“Making people productive, what matters is their off time, just as much as their on time.” Wyatt Jozwowski

Have you ever used a platform that is bottom line insufficient?  You try another and another and another and they just don’t have the features that you need or work well with your objective. Today’s guest had that same experience with webinar platforms and decided to create a one that was incredibly easy to use and better than anything he had seen on the market.

Wyatt Jozwowski is the co-founder of Demio. Demio is a frictionless webinar platform that will have you up and running in thirty seconds.  On the show today, Wyatt and I chat about the many platforms and software in the market today that are really just behind the times.  We chat about his rapid growth of Demio in three years, how they handle and manage their remote team and how Wyatt manages his own burnout.

As a side note, Wyatt mentioned that they weren’t quite at 7-figures revenue but the content was too good not to share...so we will make a 101st episode to make sure we get 100 episodes in!

02:36: Who is Wyatt Jozwowski?

03:35: Demio Webinar Platform

06:01: Hitting $40,000 - $50,000 MRR in Less Than Years

09:01: Building a Remote Team and Getting the Right People on That Team

11:34: Platforms That Suck and Opportunities to Change Them

16:01: Naming Demio and Creating a Great Brand

22:04: The Future of Webinars

“If you think you can do it all, try saying ‘No’ to the next opportunity and taking a nap.” Essentialism

Honorable Mentions:



Dan Schwartz’s Podcast on Controlled Growth


Alexi Shileds’ Podcast on Healthcare for Remote Teams


Essentialism by Greg Keown


Contact Info:



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More Episodes

Ep.245 ~ What’s the 100 Year Vision for Your Business? ~ Wilco de Kreij

July 26, 2017

Today listeners, we have the founder of Upviral and ConnectIO, Wilco de Kreij on the show. Wilco is an entrepreneur that started dabbling in eCommerce as a teenager in the early 2000’s selling sunglasses online. He continued his passion for building business online for sixteen years and is now the founder of two successful location-independent businesses.

Wilco shares with us the process of building Upviral and Connect IO while making sure he was still able to travel when he wanted. We also chat about how the money is managed within his business to keep things simple and to keep focused on growth. Lastly, he shares what is essential when moving from a 6-figure business to a 7-figure business.

01:45: Utrecht, Netherlands 03:25: Who is Wilco de Kreij 08:10: Starting Upviral 13:18: ConnectIO 15:14: Spreading Your Team Amongst Two Different Businesses 16:06: The Biggest Difference Between 6-figure vs. 7-figure Entrepreneurs 17:07: Ways to Let Little Things Go as an Entrepreneur 18:31: When Disasters Happen While on Vacation/Holiday 24:14: How Wilco Manages the Flow of Money in His Businesses 28:11: What is Your Business's 100 Year Plan?

Contact Info:

Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/wdekreij http://connectio.io/ http://upviral.com/ http://connectio.io/connectleads/

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Ep.244 ~ 7 Years of Failed Entrepreneurship to a 7-Day Million Dollar Startup ~ Dan Norris

July 25, 2017

“Validation is not something that really works for small unfunded businesses.” Dan Norris

Imagine spending seven years as a failed entrepreneur.  Imagine, the strains of selling your product and more money goes out of the bank account each month than comes in. Imagine trying to pay rent, maintaining personal relationships and having a family.  Every time you think about going back to get a job,  you feel sick to your stomach. It is a challenging path, and one that many entrepreneurs experience on one level or another.

Today’s guest is Dan Norris, the founder of WP Curve and  The 7-Day Startup movement.  Dan went through this exact process as a failed entrepreneur. Then one day, he had an idea for a business that his fellow entrepreneurs thought wasn’t a good idea. He decided to launch the business anyway. Within 23 days Dan was profitable. Within 2 years he hit $1,000,000 in revenue and within 3 years he sold that business to GoDaddy.  

Dan is now the author of four books and has now opened his own brewery in Australia. Join us for the incredible story of Dan Norris as he goes from failed entrepreneur, to building a 7-figure location independent business, selling it, and then starting a location dependent business.

