“When you have a lot of people behind you, it suddenly becomes a lot more possible.” Joel Runyon

Today listeners, we have a special episode featuring the founder of ImpossibleHQ, Joel Runyon on the show. On this episode, Joel really digs deep into the concept of building a business he is passionate about and, at the same time, supporting his lifestyle. ImpossibleHQ is a business and a passion that inspires people to do the impossible. While Joel built it up, he created some side businesses along the way, these were spinoffs of his main business. Together these businesses continued to fund his location independent lifestyle and build his wealth at the same time.

Currently, Joel is focused on his 777 Project. He will be running seven Ultra Marathons to raise a total $175,000. This money will go to Pencils of Promise to construct seven schools in third-world countries. Currently, Joel has completed six of seven Ultra Marathons and will finish up his last one a few weeks from the podcast release date. He also offers some great tips about the mentality it takes to be an Ultra Marathon runner and how he keeps his body in shape.

08:51: Joel on Creating a Business that Funds His Lifestyle

13:06: Building an Audience for Impossible HQ

23:14: The 777 Project

29:39: Joel’s Biggest Challenge during The 777 Project

34:17: Joel on Running an Ultra Marathon in Antartica

39:51: Ultra Marathoner’s Health and Body Habits

Honorable Mentions:

Joel’s Paleo Sites



Pencils of Promise


'The Impossible Manifesto' by Joel Runyon


Contact Info:

Impossible HQ Website


Facebook Page


More Episodes

Ep.171 ~ Implementing a Massive Online Launch ~ Jovan Will

February 23, 2017

“The business is just a vehicle. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking it’s the end-all-be-all, but it’s just a vehicle.” Jovan Will

On this episode, we are joined by the co-founder of Advisor Internet marketing, Jovan Will. Jovan specializes in helping financial advisors grow their practice using the internet. Jovan and his partner recently had the biggest launch of their entrepreneurial careers creating an $450,000 in revenue for their company.

Jovan really deconstructs this launch giving step by step details of how they created the launch. He will talk about the books and systems they followed to set the launch up, how they prepared their team and audience for the launch and the one trick that added 6-figures of revenue to the launch. If you have any interest at all about creating successful launches online this is absolutely the episode you need to listen to.

“Separate your audience into different segments…and then treat them differently with a different sales message.” Jovan Will speaking about Ryan Leveck’s book ‘Ask Method’

05:48: Handling Leads and the Systems that Create Results

07:50: On Creating Successful Business Partnerships

10:33: Teaching the Business Value System to Your Team

12:18: Jovan on Recognizing Faults in Your Own Personal Value System

15:32: A $450k Product Launch

29:57: The One Thing That Added 6-Figures to Jovan’s Launch

32:29: Jovan’s Advice to Himself Five Years Ago

“The challenge that we have as marketers is we tend to broadcast the same message to our audience and hope that they convert.” Jovan Will

Honorable Mentions:

'Rich Dad Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki


‘Rocket Fuel’ by Jacob Schmelzer


‘Essentialism’ by Greg McKeown


‘Product Launch Formula’ by Jeff Walker http://jeffwalker.com/programs/

‘Ask Method’ by Ryan Levesque


Ryan Leveck’s Mastermind


Stu McLareon http://www.stu.me/

“The bedrock of it all (the business and partnership) is the value system.” Jovan Will

Contact Info:

Advisor Internet Marketing http://www.advisorinternetmarketing.com/

Couples Quest http://thecouplesquest.com/

Ep.170 ~ Moving a 7-Figure Service Based Business to Productized Services ~ Ajay Paghdal

February 22, 2017

“The company is going to function, on how the leadership sets up the company to function.” Ajay Paghdal

On this episode, we have Ajay Paghdal the co-founder of Outreach Momma and Youth Noise on the show. Ajay and his partner have built a 7-figure web development agency. He shares with us his story of building the service-based business into what it is today, and why they decided to move into productized services as a more scalable option.

On the show, Ajay shares some great insight on building and warming a cold market, simplifying black, white and gray hat SEO, and business systemization for 6-figure and 7 figure businesses. Then we will wrap up the episode with leadership lessons from a 7-figure entrepreneur.

