Show 22 of 100 podcasts with 100 7-Figure Location Independent Entrepreneurs

“Just start tracking everything. Just gather all the data you can in whatever activity you do.” Matt Diggity

Today Matt Diggity joins us to tell us how he built a 7-figure SEO Location Independent business in four years. Matt is the founder of Diggity Marketing a very well respected SEO company that gets their clients ranked ASAP to catapult their business.

On this episode, Matt and I chat about a few things that hit home for location-independent entrepreneurs. We talk about the home-based/travel life balance and Matt shares why he prefers a 60/40 split. Matt digs into the science of building and maintaining a 7-figure business with plenty of travel involved. Lastly, he shares about where SEO is headed and ways that you can manage your SEO to get better results.

“There is no such thing as two identical websites in Google.” Matt Diggity

01:31: Why Matt Loves Chiang Mai?

02:50: Who is Matt Diggity?

06:15: What Diggity Marketing and Lead Spring Offers

09:19: Mastering Tracking and Testing

11:06: Tracking SEO

13:35: The Future of SEO vs. Google

15:39: Will Google Ever Fill Search Results with Only Advertisements?

16:09: What’s the 80/20 of SEO vs Google Ads?

18:07: Balance Work/Travel with a 7-Figure Location-Independent Business

Honorable Mentions:

'The 4-Hour Work Week' by Tim Ferriss

Matt’s SEO Conference

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Ep.257 ~ Over 1000 Events per Year and Creating a Location Independent Life ~ Beri Meric

August 28, 2017

Could you imagine running a business that has over one thousand events per year?  Many entrepreneurs struggle with running one event and have dozens of problems making it profitable. Today’s guest is Beri Meric the founder of Ivy. Ivy is a twenty-thousand member social university that exists in seven cities across the U.S and brings together people that are interested in entrepreneurship, arts, social impact, policy, well-being, science and philosophy.

It was incredible getting into the mind of Beri and understanding how he makes a business like this work. His focus is on change and making a difference, and this is what drives the business. On the show we dig into how Beri and his partner started to grow Ivy. We discuss how the events for Ivy are managed, and talk about how they structure the business in a manageable way. Towards the end of the show Beri shares with us about what he thinks is most important when maintaining a business of this magnitude and how he can still run things from anywhere in the world.

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." — Quote on Ivy’s Website by Howard Thurman

01:29: Who is Beri Meric

12:22: Growing a Business to 100 Events per Month

17:30: Branding a Business Like This

19:26: Getting People to Join Ivy in the Early Days

27:10: Recognizing Leaders to Add to a Movement

28:20: What Many Entrepreneurs Should Consider When Creating Events

34:31: What Other Tribes/Communities Does Beri Belong To?

38:19: Tips for Building a 7-Figure Events Business and Keeping Your Location-Independence

Honorable Mentions:

‘Self-Made Man’ Podcast with Mike Dillard

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Ivy TV

Ivy Magazine

Ivy Podcast

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Ep.256 ~ A 7-Figure Entrepreneur that is Transparent with His Finances ~ Johnny FD

August 25, 2017

“So for me, it has always been about how much not only you are making net profit, but also how much you save.” Johnny FD

Are you transparent with your business financial statements?  More and more entrepreneurs are starting to show how well or how poorly they are doing. They believe that it is essential to help other entrepreneurs grow.  A few to name are Pat Flynn from Smart Passive income, John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur On Fire, Buffer with their open salary policy and Johnny FD from Travel Like a Boss Podcast.

Today we get to talk with one of those entrepreneurs, Johnny FD. Johnny has had quite a bit of business growth in the past five years going from $600/month to over $300,000+ profit. He shares about this growth one month at a time on his blog Today, we get behind the entrepreneur that chooses to be transparent with his business. On top of that, Johnny has helped Chiang Mai become one of the digital nomad capitals of the world, started two successful podcasts and kept a work/life balance full of lots of success and lots of adventure.

