:45: Who is Nate Broughton and Building 7-Figure Businesses w/ College Kids

17:00: Leaving a Successful Network for to Find Other Successful Networks

20:45: Hacks Traveling w/ Small Children

25:39: The Opt Out Life and Inspiring Opt Out Stories

31:54: Building The Opt Out Life Community

36:24: How to Pick a Good Side Hustle

Contact Info:


Ep.362 ~ $3,000,000 Online Company w/ 23 Employees Throughout 19 Timezones ~ Andy Fossett

October 12, 2018

Andy Fossett ~ Founder of GMB Fitness

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Location-Independent
Entrepreneurs that have over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

I love remote companies. I love the idea of them, I love the freedom they give the founders and the employees. I love that more and more companies around the world are getting to the point to where they can work, with their teams anywhere in the world as long as they have a decent internet connection. Today’s guest is Andy Fossett and he is the founder of GMB Fitness. GMB is a company that is dedicated to helping people expand their movement, mobility, range, and strength. And, they are a remote company with twenty-three workers over nineteen timezones!


Today on the show, Andy and I chat about how he manages so many time zones and maintains the communication and culture throughout the company. We also chat about how living abroad has made Andy a better entrepreneur, why he loves Japan and how he overcomes scarcity beliefs from childhood.

03:07: On Being Based in Japan

07:37: Who is Andy Fossett

12:17: Overcoming Scarcity Beliefs From Childhood

18:19: Andy’s Daily Ritual and Balancing Priorities

27:37: Twenty-Three Employees Spread Out Amongst 19 Timezones

32:27: Maintaining the Company Culture w/ So Many Remote Employees

35:07: Company Meetups Around the World for Remote Companies

38:15: How Living Abroad Made Andy a Better Entrepreneur


Contact Info:


Ep.361 ~ Going Broke and Back to Millions in 5 Years ~ Daniel Ameduri

October 10, 2018

Daniel Ameduri ~ Founder of Future Money Trends

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Location-Independent
Entrepreneurs that have over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue


I love hearing stories of entrepreneurs hitting rock bottom and building their way back up to the top. They are stories of persistence and the bare-knuckle drive to never accept something less than what they feel they deserve.  Today’s guest is in that category of incredible people and the founder of Future Money Trends, Daniel Ameduri.


Daniel and I talk today about how he built a real estate portfolio up to millions as a young man and then lost it all in the 2008 crash. He then rebuilt himself back to millions in a short five years. We dive deep as Daniel shares about recovering from being broke, how he now teaches his children about entrepreneurship, his prediction on the global economy for the next ten years and his insight on location independence!

03:15: Daniel and Chris Talk Incorporating in Texas and the Great City of Austin

07:45: Who is Daniel Ameduri?

14:14: Daniel’s Business Investing Strategy and Making a Business From His Hobby

16:30: Daniel Goes Broke and Starts Work in a Grocery Store

23:25: Recovering From Being Broke

26:22: Teaching Children About Entrepreneurship

29:05: Prediction On the Global Economy For the Next Decade

34:30: Starting Over with an Online Business

39:45: Daniel on Location Independence

Contact Info:


Ep.360 ~ An Online 7-Figure Teaching Business ~ Ray Blakney

October 8, 2018

Ray Blakney ~ Founder of Live Lingua

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Location-Independent
Entrepreneurs that have over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue


Back in 2011, I was a lonely world-traveling digital entrepreneur living in Costa Rica. I wanted to learn Spanish as quickly as possible so I bought an online course for $30 teaching me power verbs. Honestly, it was one of the most useful products I had purchased to learn Spanish and to help me understand languages I still use that same method. Fast forward to today, and I have the creator of that online course on our podcast to chat about how he has grown his language business into a 7-figure remote company.


His name is Ray Blakney and he is the co-founder of Live Lingua. Ray is an American that grew up in Turkey and now is based in Mexico with his wife and family. They started a full-fledged brick and mortar language school in Queretaro, Mexico and quickly expanded to a learning platform online. Today, Live Lingua has served over 15,000 students, they offer classes in eleven different languages and they are helping people learn all over the world!