“Overall I am a huge proponent on business systemization. I think working ‘on’ your business and not ‘in’ your business is very important.” Ajay Paghdal

04:20: Ajay on Cold Outreach

06:43: Value Propositions for Cold Funnels

09:54: SEO in 2017

10:37: How to Tell if Your Agency is Using Black Hat, Grey Hat, and White Hat SEO

15:35: Ajay on Market Automation

18:11: Business Systemization ~ 6-Figure vs 7-Figure Mentalities

25:15: Leadership Lessons from a 7-Figure Entrepreneur

“Cold outreach is like that mythical creature you have to conquer in order to start scaling your agency.” Ajay Paghdal

Honorable Mentions:

‘Built to Sell’ by John Warrillow


Productize Course with Brian Casle


“Getting $0 to $10,000 a month was the hardest thing we had to do.” Ajay Paghdal

Contact Info:






Ep.169 ~ Poker Champion and Productivity Expert ~ Chris Sparks

February 22, 2017

“I went from being a very good solid player to being ranked ‘top 20’ in the world.” Chris Sparks

On this episode, we are joined by one of the world’s former top-20 poker champions and productivity expert Chris Sparks. Chris is a master at analyzing situations and using strategy to pull the odds in his favor. This is how he did so well as a professional poker player and now he uses these methods as an entrepreneur.

Today, Chris and I dive into his story as a poker champion, how he maintains discipline in business and poker, how Chris uses methodologies and strategy to stay on top of his game and how neuroscience plays a role in this. It is an exciting episode and one you won’t want to miss.

“The most skilled players, aren’t the best poker players.” Chris Sparks

03:04: The Beginning of Chris’ Poker Career

05:55: Chris Building Side Businesses from his Poker Career

13:31: Chris On Cashing his Intuition

27:31: Chris on Improv Comedy

28:51: Chris and Chris on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

31:25: Chris on Card Counting

35:15: Chris on Maintaining the Discipline to be the World’s Top Poker Player

38:16: Chris’ Book Recommendations

43:30: Chris on Neuroscience

49:18: What Chris Wants Written on his Tombstone

“Our whole experience of reality is just a product of electrical impulses firing in the brain.” Chris Sparks

Honorable Mentions:

Dynamite Circle


Two Plus Two Poker Forum




‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen


‘The One Thing’ by Marci Lyn Curtis


‘Deep Work’ Cal Newport


‘Brining Down the House’ by Ben Mezrich


Chris’ Book List


Contact Info:


Social Media

sparks remarks

Ep.168 ~ Sex Trafficking in Thailand and the Girl Working to Stop it ~ Alezandra Russell

February 21, 2017

“Boys (involved in sex trafficking) are overlooked, and are not part of the global dialogue.” Alezandra Russell

Today listeners, we have an incredibly inspirational woman on the show. Her name is Alezandra Russell. Alez, as her friends call her is the founder of a social charity in Thailand that gives males involved with sex trafficking a safe haven. The name of this charity is Urban Light. After a shocking trip to Thailand, Alez saw first hand how young men and boys were being exploited in the sex trade. She had a powerful encounter with one of these boys that changed her life forever. She didn’t know it then, but this was the catalyst that would change her life and the lives of hundreds of boys for years to come.

Fast forward seven years and Urban Light has been able to provide support and aid for over 4,000 boys. They give them a place to hang out where they are not judged. They give them a place to eat, a place to play video games, a place to bond with people who understand their circumstances and a place to take care of their health.

I got the opportunity to meet Alez and visit Urban Light this past year. What I saw, was a community of young men and boys who were, just normal boys. They laughed, they smiled, they played. Every day all over the world, young men and boys are at risk of becoming involved with sex trafficking and have nowhere to go for help. Alez recognized this and decided to become the light in a very dark space. Everyday she deals with the highs and lows of what these boys go through, and how hard it is for them to escape. Urban Light and Alez, in my opinion, is doing some of the most important work in this world and she does it using her heart to lead the way.