“I’ll work a lot for two to three months, then I’ll do almost nothing for two to three months and just travel.” Johnny FD

01:34: Why Johnny Loves Ukraine?

04:51: Balancing Growth Modes vs Passive Modes

05:52: Who is Johnny FD?

09:00: Johnny Writing His First Book ‘12 Weeks in Thailand - The Good Life on the Cheap’

09:44: Why Johnny Believes in Being Completely Transparent With His Business Finances

12:27: Going From $600/month to $30,000/month

15:04: Rich vs. A High Paying Job

17:28: Johnny’s Thoughts on Current Investments

Honorable Mentions:

Johnny Blog

Travel Like a Boss Podcast

Invest Like a Boss Podcast

Johnny’s YouTube Channel

Sam Marks

Nomad Summit

Johnny FD Income Reports

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Ep.255 ~ Automating a Business to Take a Year Off ~ Kavit Haria

August 23, 2017

This is our 19th podcast interview of 100 entrepreneurs that have built successful location independent businesses that generate over $1,000,000 in annual revenue and today’s guest is the founder of Insider Internet Success, Kavit Haria.  Kavit started out as a musician and very intelligently learned that the majority of popular musicians were also master marketers. By understanding this, he applied it to his music career and his fame grew rapidly.  Kavit then began applying this to business building a successful automated business where he could step away for a year and travel the world while the business ran on its own.  Today, he shares how he did this.

“The true definition of an entrepreneur is someone who can leave their business for a significant period of time, and their business still produces the same revenue, the same result.” Kavit Haria quoting Derek Sivers

01:10: Who is Kavit Haria

10:30: Using Marketing with to Become a Well Known Musician

14:19: The Process of Automating a Business to Take a Year Off

21:18: What Kavit Would Have Done Differently When Automating His Business

25:09: The Biggest School of Life is Traveling

26:31: What Entrepreneurs are Dropping the Ball On Today?

“I empowered the lady running customer service to make the decisions that would cost up to $200 on her own so she didn’t have to ask me anything.” Kavit Haria

Honorable Mentions:

Derek Sivers founder of CD Baby


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Ep.254 ~ Drugs, Guns, Jail, Business Coaches and Multi-Million Dollar Startups ~ Dan Martell

August 21, 2017

“I didn’t know doing a million was a very rare thing, for a business.” Dan Martell


He’s thirty-seven and has started and sold three multi-million dollar businesses. He has been an advisor to HootSuite and regularly rubs shoulders with the founders of Airbnb, Dropbox, Uber, Mark Cuban, and Richard Branson. He has been a mentor for over five-hundred startups, raised more than $2,000,000 for his own businesses, and has invested in over thirty startups...a few of those including Unbounce, Udemy, and Intercom. His name is Dan Martell, and he is a legend in the internet entrepreneurial world and he is joining us today as we dive into his life story. Dan will also share with us some essential tips on growing location independent businesses, why he disagrees with many businesses using the “freemium” business model, and what Dan does to be a power networker! Don’t miss a second of this episode!


“I’m an invest-in-myself, not buy-fancy-shit kind of guy.” Dan Martell


02:51: Drugs, Guns, Jail, and Dan Turning His Life Around

10:32: Dan’s Three Multi-Million Dollar Startups

12:18: What Keeps Dan Motivated?

15:04: When Dan Thought He Was Failing After Making $1,000,000

16:23: On Hiring a Business Coach

18:52: Why Dan Still Hires a Coach

20:55: Tips for Entrepreneurs Building Location-Independent Businesses

24:13: Maybe You Shouldn’t Be Giving Things Away for Free When Building Your Business

28:07: Creating Founder Dinners

33:44: What Does Dan Love About Helping Others?


