“I made a commitment to myself that I was going to create an idea for a business before I got off the flight.” Jack Haldrup

Hello, entrepreneurs! Today we welcome Jack Haldrup to the show. Jack is the creator and founder of Dr. Squatch, a soap company for men. Jack got the idea to create a soap company while traveling between cities in the US. He was on a flight and frustrated with is position in life. He promised himself, by the end of the flight, he would have an idea for a business worth building. It is amazing what happens when a person gets clear about what they want. By the end of the flight, Jack had come up with the idea for Dr. Squatch Soap Co. and has built it into a 7-figure business.

I am really excited to present this episode to you guys because Jack has a great story to tell and he digs into the science of his marketing and branding. It’s a great episode and without further adieu let’s welcome Jack to the show!

“When I had that mindset shift, and then started investing in Facebook ads and learned how to use that platform in a profitable way, that completely changed the business and we tripled in a month or two.” Jack Haldrup

01:42: Who is Jack Haldrup and Dr. Squatch

11:16: Why Men Should Care About Dr. Squatch

18:18: How Jack Branded Dr. Squatch

21:57: Questions to Ask Yourself About Branding

What do you think you can be the best in the world at? What are you passionate about? What is your economic driver as a company? 23:47: Dr. Squatch’s Growth on Social Media

27:48: What Jack Would do Differently if He Started Dr. Squatch Now

Jack’s Tips if He Knew What He Knows Today:

Get crystal clear on who your customer is. Focus on the one best marketing channel to reach that customer, and go all in on that channel. Honorable Mentions:

‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferriss

‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins

The Wealth Dynamic Profile


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drsquatch

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drsquatchsoapco/

Jack’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jraveltack/

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Ep. 219 ~ How to Get 300,000+ YouTube Subscribers ~ Gabby Wallace

May 30, 2017

Today listeners, we have a good friend of the show and YouTube master Gabby Wallace joining us. Gabby is the founder of Go Natural English and has used YouTube to market and catapult her business in the past few years. Currently, Go Natural English has 300,000+ subscribers and has grown by nearly 10,000 from the time we recorded this, to the time we published the episode.

Gabby shares some really great information about growing a YouTube channel. She and I discuss the growth of her content and herself as a YouTuber. We dive into equipment, handling comments and interaction. Gabby shares her strategies for branding and creating a YouTube funnel. And then we wrap up by listening to some of the mistakes Gabby shares so others can avoid.

If you have a YouTube channel or thinking about using one for business, check out this episode!

“Approach YouTube with a very giving mindset…I think it’s a mistake to see YouTube as a commercial or infomercial.” Gabby Wallace

“The marketing led to the business, not the other way around!” Gabby Wallace

02:06: Gabby’s Story

06:12: Gabby’s first video content vs. her video content today

07:45: Recommended Equipment for Video Recording

09:14: Handling YouTube Comments

12:46: Videos and Content that Creates Greater Interaction on YouTube

15:15: Gabby’s Strategy for Branding on YouTube

17:29: Gabby’s YouTube Funnel

21:13: Mistakes to Avoid on YouTube

“I don’t believe in that type of competition, or competitive attitude (in business). I think we can all be more successful if we collaborate in a strategic way!” Gabby Wallice

Honorable Mentions:

TubeBuddy Software


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Ep.218 ~ The Power of the Podcast ~ Tom Schwab

May 27, 2017

“A podcast is that intimate nature where you can listen in on somebody. Get to know, like and trust them. Really, the true nature of somebody can shine through. Tom Schwab

On today’s episode, we are joined by the podcast host and founder of Interview Valet, Tom Schwab. Tom loves podcasting and views podcast marketing as the next online gold rush. Interview Valet is working hard to make sure it is easy for clients to be a guest on multiple shows and easy for hosts to find qualified guests.

Today, Tom and I discuss the intimacy of podcasting compared to other media channels. Tom chats more on why podcast interviews are converting 25 times more than blogs and gives some great tips on how to turn listeners into leads and then customers.

If you have a business that has a podcast or considering podcasting, I recommend you check out this show.

“Marketing at its heart is starting a conversation with somebody that can be an ideal customer….that’s the bedrock of any marketing” Tom Schwab

03:10: Who is Tom Schwab?

07:45: Why Podcast Marketing is the Next Gold Rush

14:08: Why Podcast Interviews Convert 25x Better than blogs

17:05: Tips on Starting a Podcast

26:03: How to be a Great Podcast Guest

Honorable Mentions:

‘Podcast Guest Profits’ by Tom Schwab


Dave Arons Ep.181 ~ PPC Expert, Company Culture and Buenos Aires


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Ep.217 ~ Outsourcing, Management Magic and Davao, Philippines ~ Mads Singers

May 27, 2017

“Whatever you do…if you save $0 every month then you are not making it easier for yourself going forward.” Mads Singers

Today listeners we are joined by an outsourcing and management master, Mads Singers. Mads operates out of Davao, Philippines running a fifty-person team managing businesses and the day-to-day tasks for entrepreneurs all around the world.

On the show today, Mads shares the keys to building a strong outsourced team, how to handle different communication styles, and where many entrepreneurs lack when it comes to letting go of tasks. Any entrepreneur that wants to learn about outsourcing and management can learn something from this show.

“Our educational systems are designed to teach students how to manage money as consumers, not how to manage money as producers.” Chris Reynolds

01:58: Mads Story

07:12: Big Problems Entrepreneurs Have With Outsourcing

08:21: Mads On Clear Communication for Different Mindsets and Cultures

13:08: D.I.S.C Behavior Styles

25:23: Entrepreneur Mentality vs. CEO Mentality

25:57: Tips on How Entrepreneurs Can Manage Money Better

30:26: Mads on Davao, Philippines

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Skype: madssingers