“I don’t like to take credit for Urban Light. I truly feel like this was the creation of all of the boys from the Red Light District, telling me everything they needed, and designing it around their needs.” Alezandra Russell

22:20: Where the boys come from

23:35: Who introduces the boys into the sex trafficking lifestyle

27:52: Alez on hiring staff for Urban Light

28:42: The future of Urban Light

31:45: Alez’s suggestions for those that want to start a charitable business from a passion

33:12: Alez on balancing her personal life and running Urban Light

Honorable Mentions:



Richard Beaumont




Contact Info:


Donate to Urban Light





Hey guys, thanks for listening. We wanted to leave you with a special message about Alez and Urban Light. Urban Light is a full-on charity and is funded from generous people who are inspired by the work that is being done there. According to EqualityNow.org, trafficking women and children for sexual exploitation is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. There are around 20.9 million adults and children being bought and sold worldwide into commercial sexual servitude and forced labor or bonded labor. Unfortunately, there are only a few places to go to escape this trade. Most organizations that help these children are set up to handle females. The number of places for a male involved in sex trafficking is extremely low. That is why it is so important that Urban Light and Alez keep the movement happening. If you felt inspired by Alez’s story and would like to contribute, we have attached a link in the shownotes. Thank you all for your time and attention and go check out what Urban Light is doing. The organization is making extreme strides to make a massive difference in the lives of these children.

Ep.167 ~ Online Auction Entrepreneur ~ Greg Berry

February 15, 2017

“Don’t focus on money, focus on what you need to do to make it, and it will come.” Greg Berry’s Mentor

On this episode listeners, we are welcoming Greg Berry to the podcast. Greg is the founder of Municibid. Municibid is an online auction government website where the public can bid on the government surplus auctions. On today’s episode, we will find out how Greg created a business and relationships with cities and municipalities to help local governments sell their surplus at a premium price.

Greg started his entrepreneurial career right out of high school having quick success and support from his family. Nearly twenty years later he’s created a very successful sustainable business. Not only that, Greg does live in Philadelphia but, his business is location independent. On another note, Greg gives a big shout out to Philadelphia, which he considers one of the most underrated cities in the U.S.

“Philadelphia is a manageable New York City” Greg Berry

1:33 On Philadelphia, the startup scene and being in the most underrated city in the U.S.

02:13: Ben Franklin on entrepreneurship

41:23: Greg on direct-mail marketing and Instagram for his Municibid

Honorable Mentions:

Ben Franklin’s Biography


The Prophet

The Four Hour Work Week

E-Myth Revisited

Contact Info:






Ep.166 ~ Are you a Happy Entrepreneur? ~ Anil Gupta

February 14, 2017

“Be so great that you cannot be ignored.” Anil Gupta quoting Steve Martin

Today listeners we are welcoming Anil Gupta to the show. Anil is the founder of Immediate Happiness and has taken his passion of helping others and built a movement and business that does exactly that. After becoming a multimillionaire and then losing it all, Anil began to question what was truly important in life. When this happened, he realized what the world needed most, that was for people to spread happiness.

Nowadays, that is exactly what he is doing. He has made a very successful business out of spreading happiness and being an happiness expert. Today we will dive into Anil’s story, creating a business around your passion and the most important subject, how you can be happier with practical methodologies that you can immediately use.

“Knowledge is not power unless you implement.” Anil Gupta

2:10: Anil’s steps on getting out of a suicidal mental state

3:28: Tips for entrepreneurs on gaining clarity

4:20: Steps on becoming more aware

4:54: Anil’s happiness formula

7:23: Questions to ask your business or life partner to improve the relationship

“In the moment that you give authentically without wanting anything back. There is no pain, there is no despair, there is no suffering.” Anil Gupta

Honorable Mentions

Tony Robbins


‘Immediate Happiness’ by Anil Gupta

Richard Branson

“Awareness gives you clarity, clarity gives you focus, focus gives you action, action gives you results.” Anil Gupta

Contact Info:


Immediate Happiness Podcast


Ep.165 ~ Travel Blogging and Internet Fame ~ Conni Biesalski

February 13, 2017

“Every subscriber on YouTube is worth 50-times a Facebook or Instagram follower.” Conni Biesalski

On this episode, we are welcoming Conni Biesalski to the show. Conni is the founder of Germanys biggest travel blog, Planet Backpack. Through Planet Backpack, Conni has also done an incredible job growing her personal brand. She has a very popular YouTube channel, created a blogging camp for German bloggers and is an international speaker. Today, we are going to talk about creating successful online launches, her personal YouTube strategy, using drones and how Conni handles being internet famous.