03:07: Basing in Queretaro, Mexico

06:00: Who is Ray Blakney

08:05: Starting a Language School and Building it Into an Online Business

11:18: The Power of SEO to Launch a Business

14:10: Take a Language School to a Multi-Language School

15:15: Tips to Grow Your Online Teaching Business

16:55: LiveLingua a 7-Figure Language Business

18:35: Pros and Cons About Leaving a Brick and Mortar Business

20:45: Keeping Company Culture w/ 200 Contractors

23:43: Ray on Having Passion for Your Product

28:20: The Difference Between a 5-Figure, 6-Figure & 7-Figure Educational Business

Contact Info:


Ray Blakney Facebook:


Ep.359 ~ A 7-Figure Lemonade Stand ~ Josh Lange

October 5, 2018

Josh Lange ~ Founder of Just Squeezed Juice

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Location-Independent
Entrepreneurs that have over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue


Have you ever had a dream to start a business that would allow you to have six to eight months per year so you can do whatever you want? I know I did, and still do!  Josh Lange is our guest today and he had that same dream. Josh started his first lemonade stand when he was twenty-two years old. He was so motivated to work the summers and ski during the winters that he hustled at events around the country for four months working as hard as he could to take the rest of the time off. Fast forward a few years and now he regularly makes over six figures at one event and has built this into a seven-figure business and still taking at least six months off a year.

On the show today, Josh shares how he started out with just $100 and a dream. He then shares tons of his secrets including, the importance of persistence, creating impeccable systems to run a business, the difference between and five, six, and seven figure mentality, and how to grow your mentality as an entrepreneur. Josh also trains entrepreneurs to grow their own businesses and of course we ask him how to make the best lemonade in the world.


03:32: Who is Josh Lange?

08:12: The Just Squeezed Juice Business Model

18:12: The Importance of Making Short-Term Money Goals

22:27: Standing Out in the Early Days of the Business

31:42: Josh’s Crazy Festival Story

37:42: The Importance of Building a Solid System

42:27: Living Life to the Fullest

47:57: Difference Between a 5-Figure, 6-Figure, and 7-Figure Mentality

50:32: How to Make the Best Lemonade in the World?


Contact Info:

Instagram: @just.squeezed and @josh.lange


Ep.358 ~ Skyrocketing Sales by Blending Media Coverage w/ Facebook Ads ~ Peter Friis

October 3, 2018

Peter Friis ~ Co-Founder of PRVolt & Essio Shower

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Location-Independent
Entrepreneurs that have over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue


Hey listeners, on today’s show we welcome Peter Friis the co-founder Essio Shower. I was really excited to chat with Peter today because he was referred to us from a highly-reputable friend of the show. Peter, with his family his built Essio Shower into a 7-figure eComm company with a fully remote team. What is really exciting is that Peter was having so much success getting press coverage and using social media advertising to make that coverage skyrocket sales, that Peter decided to create another business called PRVolt to help other entrepreneurs do this as well!


During the episode, Peter chats with us about specifically how he and his teams hack PR to get a ton of media coverage and then use social media to maximize that press coverage. The content was so good during the interview, I was literally taking notes.  

03:18: Choosing Santa Monica, California as a Base

05:48: Fireside Conf and Taking Remote Teams to Conferences

12:08: Peter’s Experience Working for Amazon

18:00: Hacking PR and Using Social Media to Maximize Press Coverage

28:33: Creating Effective Landing Pages

32:48: PRVolt

38:12: Running Two Businesses at Once

40:58: Benefits of Having Fully Remote Teams

Contact Info:

Twitter: @spiritfriis


Ep.357 ~ Bootstrapping Multiple Businesses to 7-Figures ~ Dave Williams

October 1, 2018

Dave Williams ~ Founder of NomadX

~ Current Series ~
100 Interviews with 100 Location-Independent
Entrepreneurs that have over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue


Bootstrapping is quite common in today’s world. More and more we see entrepreneurs starting out with little money, just an idea, and a few years later they take that business to $1,000,000+.  Today’s guest is Dave Williams and he is the founder of NomadX, a simple and easy solution for remote workers and entrepreneurs to find places to stay while traveling with like-minded people.


Dave has started and sold several multiple 7-figure companies over his entrepreneurial career. Today on the show, we get to chat with Dave about his experience, bootstrapping through the dot-com wave, how to navigate through economic cycles, focusing on a niche and the importance of speed in business.


04:25: Why Dave Has a Base in the South of Portugal?

07:25: Dave on The Camino de Santiago

10:25: Who is Dave Williams the Entrepreneur and What is NomadX?

19:05: The Value of Bootstrapping

23:30: The Importance of Picking a Niche and Speed in a Business

26:09: Recognizing When Your Focus is Too Broad

29:04: Tips for Entrepreneurs Spending Too Much Time ‘In’ the Business

31:55: Navigating Through Economic Cycles

38:15: 5-Figure vs. 6-Figure vs. 7-Figure Mentalities


Contact Info: