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Ep.198 ~ 300 Clients, 71 Remote Employees, Increasing Ad Revenue and Cape Town ~ Kean Graham

Ep.198 ~ 300 Clients, 71 Remote Employees, Increasing Ad Revenue and Cape Town ~ Kean Graham

March 31, 2017

On this episode, we are joined by a good friend Kean Graham. Kean is the founder and CEO of MonetizeMore. MonetizeMore helps businesses optimize their ad revenue to its full potential. Kean shares with us how he built his business to have 300 clients and 71 remote employees. We will learn about how Kean manages his employees, important leadership lessons and decisions he uses and towards the end of the podcast, Kean will share some tips on how you can increase your ad revenue.

Kean was calling in from Cape Town, South Africa, so he also shares about why he enjoyed Cape Town so much.

“Be more of a Yoda, instead of a Superman type of leader.” Kean Graham

01:35: Cape Town, South Africa

12:35: Kean on Managing a 70+ Person Remote Team

16:57: Keeping a Core Culture Amongst a Large Team

19:03: Lessons On Leadership Building a Large Remote Team

20:17: Being a Responsive Leader While Removing Oneself From the Business

25:26: Kean’s Must Do’s to Increase Your Ad Revenue

Implement an Ad Server Implement the Premium Version of Adsense (Google Ad Exchange) Implement Header Bidding

Honorable Mentions:

Richard Branson

Online Classified Media Association

Double Click for Publishers

Google Ad Exchange

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Ep.197 ~ What Should the Younger Generation Do With Their Money? And Media Hacking ~ Sophia Bera

Ep.197 ~ What Should the Younger Generation Do With Their Money? And Media Hacking ~ Sophia Bera

March 30, 2017

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“I think it’s really important to hire a good tax accountant, and I think this is a mistake that a lot of entrepreneurs make.” Sophia Bera

On today’s episode, we are joined by the media hacker and financial planner for Generation-Y and the Millennials, Sophia Bera. Sophia founded Gen-Y Planning to cater to an underserved niche in the financial planning world. After hearing many times from experienced financial planners that it would be a horrible idea to serve this market, Sophia started the business anyway and nailed it!

On the show, we get behind the mind of Sophia and where the younger generation should put their money. We also talk about some really great investments for the younger entrepreneurs and digital nomads that are listening. We will address the importance of saving, investing, and setting some financial goals to diversify your income. Sophia also talks a lot about her media coverage. She has been featured on dozens of popular media outlets. She will share some of her hacks to get ‘in’ with the media and exactly how she did it.

05:49: Sophia and Chris Discuss ‘Taboo Rules’ Around Money

15:23: Gen-Y Planning Business Model

18:32: Sophia’s Strategy to Get in the Media

25:14: Case Studies for Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads That Want to Invest

I’m an entrepreneur with $60,000 in personal income. I spend less than $20,000 in expenses. What should I do with my money? I am a coder that is living paycheck to paycheck and has about $15,000 in gold and silver with $2000 in monthly income. What should I do with my money? I am an entrepreneur that has a software business and making over $100,000 in personal income a year? What should I do with my extra money? 36:09: What is Sophia Investing In?

Honorable Mentions:



Self-Directed IRA

Health Savings Account

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Ep.196 ~ How to Build a Serious Entrepreneur Tribe ~ James Schramko

Ep.196 ~ How to Build a Serious Entrepreneur Tribe ~ James Schramko

March 29, 2017

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“It’s unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money, that’s all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything.” James Schramko

Today listeners we are very excited to welcome James Schramko to the show. James is a super serial entrepreneur and founder of the Superfast Business Community, the Superfast Business Podcast, and the Silver Circle. James has been a salesman and entrepreneur for years and has worked and helped many very successful entrepreneurs take their business to an even higher level.

Today we will get to know James on a personal level and really dive deep into his knowledge about sales and community building. James has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs and understands the science behind building an extremely loyal tribe. What is the key to success that James uses to build this loyalty? We will find that out on the podcast.

“I’ve got the key ingredient you need to be a community builder, and that is being responsible.” James Schramko

01:44: James’ Story

04:41: How James Became the Top Salesman at BMW and Mercedes in Australia

14:40: James on Community Building

20:00: How to Create a Culture of Bonding and Brotherhood Amongst Your Team

25:47: James on Time Management

30:00: What the Future Looks Like for James

31:41: Tips for Community Builders

“A sale is the process of change from one situation to a better alternative situation….that’s it!” James Schramko

Honorable Mentions:

SEO Partner

Spin Selling by Neil Rackham

Brian Tracy’s Psychology of Selling

How to Master the Art of Selling by Tom Hopkins

James Dyson

The Warrior Forum

Optimize Press

Atlas Shrugged

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Ep.195 ~ The Real Dan Andrews

Ep.195 ~ The Real Dan Andrews

March 29, 2017

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“It’s funny, you describe me as an entrepreneur at the top. And, sometimes I don’t think of myself as an entrepreneur.” Dan Andrews

On today's episode, we are joined by one of the leaders in the location independent movement Dan Andrews. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Dan, he is the host of the Tropical MBA Podcast and the co-founder of the Dynamite Circle. Dan’s podcast happens to be one of the most popular podcasts for location independent entrepreneurs. The Dynamite Circle or DC for short is a private online community also for location independent entrepreneurs.

Here is what is exciting about having Dan on the show. He is one of the key leaders of a movement that is transforming the way people work and live . Dan and the members of the DC are redefining lifestyle business. Think about the book 'The 4-Hour Work Week' and picture 1000 actual case studies from that book. That is the DC. The members live in cities and countries all over the world, running 5,6,7,8 figure businesses from their laptops with a remote team of international workers, and choosing where they want to go and when they do it. They live life and create business on their own terms.

Today we will dig into Dan’s story and dig into the science of what it takes to build a location independent community like this. One community, I am proud to be a member of. We also get to know Dan on a more personal level, you can tell on the show that he is a very deep thinker and we get the chance to ask him some questions, that intrigue his thought process to understand why he does what he does.

“What started as a community of people that left corporate life, ended up as a community of business leaders.” Dan Andrews speaking about the DC Community

02:43: Dan and Chris on Barcelona

07:00: Dan on Being a Seasoned Podcaster and Entrepreneur

09:37: Dan’s First Business

15:31: Why Would an Entrepreneur Sell a Good Cash Flowing Business?

18:08: The Dynamite Circle Today

29:43: Biggest Takeaways From Building the Dynamite Circle

31:53: The Biggest Challenge of Building the Dynamite Circle

34:29: Where is the Dynamite Circle and the Tropical MBA Headed?

“When you have lots of liabilities….you sometimes think, you ought to get out while the gettin’ is good!” Dan Andrews

Honorable Mentions:

The Dynamite Circle

‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferriss

John Jonah with Internet Business Mastery Podcast

Tropical MBA Blog and Podcast


Dan Norris

Simon Black

“I realized that….people wanted to travel and leave the conventional career path so bad, that they were willing to become interns if it meant they could get out of their jobs. .” Dan Andrews

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Ep. 194 ~ The Conversion Funnel Master ~ Phil MacNevin

Ep. 194 ~ The Conversion Funnel Master ~ Phil MacNevin

March 28, 2017

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“Marketing starts before a product is created…and that determines what you’re actually going to build.” Phil MacNevin

Today listeners, we are joined by Phil MacNevin. Phil is the founder of a top-notch digital marketing agency called and a master at conversation funnels, product launches, and membership sites. Phil as spent years working side by side with Eban Pagan, one of the biggest names in the internet marketing world. From that experience, Phil decided to go out on his own and land some other big name clients such as Jordan Belfort from ‘The Wolf of Wallstreet’, Christian Michelson and the team from The Foundation.

On this episode, we get the opportunity to pick Phil’s mind about conversation funnels, product launches creating a marketing plan and conversion funnel before a business is created, and his new podcast. Phil offers some key tips on what he learned from working with these high-level entrepreneurs, how he implements his knowledge into his business, and how you can too.

“The most important thing as an entrepreneur no matter what you’re doing is to contribute value. That’s the number one thing.” Phil MacNevin

04:18: Phil Meets Evan Pagan

09:11: Key Takeaways Working For Eban Pagan

16:35: Phil on Conversion Funnels

21:27: Conversion Funnels for Podcasts

Create a pre-launch list Run a contest to maintain position on the ‘New and Notable’ List on iTunes 24:24: Phil on Product Launches

“If you are not thinking about how you are adding value to your customer's lives, then you probably should not be in business.” Phil MacNevin

Honorable Mentions:

Eben Pagan

Automate and Convert Podcast

Tim Paige

Jason Swenk

Amy Porterfield

Jordan Belfort

The Foundation

“The more that you can create value because you can, the easier it is to build authority.” Phil MacNevin

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Ep.193 ~ The Movement for Female Entrepreneurs ~ Katie Krimitsos

Ep.193 ~ The Movement for Female Entrepreneurs ~ Katie Krimitsos

March 24, 2017

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“We were taught, ‘Follow your passion and the money will follow.’ but we were taught that in the framework of go to school and get a good job.” Katie Krimitsos

On today’s episode, we are joined by the founder of, Katie Krimitsos. Katie is the super passionate entrepreneur and movement builder that is working hard to help elevate female entrepreneurs to the next level of their game. Together the movement is a blog, a podcast, coaching, retreats, a popular Facebook group, and a business.

Today we spend some time getting to know Katie on a more personal level. She shares with us the challenges of changing from a blue collar mentality to an entrepreneurial mentality and offers some really great suggestions on how others can do the same. She talks in detail about how to create a profitable retreat for community builders and how to create, manage, engage and make a profitable Facebook group.

It is a highly passionate episode with a highly passionate female entrepreneur and one you won’t want to miss.

“If you’re putting emotion and passion into something that is not making money, it’s not a business, it’s a hobby.” Katie Krimitsos

05:42: Learning the Entrepreneur’s Mentality

10:30: Lessons Katie Will Teach her Children About Entrepreneurship

1. Talk about money

2. Talk about abundance

3. Talk about educating people

21:25: How to Hose a Successful and Profitable Retreat

26:40: How to Grow and Monetize Facebook Groups

30:44: Tips and Tricks to Get FB Group Audience to Engage

“Facebook groups allow you to engage in relationships in a dynamic way that not all platforms give you.” Katie Krimitsos

Honorable Mentions:


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Ep.192 ~ Removing Yourself From A Business Built Around Yourself ~ Paul Austin

Ep.192 ~ Removing Yourself From A Business Built Around Yourself ~ Paul Austin

March 23, 2017

“Team building is the essence for creating a profitable, sustainable business model for the long-term” Paul Austin

On today’s episode, we are joined by international entrepreneur and speaker, Paul Austin. Paul is the founder of and currently on a world tour speaking in many different countries about thinking bigger, expanding your thought process and productivity. He joins us on this episode to chat about the growth of his business and what he has learned about replacing himself.

Paul and I also chat for a while about Chiang Mai, Thailand, This has been known for a few years as the digital nomad capitol of the world. Paul and I chat about the benefits of living there and what cities compare to it.

11:35: Paul’s Key Lessons About Replacing Himself in His Business

13:57: Essential Vehicles That Grew Paul’s Business

23:43: Paul and Chris Chat About Chiang Mai, Thailand

“If you build a business around yourself, it makes it incredibly difficult to replace yourself.” Paul Austin

Honorable Mentions:


Ben Kruger

Cashflow Podcasting

Clayton Cornell from 'Spartan Traveler'

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Ep. 191 ~ The Science of Brand Building ~ Quinn Zeda

Ep. 191 ~ The Science of Brand Building ~ Quinn Zeda

March 22, 2017

“If you give people too many choices, then they choose nothing.” Quinn Zeda

On today’s episode, we have the founder of Zeda Labs, Quinn Zeda on the show. Zeda Labs helps entrepreneurs sell more digital products and services using data-driven design & conversion tactics. Quinn has a brilliant mind about User Experience and User Interface, and today she will share some of her best tips and tactics for entrepreneurs and their website.