“I would sit down and watch Casey Neistat videos, I would write down, for every scene, what he was doing and achieving with it.” Conni Biesalski

16:56: Conni on Successful Online Launches

21:55: Conni’s YouTube Strategy

30:01: On Using Drones for Videos

32:38: How Conni Handles Her Internet Fame

“People don’t connect with products, people connect with people.” Conni Biesalski

Honorable Mentions:


Chris Guillebeau


Sean Ogle


The Four Hour Work Week


A Life of Blue Blog


Noah Kagan-Validating Ideas


‘Launch’ by Jeff Walker


Casey Neistat - YouTube


True Fans - Kevin Kelly


30 Days of Venerability Challenge


DJI Mavik


Canon G7X


Contact info:





Planet Backpack






Ep.164 ~ The Future of Web Development and Hitting 6-Figures ~ Chris Van Patten

February 13, 2017

“As a 6-figure entrepreneur you are more willing to say ‘No’….you are willing to turn down money.” Chris Van Patten

On this episode listeners, we are privileged to have Chris Van Patten on our show. Chris is the founder of Van Patten Media and Tomodomo. Van Patten Media and Tomodomo are both web development creative agencies that focus on working with community-based businesses. Today we talk about growing a business from 5-figures to 6-figures. Chris dives deep into the exact actions and steps about how he took his business to 6-figures. He also talks about how he landed clients such at Broadway actors, large bloggers, record labels and some of the biggest entrepreneurial communities out there today.

“Business growth goes hand-to-hand with personal growth.” Chris Van Patten

01:53: Chris Talks About Being at the First Entrepreneur House in Barcelona

15:01: Chris’ Tips on Making Your Website More Engaging

17:09: Chris on the Future of Web Design

18:40: Difference Between the 5-Figure and 6-Figure Mentalities

27:24: Chris’ Tips on Hitting the 6-Figure Level

34:00: Outtakes

Honorable Mentions:

Alexa Echo Dot

Dynamite Circle Forum

Ecommerce Fuel

Vanilla Forum

Contact Info:




Twitter: Chris Van Patten

01:53: Chris on Being in the First Entrepreneur House in Barcelona 15:01: Chris’ Tips on Making Your Website More Engaging 17:09: Chris on the Future of Web Design 18:40: Chris on the Difference Between the 5-Figure and 6-Figure Mentalities 27:24: Chris’ Tips on Hitting the 6-Figure Level 34:00: Outtakes

“As a 6-figure entrepreneur you are more willing to say ‘No’….you are willing to turn down money.” Chris Van Patten

“Business growth goes hand-to-hand with personal growth.” Chris Van Patten

Honorable Mentions:

Alexa Echo Dot https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DFKC2SO/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=theentrepr01f-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B01DFKC2SO&linkId=9bfa7d75111a8c6ab932fe4707baf0d2

Dynamite Circle Forum http://www.tropicalmba.com/dc/

Ecommerce Fuel https://www.ecommercefuel.com/

Vanilla Forum https://vanillaforums.com/en/software/

Contact Info:

Website Tomodomo https://tomodomo.co/

Twitter: Chris Van Patten

Ep.163 ~ Building Running and Selling a Tech Service Based Business ~ Nigel Moore

February 11, 2017

“For me, getting to 7-figures and being able to run it with hardly any input, was all about documentation and hiring the right people.” Nigel Moore

“If you want to get to 7-figures, mission, value and purpose are ridiculously important.” Nigel Moore

On this episode, we are welcoming Nigel Moore to the show. Nigel recently sold his 7-figure serviced based business and is currently running a community for entrepreneurs that have IT businesses. There are many highlights in this episode because Nigel really digs into the details of starting, running and selling his business. He talks about the five, six, and seven figure mentalities. How he spends twenty-thirty hours a week learning about business, leadership and personal growth. He then talks about the importance of building a business that creates an incredible amount of value for the world.

Bottom line, this episode with Nigel was incredible and a show you will not want to miss.