“The more relationships you build, the more exciting life gets!” Dan Martell


Honorable Mentions:

‘E-Myth’ by Michael Gerber

Tim Sanders, former COO of Yahoo

‘Love is the Killer App’ by Tim Sanders

Taki Moore

Dan’s Newsletter

Dan Martell Contact Info:


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Ep.253 ~ A 7-Figure Automated Business ~ Mark Podolsky

August 18, 2017

“A lot of times what I do is outsource the outsourcing.” Mark Podolsky

Systems and automation, systems and automation, systems and automation! Entrepreneurs hear about it all the time. We want to implement them into our businesses, but “How?” is the question that always comes up in our overflowing minds.  

For those of you that need and want to automate your business, even more you are going to love today’s guest. Mark Podolsky is the founder of, Frontier Equity Properties, he is the host of three podcasts, he has built his own SaaS products to automate his businesses and built an outsourcing team in the Philippines that runs on its own. Mark is a master at creating large scale automated businesses where he only works three days a week and can take a month off of work whenever he wants.

Today, we will dive into how Mark did this and he gives us a huge list of software and programs he uses and recommends.

“I give myself a 30:1 Rule. Say for example it takes me 10 minutes to do that task. I will multiply that by 30, then budget that training time to teach somebody how to get rid of that 10 minutes for the rest of my life.” Mark Podolsky

01:42: Working While Walking on a Treadmill

02:44: Mark and Chris Talk Phoenix, AZ, USA

06:19: Who is Mark Podolsky?

07:10: Why Mark Invests in Land Online?

10:10: Building a SaaS for His Own Business

12:26: Mark’s Philosophy on Creating Systems and Automation

14:43: What Entrepreneurs are Missing When it Comes to Systems

15:47: Automation Tools That Mark Recommends

17:29: How Mark Outsources His Outsourcing?

23:30: Finding Great Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

23:22: Letting Go of Control to Automate Your Business

25:46: Signs You Need to Automate or Delegate Something

26:54: More of Mark’s Favorite Automation Tools

29:57: How Mark Automates His Podcasts

33:21: Mark on Cold Showers

Honorable Mentions:

Geek Pay

Phoenix Digital Mailbox

Been Verified

Customer Relation Management (CRM)







File This for Book Keeping

Profit First Method

Trello for Team Communication

Smartsheet for Spreadsheets


Many Chat for Marketing Automation

If This Then That


Deep Work


Searching for Bobby Fischer

The Land Geek Podcast

The Best Passive Income Model Podcast

The Art of Passive Income Podcast

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Ep.252 ~ Licensing a Successful Brand and Taking it to the Next Level Online ~ Dave Andrews

August 16, 2017

“Listen, just listen. You don’t have to talk, you don’t have to be the person that says something in the room. You need to listen, and hear what the person is really saying.” Dave Andrews

The more I interview guests of the show, the more I am amazed at how many accidental businesses there are in the world that turn into cash generating machines while making a great impact on the world.  Today’s guest is Dave Andrews. Dave is the founder of Devious Media and owns the license for online sales associated with Old Guys Rule. Old Guys Rule is a t-shirt and product brand dedicated to all the fathers, uncles, grandfathers and old guys out there showing their age as a badge of honor.

Dave shares with us the story of Old Guys Rule and how he partnered with the company to take the business to the next level. Dave also chats about the other businesses he runs and how he created a 7-figure location independent business model.

01:22: Who is Dave Andrews and Why Do Old Guys Rule?

11:40: Chris Tells About His Rodeo Clown Partnership

12:21: Forming a Partnership with Old Guys Rule

25:58: Tips on Creating 7-figure Location Independent Businesses

Honorable Mentions:

Shopify Masters Podcast with Felix Thea

Devious Media

Community 102

Don Craig from Old Guys Rule




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Ep.251 ~ Location Independence with the Kids ~ Michael Petersen

August 11, 2017

“Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, and cash flow is reality!” Michael Petersen

Location independence is a lifestyle that more and more people are starting to enjoy. People can travel the world and make money at the same time. The typical location independent entrepreneur is referred to as a digital nomad and is usually in their 20’s or early 30’s and trying to mark off as many bucket list items and countries to visit as possible.  But there is another group of location independent entrepreneurs that aren’t so mainstream, they are traveling, working and experiencing the world with their families and children.

On today’s show we chat with Michael Petersen the founder of a 7-figure location independent business My Media Trading Desk.  He created and molded his business for the specific reason of becoming location independent and fulfilling his wife’s dream of living in France for a year with their three young children.  During the episode we chat about how he made this happen, the things he had to change, the fears that his family had, and the incredible experience their family made this into.

“If you’ve got a problem going remote with your team, it’s because you’re a terrible manager.” Michael Petersen paraphrasing the book ‘Remote’

01:29: Who is Michael Petersen?

04:48: Michael and Chris Talk Network Marketing

09:29: Building Business with Your Spouse

13:02: Overcoming the Fear of Working Remotely with a Family

16:30: When a Client Threatened to Leave Because Michael’s Remote Lifestyle

18:48: Preparing the Family to Go Abroad

24:21: Fear of Bad Internet and Power Going Out

28:33: The Day to Day Life of Traveling Long-Term with a Family and Running a Business

32:27: The Readapting Process After a Year and a Half Abroad

Honorable Mentions:

‘How I Got Over the Fear of Working Remotely’ by Michael Petersen

Network 21 Seminar

‘Am I French Yet’ by Kate Petersen

Remote by David Hansson and Jason Fried

37 Siginals



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Ep.250 ~ When Your Business Becomes a Responsibility to Better the World ~ Fran Dunaway

August 9, 2017

“We recognized that this was a tremendous opportunity, and actually started feeling like a responsibility because we started hearing from women and girls around the world, who were so excited that there was finally a brand for them.” Fran Dunaway

Many entrepreneurs dream of having a business they are passionate about, a business they know is making a difference in the world. Some entrepreneurs create that from their first business. Others take years of hard work to merge those two missions.  Today on the show we have Fran Dunaway who started an underwear line that quickly turned into a business that was making a huge difference.

Fran is the founder of TomboyX, she and her partner started making clothing as a fun side project in their garage. After hearing from their customers about how much they loved their underwear they changed their focus and became an underwear company.  What is unique about TomboyX’s underwear?  Check out this episode to find out….

“At our core, we recognize...that people are pretty darn cool the way that they are. And we share that desire for people to be unapologetic about who they are every day! That is something we value very highly.” Fran Dunaway

01:53: Who is Fran Dunaway and What is TomboyX?

04:59: Being Drawn or Called to Create and Grow TomboyX

12:17: Is Your Brand a True Reflection of You?

14:32: Focusing on One Product to Build Brand

19:22: Building a 7-Figure Location-Independent Business and Enjoying It

Honorable Mentions:

Shopify Masters Podcast

Mergelane Accelerator

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Ep.249 ~ From Firefighter to Entrepreneur to Creating His Own Initial Coin Offering ~ Lee Pennington

August 7, 2017

“I can pretty much bet that if I am having the problem, most people in this industry, would also be having the same problem.” Lee Pennington

Imagine being a firefighter and growing a business online to 7-figures in just four years. Today’s guest did just that. Lee Pennington is the founder of Lead Seven, Drop Mock and currently releasing an Initial Coin Offering for a cryptocurrency. And guess what? Lee finally just quit his firefighting gig.

After nearly four years of 100 hour weeks balancing fighting fires, building multiple businesses and being a family man, Lee decided to recently “retire” as a firefighter and go full-time as an entrepreneur. On the show, he offers some great tips on building a “high-quality” remote team and some incredible strategies on hiring. Towards the end of the show, Lee also chats briefly about some incredible tips on networking.

“What I like to do is hire two people for one position, and be honest about will see an amazing work ethic when you see people in competition.” Lee Pennington

02:11: Who is Lee Pennington?

08:21: What’s the Future of crypto currencies?

11:04: Building LeadSeven and DropMock

14:17: Three Main Things to Move Into a 7-Figure Location-Independence Business

18:17: Tips on Picking the Right People at the Right Time

22:35: Lee On Networking

Honorable Mentions:



ICO: Initial Coin Offering is an unregulated means of crowd funding via crypto currency.

Chrono Logic





Warrior Forum

The UK Marketing Summit

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Ep.248 ~ An Entrepreneur’s Story About Hitting Rock Bottom ~ Jason Long

August 4, 2017

“Hire slow and fire fast. If somebody’s not the right fit, we will usually let them go in a week or two.” Jason Long

Welcome back to another episode of The Entrepreneur House Podcast and today’s topic is about handling business and life when disaster strikes.

Our guest today is Jason Long. Jason has founded nine businesses over the past twenty years, six of those are still running today.  Jason has lost more money than most make, his company went from having a thirty member staff to eight members in a few short months, he survived a horrible car wreck that put him in a coma for three weeks and took months of recovery, but still managed to keep his businesses afloat.  The biggest takeaway from Jason’s interview is to ‘keep going’. No matter what life brings you, keep going.

“Every Time I have gone through hard times like that (business and life disasters), what I wished I would have done was just, put things on hold for a little bit, put on my backpack, and go travel.” Jason Long

02:34: Who is Jason Long?

11:44: Can a Serial Entrepreneur Have Just One Business?

12:58: Tips on Delegation to Run Multiple Businesses

15:20: Clues to Hire the Right Person

17:55: Disasters of Building 7-Figure Businesses

22:59: Going From Thirty Full-Time Employees to Eight Rapidly

26:08: The Car Crash the Put Jason in a Coma for Three Weeks

30:43: How to Recover After Disaster Strikes in Business and Life

34:27: What Would Jason Do Differently to Avoid Business Disasters?

“I’ve been failing forward for twenty years now.” Jason Long

Honorable Mentions:

DCBKK Conference

JH Media Group

Map Dynamics

Brain Leaf

Code Wright

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Ep.247 ~ Global Crisis of 2018 and Why You Need to Be Adaptable ~ Damion Lupo

August 2, 2017

“The big picture is not a billion dollar unicorn, it’s a billion person impact.” Damion Lupo

Being a podcast host you get to spend time with and interview some truly amazing people. I honestly consider it an honor. Even then, there are always some that stand out even more above a crowd that stands out above most. Today’s guest is one of those.  His agency actually reached out to be on our podcast. Sometimes we accept solicitations, and sometimes we don’t, but I am very happy we accepted this one.  

I want to recommend you take some time to listen to our guest today. His name is Damion Lupo, he has founded, co-founded, or bought nearly forty businesses. He has black belts in three different forms of martial arts and founded Yokido which is a blend of Aikido and Yoga. He has owned an insurance agency, a precious metals firm, a venture capital company, a financial consulting firm, an 8-figure real estate company and written five books. I think you will find out quickly why I recommend listening to Damion, and why this thirty-five minute interview is totally worth your time.

“Steve Jobs kind of did this, he made up the problem that you didn’t know you had.” Damion Lupo

02:03: The Importance of Being Adaptable

04:07: After He Lost it All, Why Damion Still Never Fired His Coach

07:13: Who is Damion Lupo?

09:25: What Was the Most Ridiculous Business That You Started?

11:28: Which Business Are You Most Proud Of?

15:03: Why the Crash is Coming in 2018?

16:05: How Location-Independent Entrepreneurs Can Prepare for a Global Crash

21:31: Are Cryptocurrencies a Good Investment?

22:01: Metrics That All Entrepreneurs Should Be Paying Attention To

24:16: Pattern Recognitions Around Money

26:54: Being a Guest on 170 Podcasts

31:30: Outtakes and Nonsense

“Your plan is going to go right out the window once I punch you in the face.” Damion Lupo quoting Mike Tyson

Honorable Mentions:

Keller Williams Program


Solo 401K

Self Directed IRA

Grant Cardone

Lewis Howes

“You should not be in a network marketing company that you didn’t start.” Damion Lupo

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