“(I) started WP Curve pretty much out of desperation.” Dan Norris

02:51: Gold Coast, Australia

03:35: Seven Years of a Failed Entrepreneur

06:50: What Kept Dan Going Through 7 Years of Failed Businesses

08:25: Getting the Idea for WP Curve

09:35: Managing a Family During the Low Times of Entrepreneurship

10:23: When the Monetary Shift Started to Happen

16:49: The 7-Day Startup

20:14: Create or Hate

23:06: Black Hops Brewery

24:00: Transitioning From a Location-Independent Business to a Location-Dependent Business

Honorable Mentions:



Dynamite Circle Forum






The 7-Day Startup by Dan Norris


Content Machine by Dan Norris


Operation Brewery Podcast


Operation Brewery by Dan Norris


Create or Hate by Dan Norris


The 7-Day Startup Facebook Group


Contact Info:


Instagram: thedannorris

Twitter: thedannorris

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dannorrisinformly


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Ep.243 ~ Moving From Old Business Models to New Business Models and Hong Kong ~ Stephen Petith

July 20, 2017

Listeners, today we are joined by a serial entrepreneur that has built multiple 7-figure location independent businesses. Stephen Petith calls in from Hong Kong to join us on the show today.  Stephen is the co-founder of Global Private Partners and Sovereign Capitalists.  Together they are working to transform the way business models operate in the world.

Today on the show, Stephen and I talk about why he loves Hong Kong from a business perspective. We then talk about the Cashflow Quadrant and the important differences between employees, self-employed small business owners, true business owners, and investors.  He dives into the differences between each one of these stages, and the importance of understanding each stage and growing to the next.  We also chat about the mindset of being a location-independent entrepreneur and learning to transform your business model.

01:54: Why Hong Kong?

03:43: Growing Into a 7-Figure Location-Independent Entrepreneur

05:59: Being Involved in a Community While Being Location-Independent

08:47: Global Private Partners

11:33: What is the Cashflow Quadrant?

15:49: Business Structures Moving From Old Models to the New Models

19:49: The Sovereign Capitalists Community Honorable Mentions:

'Rich Dad Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki


'Cashflow Quadrant' by Robert Kiyosaki


'The Four Hour Work Week' by Tim Ferriss


Contact Info:


Sovereign Capitalist


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Ep.242 ~ Building a 7-Fig Location Independent Business From Charity Adventure Races ~ Stephan Jacob

July 19, 2017

“Entrepreneurship can be very lonely.” Stephan Jacob

Have you ever thought about mixing your passion, charity, and business together?  As this is a dream for many, I would say there aren’t a lot of entrepreneurs that successfully blend these three characteristics together.  Today’s guest is Stephan Jacob who is the co-founder of Cotopaxi.com. Cotopaxi is an outdoor adventure apparel company that has built its brand through outdoor adventure races while consistently giving a portion of their revenue to help eliminate poverty.

Starting just three years ago, Stephan and his partner launched this idea and with some genius strategy and marketing. It has propelled them to have rapid growth and rapid success. Today, we will talk about how Cotopaxi started with just one adventure race in 2014 on a college campus, and it has grown to where they hold sixty adventure races around the U.S. and Canada this year in 2017.   

“It (marketing through adventure races) is a much more subtle approach and a much more scrappy approach, then hitting them over the head with performance marketing.” Stephan Jacob

02:19: Who is Stephan Jacob?

07:06: Using Non-Traditional Marketing Events for Growth

12:32: Paternity Leave and Cotopaxi’s Progressive Policy

16:11: Building a Non-Profit Adventure Race as a Legitimate Form of Marketing

22:35: Indiegogo vs Kickstarter

25:02: Strategies for Crowdfunding Launches

27:32: Choosing Charities to Work With

30:13: Tips to Create a 7-Figure Location-Independent Business

Honorable Mentions:

Cotopaxi's Questival Adventure Race


Ambassador Program with Cotopaxi


Contact Info:



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Ep.241 ~ $475,000 Kickstarter Campaign with 16,000 Backers ~ Mark Zhang

July 18, 2017

“But by far Facebook Ads account for about 90% of the pledges that came from outside of Kickstarter” Mark Zhang

Last fall in Bangkok, I was attending a conference full of entrepreneurs from around the globe. There were around 250 attendees and out of all of them just a few stood out.  There were a few guys running around in yellow t-shirts that said: "Improve Your Sleep at the DCBKK Conference." They were handing out free sleep masks to the attendees. 

Mark Zhang was one of those guys and he was using an excellent marketing technique to beta test Manta Sleep Masks. Fast forward to today, Mark and his team launched a Kickstarter for the sleep mask attracting 16,000 backers and raising over $475,000. Today, you will learn exactly how he did this!

Mark’s Kickstarting History: Ran 3 Kickstarter campaigns in the past 5 years. 1st Kickstarter 2012: Slip Stopper - Raised $5,173 2nd Kickstarter 2014: Purggo - Raised $40,219 3rd Kickstarter 2017: Manta Sleep Mask - Raised $475,193

“We can come in here (Taipei) as a U.S. based business, pay the people better than they would be getting at most of the larger corporations here in Taiwan, and then still be saving in terms of cost from the labor perspective compared to the states.” Mark Zhang

01:33: Taipei, Taiwan - Finding Cheap Labor and Paying Them Well

03:41: Who is Mark Zhang?

06:50: Having Multiple Businesses Under One Holding Name

08:47: What is Mantis Sleep?

11:13: The 80/20 Process and Steps for a Successful Kickstarter

Pre-launch email list Facebook ads Cross promotions Kickstarter momentum

15:52: Turnaround Time on Facebook Ads for Mark’s Kickstarter

17:27: What Mark Would do Differently Next Kickstarter

20:54: Profit from Kickstarter

Honorable Mentions:





Dynamite Circle


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Ep.240 ~ Avoid Self-Employment Tax, Global Retirement Accounts and Living in Latvia ~ Bobby Casey

July 17, 2017

On today’s episode, Bobby Casey the managing director of Global Wealth Protection, is our guest. Bobby calls in from Latvia where he has been based for the past six years and we get into a great chat about why he chose that part of the world. There are some really great benefits about living in Latvia, and Bobby shares why he loves it.  

Global Wealth Protection helps people with their residencies, offshore banking and incorporation abroad.  Bobby shares how important it is to manage your taxes, corporations, and business abroad to avoid unnecessary taxes and costs while living overseas.

01:35: Digital Nomads Today and Who They Are

03:25: Latvia and Why You Might Want to Consider It

07:56: How Affordable is Europe?

08:46: Comparing Living Expenses Inside the U.S. vs Outside the U.S.

10:52: Global Wealth Protection

14:53: Time Outside the U.S. Needed to Incorporate and Avoid Taxes

20:55: Countries with Great Tax Advantages for Digital Nomads and Location Independent-Entrepreneurs

22:54: What is a Global IRA and Why You Should Consider One

28:50: What it Takes to Build a 7-Figure Location Independent Business

Honorable Mentions:

IRS Form 2555

Physical Presence Test

Bona Fide Residency Test


Jet Blue

Contact Info:


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Ep.239 ~ Managing Over $1 Million Per Month in PPC Spending ~ Michael Erickson

July 12, 2017

“I think a strong entrepreneur can get to 7-figures with a  ‘B-team’. But in order to break past 7-figures, you need a strong entrepreneur and a lot of ‘A-players’.” Michael Erickson

Today gang, we welcome PPC and retargeting expert Michael Erickson to the show. Michael is the founder of Search Scientists. Search Scientists is a company that manages AdWords for businesses providing the best service possible to boost your their on investment. The company has been so successful that they were rated the top 5% of Google AdWords performance and the company actually manages over $1,000,000/month in PPC spending.

On this episode we chat in depth with Michael about his process of building Search Scientists into a 7-figure company. Michael shares about his team building tactics that are needed to build a company like this. Later in the show Michael shares his philosophy on what is working with PPC and paid advertising in the market today. Then we will wrap up discussing retargeting and how your business could be missing out on a ton of money by ignoring this tactic.

On Marketing “The same thing works all the time, it is the right message, to the right person at the right time.” Michael Erickson

00:10: Austin, Texas USA

00:49: Who is Michael Erickson?

05:33: What Helped Search Scientist Take Off?

07:41: Creating the Apple Store Feel for an Online Business

09:48: Things to Look for When Building the Right Team

11:18: What is Working Best for PPC and Paid Advertising in the Market Today?

16:34: Michael on Retargeting

23:54: What’s the Difference Between the 5,6 & 7-Figure Mentality?

“As soon as you cross over 7-figures, I really do believe that you need to become the best leader you can possibly be with the people that you work with.” Michael Erickson

Honorable Mentions:

‘Traction’ by Gino Wickman


‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins


‘Built to Last’ by Jim Collins


Contact Info:


Twitter: searchscimike

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Ep.238 ~ Money Has No Morality ~ Nitin Chhoda

July 11, 2017

“Hiring employees based on their personality is much more important than hiring based on their resume.” Nitin Chhoda

Imagine immigrating to a new country with no family, no friends, only $500 in your pocket and a dream. You get a job delivering pizzas for extra money and are forced to sleep in your car. Then over the next fifteen years, you build multiple 7-figure businesses.

Today’s guest is Nitin Chhoda and he is the man that did just that. Nitin is the founder of TherapyNewsletter.com, an automated newsletter, and marketing software, InTouchEMR.com, a medical records software, Clinical Contact, a software for the medical industry, and Total Activation, which is a skincare and nutritional products business.

Nitin shares with us what it took to build these businesses starting from absolutely nothing. He dives into some suggestions about how to increase your brand and image awareness while growing a successful business. He will also share about the importance of our relationship with money and how money has not morality.

02:42: Who is Nitin Chhoda? 07:12: Businesses that Nitin Built Into $1,000,000+ Businesses 11:02: After Building Multiple $1,000,000 Businesses What Would Nitin Do Differently? 11:59: Nitin On Building Many Remote Teams 15:32: The Morality of Money 19:11: The Importance of Popularity and Making Money 23:37: Tips For Established Entrepreneurs to Increase Their Image and Increase Profit

“The people with (a) wealth conscious simply focus on creating the circumstances that cause money to attract to them.” Nitin Chhoda

“Money moves to those who ask for it without any feeling of awkwardness, or weirdness or guilt.” Nitin Chhoda

Honorable Mentions:

Therapy Newsletter therapynewsletter.com/

In Touch EMR intouchemr.com/

Clinical Contact clinicalcontact.com

Total Activation www.totalactivation.com/

Young Entrepreneurs Council yec.co/

Contact Info:

www.totalactivation.com/ nitin360.com/about/ intouchemr.com/

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Ep.237 ~ The Content Marketing Godfather ~ Joe Pulizzi

July 8, 2017

“I’m the first one to say follow your passion, but sometimes you just can’t monetize your passion. You got to realize that!” Joe Pulizzi

Thank you for joining us once again listeners and are we excited today to let you know about our guest. Today, we have the man who is known as the Godfather of Content Marketing, Joe Pulizzi on our show!  Joe started Content Marketing Institute back in 2007 and later started Cheif Content Officer Magazine and Content Marketing World. These have become the leading education and training organizations for content marketing as well as the largest in-person content marketing event in the world. There are few people in the content marketing world that haven’t heard about Joe and today we got to pick his mind for almost an hour.

Joe will share with us what it is like after selling his business that he built for nine years. We talk about why it might be a bad idea to fall in love with your products and services. Joe shares about how he would build a community in today's world, and some practical tips about building a seven-figure location independent entrepreneur.

02:00: Joe’s Taking His First Vacation Completely Offline

02:41: Joe On Balancing His Life Never Taking Time Offline for 10 Years

06:47: How Joe Became the Godfather of Content Marketing

15:56: Should You Fall in Love With Your Products/Services?

20:54: Building a Community in Today’s World

23:58: The Future of Content Marketing

33:22: Changing From the Idea of an Office Space Business to a Location-Independent Business

35:53: 6-Figure Mentality vs. 7-Figure Mentality

38:06: Joe on Hitting Monetary Goals

41:40: Life After Selling a 9-Year Business

“Media companies have been doing this for 200 years. They focus on building one property on one content platform they do it really well. They build an audience, and then they diversify.” Joe Pulizzi

Honorable Mentions:

Content Marketing Institute


Cheif Content Officer Magazine


Content Marketing World


UBM Events Company in London


‘Killing Marketing’ by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose


‘Content Inc.’ by Joe Pulizzi


Contact Info:


Twitter: @joepulizzi


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