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Ep.216 ~ Fulfillment and Success ~ Christan Hiscock

Ep.216 ~ Fulfillment and Success ~ Christan Hiscock

April 25, 2017

On today’s episode, we welcome Christan Hiscock to our show! Christan is a life-long entrepreneur and author that joins us to talk to the entrepreneurs out there on finding fulfillment in their work. Too many times people create business models because they think they have to, rather than asking themselves the important question 'Is the work that I am doing really fulfilling?'. This is the core of Christan’s message and how he helps entrepreneurs recreate success in their business and life.

Christan will share with us the questions you should be asking yourself from day 1 of creating your business. We talk further on how to recognize if you are or are not fulfilled with your business. Then he shares his story about how he partnered with his very first client at an income level so much higher than the industry standard.

“Success is meaningless without fulfillment.” Christan Hiscock

02:22: Christan’s Story

12:37: Tips On Changing Your Money Thermometer

19:14: Changing Your Mentality When You Feel the Burnout

Honorable Mentions:

T. Harv Eker

‘Vision Into Action’ by Christan Hiscock

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Ep.215 ~ Using Airbnb to Create a Location Independent Business ~ Jasper Ribbers

Ep.215 ~ Using Airbnb to Create a Location Independent Business ~ Jasper Ribbers

April 24, 2017

Today listeners we have The Traveling Dutchman on the show, aka founder of Get Paid for Your Pad, aka Airbnb expert aka Jasper Ribbers. Jasper has been traveling the world while renting out his apartment on Airbnb, make around €60,000 a year from his Airbnb listing. He also has started a website, podcast and educational courses on how to help people create their own business through Airbnb.

On the show Japer shares about how he made this into a business, while traveling the world. He also shares about some Airbnb hacks for hosts and guests, and where Airbnb is headed in the near future. It is a great episode full of tidbits for any traveler or entrepreneur wanting to make some money on Airbnb.

02:13: Jasper’s Story 04:43: Starting to Rent on AirBnB 07:33: Tips for Renting On and From AirBnB 11:34: Ways to Get Your Listing Higher on AirBnB 13:49: Things to Look For When Searching for an AirBnB to Stay In 20:54: Different Types of AirBnB Hosts 25:54: Services That Support AirBnB Hosts to Automate Your Businesses 34:33: The Future of AirBnB 36:35: Creative Ways to Use AirBnB for Extra Cash

Honorable Mentions:

Jaspers’ Book

Jaspers’ Blog

Jaspers’ Udemy Course

Get Paid for Your Pad Podcast

Automated Pricing App Beyond Pricing

Automated Messaging for AirBnB SmartBnB

The Future of AirBnB Article

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Ep.214 ~ Over 1 Million in 2 Years on Amazon and Saigon, Vietnam ~ John Cavendish

Ep.214 ~ Over 1 Million in 2 Years on Amazon and Saigon, Vietnam ~ John Cavendish

April 19, 2017

“I see Amazon Europe how Amazon USA was five years ago.” John Cavendish

Today listeners, we are joined by a very successful Amazon UK seller, John Cavendish. John has been selling on Amazon UK for only two short years, and he has already seen massive success selling over seven figures in product. On this episode, John shares with us the biggest difference between Amazon in the US and Amazon in Europe. There are some major advantages that John capitalized on by selling in Europe and he shares some of his secrets with us on the show.

It is always incredible to see a fellow entrepreneur have rapid success, and even more incredible when that entrepreneur shares how he did it. This is why John started FBA Frontiers, a website and course to help Amazon sellers open up shop in Europe fast. If you are selling or interested in selling on Amazon, check out what John has to say about some big opportunities that Amazon Europe has right now.

“I started two years ago and did a million dollars last year. So, everything can change so quickly, you might as well start now, and make your million dollars and then exit when all the changes happen.” John Cavendish

01:53: John’s Story

03:32: Starting with Amazon UK

04:32: Amazon UK vs Amazon in the USA

07:23: The Future of Amazon

09:58: Two Years to a Million Dollar Business - How did John do it?

13:47: What Products John Recommends Selling

15:51: Disadvantages of Selling on Amazon UK vs Amazon USA

17:11: John on Connecting with Good Suppliers and Forming Good Relationships

19:32: If You’re Selling on Amazon USA Should you Sell on Amazon Europe?

20:36: Saigon, Vietnam

“Outsource as soon as possible but keep your eye on the strategy, cause it’s the strategy that’s going to make you money.” John Cavendish

Honorable Mentions:

Amazon Products FBA Frontiers Recommend Selling

Greg Mercer founder of Jungle Scout

Contact Info:

FBA Frontiers

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Ep.213 ~ Selling an Amazon Business and Bali, Indonesia ~ Aron Raduly

Ep.213 ~ Selling an Amazon Business and Bali, Indonesia ~ Aron Raduly

April 19, 2017

On today’s episode, we are joined by Amazon seller and SaaS developer Aron Raduly. Aron is calling in from Canggu, Bali and discusses with us why is loves this up and coming location for location independent entrepreneurs.

During this show, Aron shares with us the recent sell his Amazon business. Three years ago, he started building this business up to the point he could work very little and it would provide approximately $4,000 profit per month. He was then offered $80,000 for his business, and he decided to unload it to focus on other things. Before he sold the business, had some very important decisions to make and questions to ask himself before he went ahead with the sale. If you are in the Amazon game or want to be, this is a great episode to check out.

“I think some entrepreneurs are way too attached to what they have built.” Aron Raduly

02:08: Aron’s Story

04:21: Growing an Amazon Store to Sell It

07:01: Building a Business with the Idea Not to Sell

09:22: The Questions Aron Asked Himself Before He Decided to Sell

How much is this business my baby? Did I build this business because it’s my dream to sell this product? Is it my big thing? Am I doing this because it was just something that came to mind? In three years, is the business going up a lot, or will it be at the same level? Could I potentially repeat this with another product?

11:31: Did Aron Sell His Business Too Low?

13:45: How to Calculate the Value of an Amazon Business

16:00: Canggu, Bali

20:29: Monthly Expenses in Bali

Honorable Mentions:

The Beach

Timothy Ferriss author of ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’

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Ep.212 ~ Use LinkedIn Ads with Facebook Ads to Maximize Profits ~ Judy Schramm

Ep.212 ~ Use LinkedIn Ads with Facebook Ads to Maximize Profits ~ Judy Schramm

April 18, 2017

“LinkedIn gives you a very useful way to tell a complex story…it’s a way to connect socially with people you care about professionally.” Judy Schramm

On today’s episode, we are joined by entrepreneur Judy Schramm. Judy runs a full-service social media marketing agency called Pro Resource. Pro Resource works with individual senior executives and entrepreneurs to maximize the potential of their social media profiles.

During the show, Judy dives into the powerful social media platform, LinkedIn. There are many entrepreneurs that have created very successful businesses just from using LinkedIn and Judy shares why 95% of Pro Resource focuses on this platform. She will share some tips on creating a high-quality platform, what type of businesses are benefiting from LinkedIn and she discusses using LinkedIn Ads for marketing. This is where Judy mentions something very powerful. She discusses using LinkedIn ads to layer or use for Facebook advertising. Meaning that one can target their avatars using LinkedIn, and use that same targeting for Facebook to reduce time and cost while increasing results.

If you are into LinkedIn or not, this is a great episode to learn why it’s a good idea to check it out sooner rather than later.

“LinkedIn is one of the most simple platforms for ads.” Judy Schramm

02:24: Judy’s Story

03:07: Why the Pro Resource Team is 50% Remote and 50% Use a Physical Office

03:52: Team Building Exercises for Judy’s Team

09:56: Advantages of Having a Solid LinkedIn Platform

12:06: Tips on Creating a High-Quality LinkedIn Profile

13:23: Judy on LinkedIn Ads Layering with Facebook Ads

15:53: The Learning Curve for LinkedIn Ads

17:16: What Businesses Benefit Highly From LinkedIn

19:35: How to Make Your Social Media Account Professional

21:45: Where LinkedIn is Headed

“How can you make them feel like they know you, like you, and trust you? Judy Schramm

Honorable Mentions:

Michael Smith

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Ep.211 ~ Do Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Trademark and Copyright Law? ~ David Lizerbram

Ep.211 ~ Do Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Trademark and Copyright Law? ~ David Lizerbram

April 16, 2017

On today's episode, we welcome attorney at law David Lizerbram to the show. David is the founder of David Lizerbram & Associates a firm that provides high-quality legal services to entrepreneurs. David is also the and the host of Products of the Mind Podcast, a #1 ranked podcast about the intersection of business and creativity. Today we are bringing David on the show to chat about copywriting and trademark laws and why entrepreneurs need to know at least a little bit about this subject. Later in the show we also discuss how you can protect your brand and business assets.

“Intellectual property law is a set of laws that were created to allow you to own things that you create just out of your mind… its very base it was created to reward innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.” David Lizerbram

01:46: David’s Intro

02:33: Copyright Law

07:57: Trademark Law

10:32: Using a Trademark Internationally

14:52: When is it time to Trademark?

18:07: Social Media Law in 2017

22:12: How Far Can One Company Go in a Trademark or Copyright Lawsuit?

25:49: What Do We Do If We Have ‘Entrepreneur’ In Our Business Name?

“A trademark is anything that identifies your business as the source of the goods and services that you provide.” David Lizerbram

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Podcast Law Guide:

David's Podcast:

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Ep.210 ~ Internet Marketing Medical Practice and Modern Medicine ~ Alexis Shields

Ep.210 ~ Internet Marketing Medical Practice and Modern Medicine ~ Alexis Shields

April 14, 2017

On today’s episode, Dr. Alexis Shields joins us to talk about the future of modern medicine. Dr. Alexis is a world traveling naturopath with an online business that specializes helping professionals reduce their health risks by monitoring blood work, diet, lifestyle, and supplements.

Modern medicine today is shifting with new developments in health and science happening almost daily. Today, we know more about our food, water, and health than any generation before us and it is a very exciting time for health. Dr. Alexis and I talk about how she started her business as a naturopathic doctor online, why people are afraid of this new school of thought, what type of diet she prefers and monitoring the type of water we drink.

For those of you that want to learn more about health, the future of medicine, and Dr. Alexis check out this episode.

“Really what I am concerned with is helping people to maintain their health, and to do things to restore health,” Alexis Shields

02:30: Alexis’ Background

08:30: How Alexis Grew Her Online Medical Business

14:44: What’s The Difference Between Traditional Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine?

17:00: Why Are People Resistant to Naturopathic Medicine?

21:09: What Type of Diet Does Dr. Alexis Follow?

23:00: The Health Boom

25:37: Alexis on Water Quality

"For entrepreneurs and CEO's the biggest thing that is plaguing people is stress" Dr. Alexis Shields

Honorable Mentions:

Clayton Cornell from Spartan Traveler

Paleo Diet

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Ep.209 ~ Learning How to Learn Better ~ Danny Flood

Ep.209 ~ Learning How to Learn Better ~ Danny Flood

April 14, 2017

“Travel is really the ultimate education, it is the ultimate chance for reinvention.” Danny Flood

On the show today we are joined by another modern day Indiana Jones entrepreneur that has been traveling non-stop while growing his business for the past six years, Danny Flood. Danny is the founder of Open World Magazine, Open World Podcast and the author of six books. What I like about Danny is that he really takes traveling, adventure, productivity and entrepreneurship to another level. The last time I saw him was in Thailand taking hot air balloon flying lessons so he could fulfill his goal of flying a hot air balloon around the world!

Today, Danny shares about his journey as an adventrepreneur, some of the crazy travels he has been on, how he applies his adventurous mentality to being an entrepreneur and his new book. Danny also shares an interesting perspective on growth hacking, and some great tips on how he maximizes his personal development, free time and adventure in his life.

“I take on adventures because it provides a new perspective on life….I just feel like I’m face to face with the raw essence of life.” Danny Flood

03:35: Danny’s Story

09:50: On Growing Your Network

17:59: Danny’s Short-Term Goals

21:55: Danny on Balancing His Time

23:55: Hacks to Grow Your Social Media

28:57: Danny’s New Book on Growth Hacking

“If you really want to learn things very quickly, you should teach things.” Danny Flood

Honorable Mentions:

Scott Brills

Ep.158 ~A Modern Day Indiana Jones Entrepreneur ~ Scott Brills

Gregory Diehl

Ep.108 ~ Brand Identity Breakthrough ~ Gregory Diehl

‘Art of Learning’ by Josh Waitzkin

Danny’s Books

Mass Planner

Benny Lewis founder of Fluent in 3-Months

“If you want to learn faster, you need to make at least 200 mistakes a day.” Danny Flood quoting Benny Lewis

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Ep.208 ~ Clarity, Positioning, Offering and ACTION ~ Jason Swenk

Ep.208 ~ Clarity, Positioning, Offering and ACTION ~ Jason Swenk

April 13, 2017

“Position yourself to be THE choice, rather than A choice.” Jason Swenk

“Position yourself to be THE choice, rather than A choice.” Jason Swenk

On today’s episode, we are joined by the digital agency expert, Jason Swenk. Jason started off building websites online way back in 1999 and eventually grew that business from zero to a multi-million dollar agency selling it after 12 years.

Today Jason shares with us his story about growing his digital agency business. He also shares some valuable tips on his growth and vision strategies. Then towards the end of the show, he gives us some recommendations on what both digital agencies and entrepreneurs should be doing in business today.

“So many of us (entrepreneurs) try to do everything ourselves and it’s actually a mistake.” Jason Swenk

01:40: Jason’s Story

05:54: Key Tactics That Grew Jason’s Business

Clarity ~ Know where you want to go, not just for yourself, but for your businesses’ team. Positioning ~ Position yourself to be THE choice, rather than A choice Offering ~ How can you get them to raise their hand first, to get them to opt in? 11:14: Steps to Have Between the First Contact of Clients and Selling Them the Big Product

12:54: What Are Entrepreneur Really Missing When it Comes to Growing Their Business?

15:02: How to Know When You’re Doing Too Much and Time to Hire

16:19: How to Avoid Being Comfortable in a Business

18:53: The Questions Jason Asks Himself Before Bed Each Night?

21:27: Podcast Recommendations

24:22: Where Jason is Headed in the Next 5 Years

“Look at yourself in the mirror and say, ‘What do I do really well, and what do I need help on?’ and hire for that” Jason Swenk

Honorable Mentions:

Jason’s About Page

Agency University

Tony Robbins Podcast

Gary Vaynerchuk

Jason Swenk YouTube Channel

“That’s the cool thing about all your other competition, they’re not patient. And you can smoke them in the long run. You’re in a marathon, not a sprint.” Jason Swenk

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Ep.207 ~ Crafting Your Content Like a Pro and Oaxaca, Mexico ~ Elisa Doucette

Ep.207 ~ Crafting Your Content Like a Pro and Oaxaca, Mexico ~ Elisa Doucette

April 11, 2017

Today listeners we are joined by the founder of Craft Your Content, Elisa Doucette. Elisa has worked for years creating compelling content and writing for many businesses and publications such as The New York Times, Forbes, Yahoo, The Huffington Post and many, many more. Basically put, Craft Your Content helps authors and entrepreneurs sound smart by creating better content articles.

On the show today we chat with Elisa about her journey learning to become a great writer, how she developed her skills to start writing for major publishings and why she decided to set out on her own and start a business helping entrepreneurs and authors do the same. And…we touch on why the is in Oaxaca, Mexico.

02:44: Elisa’s Story

10:13: How Much Has Content Changed in the Past 10 Years?

13:18: How Much Time Does Elisa Put Into a Really Good Piece of Content?

17:01: Mentally Getting Prepared for the Writing Process

24:32: Oaxaca, Mexico

Honorable Mentions:

Jodi Ettenberg founder of Legal Nomads

Tropical MBA

Dynamite Circle

Trello as an Editorial Calendar by Elisa Doucette

Glenn Allsopp with Viperchill

Contact Info:

Twitter: @elisadoucette

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