What I’m really excited to share is Quinn’s story about taking 6-months off to build a solid brand for her business. She walks us through her journey of building this brand, why she spend so much time to hone in the specifics of her brand and what she and the Zeda Labs team learned along the way. It is a highly informative show especially if you have an interest in UX, UI and branding.

Quinn’s Rule “One page, one goal. If you’re asking too many things at once, then you end up overwhelming your main goal.” Quinn Zeda

06:01: Quinn on Conscious Capitalism

11:03: Why Quinn Took Off 6-Months to Build the Zeda Labs Brand

13:07: Knowing That Your Branding is Headed in the Right Direction

19:35: Quinn’s Must Do’s to Create a Solid Brand

23:51: One Page, One Goal

25:15: Quinn Walks Us Through the Zeda Labs Design

26:29: Good and Bad Examples of One Page, One Goal Websites

“Design doesn’t make a product valuable…design doesn’t turn crap into gold” Quinn Zeda

Honorable Mentions:

Peek User Testing


Charity Water

Do It In a Dress

“The website acts as an ambassador for you. So when it comes to online business, the strength of the customer relationship depends on the experience they have doing business with your ambassador.” Quinn Zeda

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Ep. 190 ~ 500,000 Monthly Visitors, and a Powerhouse Female Entrepreneur ~ Sylvia van de Logt

Ep. 190 ~ 500,000 Monthly Visitors, and a Powerhouse Female Entrepreneur ~ Sylvia van de Logt

March 21, 2017

On today’s episode we are joined by the power entrepreneur and founder of 40 Plus Style, Sylvia van de Logt. Sylvia is a huge proponent of both female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs that are over the age of forty. She started her blog 40 Plus Style and has grown it to have 33,000 monthly subscribers and 500,000 monthly visitors. Today, Sylvia shares how she did this, how she monetizes her blog and how she is using Facebook to stay connected and in communication with her community. It is a great podcast with an incredibly experienced entrepreneur.

12:11: Sylvia on Adsense

13:25: 40PlusStyle Stats

14:25: Staying Connected and Building a Successful Blog and Community

17:13: Facebook Live to Connect to Your Community

18:45: The Next 5-Years for Sylvia

21:14: Sylvia’s Biggest Challenge as a Female Entrepreneur

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Ep.189 ~ The Nomad Cruise ~ Johannes Voelkner

Ep.189 ~ The Nomad Cruise ~ Johannes Voelkner

March 20, 2017

On today’s episode, we welcome professional digital nomad and founder of the Nomad Cruise, Johannes Voelkner to the show. Johannes has been creating events for entrepreneurs and digital nomads for years and he runs one of the largest Facebook groups for digital nomads called WebWorkTravel with over 16,000 members.

A couple years ago Johannes got the wild idea to create a cruise across the Atlantic Ocean for just digital nomads. He launched his idea and got over 100 sign-ups in 3 weeks….the Nomad Cruise was officially born. Fast forward to today and Johannes and his team are running 2 cruises each year complete with workshops, masterminding, networking, sports and a whole lot of fun for those looking to spend a couple weeks at sea with some other bright minds and world travelers.

01:38: Cape Town, South Africa

05:33: Creating one of the Largest Digital Nomad Facebook Groups ~ WebWorkTravel

08:25: The Creation of Nomad Cruise

14:57: The Average Day on the Nomad Cruise

20:56: Johannes Most Important Lessons from Building the Nomad Cruise

22:55: Branding for the Nomad Cruise

Honorable Mentions

Jericoacoara, Brazil

The Four Hour Work Week

WebWorkTravel Facebook Group

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