4:06: Nigel on Hiring the Right People

6:31: Lessons Nigel Learned from Building a 7-Figure Service Bases Business

8:12: Managing 1,100 SOP’s

11:04: Nigel On 5,6, and 7-Figure Mentalities

30:37: Outtakes

Nigel’s Rule

“Everything must be continually incrementally improved.”

Honorable Mentions

‘Traction’ by Gino Wickman


Six Phase Meditation

Seconds App

‘Doing Good Better’ William Macaskill

Contact Info


MyTechnololgy Business


Ep.162 ~ Business Intuition ~ Michael Light

February 11, 2017

“The rational mind is the servant to the intuitive mind.” Albert Einstein

“The quality of the answer comes from the quality of the question.” Michael Light

On this episode, we are joined by Michael Light. Michael is an expert on business intuition. He is an author, coach, software entrepreneur, and now his book is a best-seller. Michael and I will talk about our issues with YouTube and Facebook. We then address business intuition and using it in a very rational way. He discusses how he uses intuition to speed-line his hiring process. Lastly, we talk about launching a book and how Michael got his book on Amazon’s Best-Seller list.

Many top business entrepreneurs use their ‘gut’ to make decisions faster. But how does one learn to improve that ‘gut’ decision-making process? Check out this episode to learn more!

“Often, lack of clarity is a protection mechanism.” Michael Light

3:50: Michael on Improving Your Intuition

12:24: Einstein Using Intuition

23:00: On Hitting Amazon Best Seller List

36:30: Outtakes: Michael and Chris chat about YouTube and Facebook today

“If it’s not a ‘hell yes’ I wouldn’t hire them.” Michael Light

Honorable Mentions

‘Create vs. Hate’ Dan Norris


Gregory Diehl


Michael’s FB Group




Contact Info:


http://intuitiveleadershipmastery.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/AbundantMichael Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AbundantMichael LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/abundantmichael

Ep.161 ~ The Sandwich Empire ~ A Rags to Riches Story with Ike Shehadeh

February 10, 2017

“My business plan was to feed myself, have gas in the car, and have the rent paid.” Ike Shehadeh

Today podcast listeners we are welcoming a good friend, Ike Shehadeh to the show. Ike is the founder of Ike’s Place, a sandwich shop that started in San Francisco and now has 36 locations all over the west coast of the U.S. Ike is a fellow bare-knuckle entrepreneur that started out with little to nothing and built his empire in a relatively short period of time using his mental game to create success. His story is quite inspirational and today we are going to dig into how he created this empire restaurant chain using expert marketing and showmanship.

“Every person that works the cash register at every Ike’s (sandwich shop) is way more important than me.” Ike Shehadeh

3:46: Ike’s Lowest Point as an Entrepreneur 33:33: Ike on Building a Brand 42:00: Ike on Running His Own Social Media Accounts 53:54: Ike’s Bottom to Top Philosophy on Business

Foundation on Branding -Fans don’t actually care about you and your product. They care about what your product can do for them.

“Find out what your customers actually care about. Ninety-nine percent of the time it’s not you, it’s not your brand.” Ike Shehadeh

-Close --Inform the audience where they can get ahold of you at. 

Honorable Mentions:

Noah Kagan App Sumo

Contact Info: https://www.facebook.com/ToBeLikeIke/ https://www.facebook.com/ikes

“As I wanted to get back into business, I thought, what were the things that I wanted to do, coupled with the things that I new I could do.” Ike Shehadeh

Ep. 160 ~ Business in Hong Kong and China Today ~ Mike Michelini

February 9, 2017

“Just sell lemonade, don’t worry about the tax. That is something you can figure out later.” Mike Michelini

Today listeners we are welcoming Mike Michelini to the show. Michael is the founder of Global from Asia. Today, we are going to speak with Mike about his vast knowledge of China and Hong Kong. Business and life is booming in this region and the place to be for many businesses and entrepreneurs. We will learn how Mike got set up there and how he is helping other businesses do the same.

10:30: Advantages and Disadvantages of Banking or Incorporating in Hong Kong

15:46: Benefits of Living in China or Hong Kong

19:31: Visas for Living in China

Honorable Mentions:

Dynamite Circle




Cross Border Summit


Hong Kong Trip


Qianhai Free Trade Zone


USA Trip


Pat Flynn


Contact Info:



Ep. 159 ~ The Anti-Entrepreneur ~ Steven Moody

February 9, 2017

“It (Steven’s agency) was a body shop. It was trading other people's time for dollars. Hoping I could do that fast enough so I wouldn’t have to trade my own time for dollars. At the end of the day, it was the same trade.” Steven Moody

On this episode, we are happy to introduce whom I call The Anti-Entrepreneur, Steven Moody. Steven built a marketing agency in Vietnam and after a while, he began to realize that something was terribly wrong. He realized that he was trying to fit into an entrepreneurial box and that he didn’t belong in.

He also began to realize the traditional role as an entrepreneur was just not for him. So he closed the doors on his business and experienced a sense of freedom. He now focuses on freelancing and self-employment and enjoys this much better.

Today we will dig into Stevens struggle as the ‘typical’ entrepreneur and why he chose out.

“I see entrepreneurship as a vehicle, but it has become an identity for many people. And I try to limit my identities.” Steven Moody

Outtakes: 34:45

-100 True Customers

-10 True Clients

-1 True Boss

“There is no idea that I care about so much, that I want to lose myself for it.” Steven Moody

Honorable Mentions:

‘Stumbling on Happiness’ Daniel Gilbert

Socionics Personally Test


‘The Millionaire Fastlane’ MJ DeMarco


‘One Billion Digital Nomads’ Pieter Levels


Hashtag Nomads


Michael Moore


“You should never start a business unless someone asks you to.” Derek Sivers


Contact Info:



Ep. 158 ~ A Modern Day Indiana Jones Entrepreneur ~ Scott Brills

February 7, 2017

“The last 5 years, I’ve averaged between 20-30 countries per year.” Scott Brills

“99.9% of the people are good in the world, even if that’s not what you hear.” Scott Brills

Today listeners we have a real life modern day Indiana Jones on our show. His name is Scott Brills. In this episode, we get to learn how Scott created a business that keeps funding his adventures all around the world. In the past three years, Scott has averaged twenty to thirty countries visited per year. He has raced a car from London to Mongolia, raced a tuk-tuk across India twice and road-tripped all across the European and African continents all for charity and the thrill of the adventure.

We will learn more about what Scott is up to these days, his safari company that helps villagers in Tanzania and where he is headed next. Enjoy the show!

“If I don’t have an adventure that I am either looking for or doing, it feels like a part of me is missing.” Scott Brills

Honorable Mentions:

Mongol Rally


The Four Hour Work Week Blog


Rickshaw Run


Charity Water


Brothers Design - Scott’s Web Development Company


Pamoja Safari’s - Scott’s Safari Company


“I broke down in Tajikistan and had to get a ride from a gangster.” Scott Brills

Contact Info:

Scott’s Websites:








Ep. 157 ~ Old School vs. New School Entrepreneurship ~ Henry Leeds

February 7, 2017

“What you perceive, persists.” Henry Leeds

Today listeners I am excited to tell you that we have an incredibly experienced entrepreneur on this show, Henry Leeds! Henry started his first business in New York City in 1969. He has been an entrepreneur every day since that moment and is still an entrepreneur today at the age of 77. We brought Henry on the show for a couple reasons. First, Henry has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has been an entrepreneur for nearly 50 years and someone all business people could learn from. Second, we wanted to compare the difference between being an entrepreneur today and being an entrepreneur in the 70’s and 80’s. We wanted to see if it is true that many things remain the same for business even though today we operate in the digital age.

“I was tenacious in going after business.” Henry Leeds

Honorable Mentions:

Camino de Santiago

Contact Info:




Ep. 156 ~ Faster Than Normal ~ Entrepreneur Uses His ADHD to Create a Better Life ~ Peter Shankman

February 2, 2017

“Men lie, women lie, children lie, data doesn’t lie.” Peter Shankman

On this episode, we are going to talk with the serial entrepreneur Peter Shankman who is the founder of Faster Than Normal. Faster Than Normal is a movement that focuses on changing the way people view ADD and ADHD.

Peter has spent the past twenty years starting, building and selling companies. He also spends his time writing best-selling books, speaking internationally, making almost daily TV appearances, and teaching hundreds of thousands of people how to improve their personal and professional lives. He does all this by using his ADD as a gift instead of a curse. And that is what he wants to share with people.

Further along in the episode, we dive into Peter’s life with ADHD and how he structures his life to create constructive outcomes. He gives parents some great suggestions that have children with ADD/ADHD and we talk about how diet plays a role in his life.

Peter used his passion for helping others, with something that he struggled with, and made it into a movement to create a lasting change.

“There is a reason I am an entrepreneur. I don’t play well with others.” Peter Shankman

6:24: How Peter Used ADHD to Create Constructive Outcomes

10:51: Peter’s Suggestions for Parents with Children That Might Have or Have ADD/ADHD

12:41: Peter on His Diet to Manage ADHD

15:38: What to Do if You Think you May Have ADD/ADHD

“The money comes, the money always comes alright, what can you do to make people happier.” Peter Shankman

Honorable Mentions:

‘Delivered from Distraction’ by Edward Hallowell

Hallowell Institute

Faster Than Normal Podcast

Peter’s Apps to Manage ADD/ADHD

Run Keeper

Fitness Pal

‘Faster Than Normal’ a book by Peter Shankman will be Released October 2017

Peter's Faster Than Normal Course

Contact Info:

Faster Than Normal Website

Peter Shankman


Ep. 155 ~ Mr. Bangkok ~ From Gamer to Entrepreneur w/ Karsten Aichholz

February 2, 2017

“Maybe, school or the academic environment doesn’t always reveal the true potential people have.” Karsten Aichholz

Today listeners we are welcoming Mr. Bangkok, Karsten Aichholz to the show! Karsten has been living in Bangkok for 11-years and runs an authority site about the country of Thailand. This serial entrepreneur is the founder of two companies that create and operate their own web applications. Karsten is the founder of Brewed in Bangkok podcast and has been an entrepreneur for over a decade specializing in affiliate marketing, monetization, and conversion optimization.

Today we are going to talk about how Karsten got his start as a gamer back in the 90’s. We will dig into his long-term business partnership, the importance of defining your own freedom and life as an entrepreneur in Bangkok.

“I got my start from teaching people how to play video games.” Karsten Aichholz

Honorable Mentions:

Tim Ferriss

Karsten’s Living Expenses in Bangkok


Brewed in Bangkok Podcast


‘From High School Dropout to Coffee Czar’


“Lots of people think about entrepreneurship as freedom, as fulfilling. Though it really depends on what you are looking for.” Karsten Aichholz

Contact Info:



Ep. 154 ~ Taxes for Digital Nomads and International Entrepreneurs ~ Stewart Patton

February 1, 2017

“When you operate through the right legal structure, you can do so in a way where you are not paying US tax each year on the profits of the business.” Stewart Patton

Today listeners it is my honor to welcome the founder of U.S. Tax, Stewart Patton to the show. Stewart is a U.S. tax attorney and expat entrepreneur currently residing in Belize. He specializes in helping U.S. citizens who live and invest outside of the U.S. understand and optimize their tax situation. Everyone knows the challenges one can have with taxes. Entrepreneurs have a much bigger job dealing with taxes than the average person, and those expat and digital nomad entrepreneurs have even another layer to figure out. Stewart, being one of us himself has figured out how to handle these challenges and he makes it as easy as possible to handle your finances while abroad.

I have been studying this stuff for years but, I am surprised how many entrepreneurs don’t know about or understand how their taxes work. So today, we are going to talk to Stewart about some of the little-known advantages of being an entrepreneur abroad, how to move money where you need it, when you need it, and how we can maximize our business profit and minimize our taxes.

6:48: What are the advantages to creating a business inside the US vs outside the US?

10:51: Which is the best, Wyoming LLC, Nevada C-Corp, Delaware LLC, Texas LLC?

13:00: For Digital Nomads - What qualifies for not living in the US?

13:33: Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

21:23: Where are some good places to incorporate abroad?


Hong Kong





St. Kits

St. Lucia


26:16: Panama Papers

Half-Pat: Not an expat, just half in (The U.S.) and half out. You don’t spend enough time outside the U.S. to incorporate outside the U.S.

Contact Info:



Stewart’s Podcast: