Today listeners, we recorded an episode that I am really excited about. Our guest today is Christopher Gimmer. Chris is the co-founder and CEO of the startup Snappa is an easy-to-use graphic design tool that helps clients create highly engaging images without the help of a graphic designer.

Chris is an incredible entrepreneur, he has built three businesses. His second business is that sells high-quality bootstrap themes and templates. Chris and his partner built this business to $10,000/month in its first 6 months.

Today, we are going to talk more in depth about Chris’ most recent startup, Snappa has pre-designed templates, 12,000+ stock photos, 3000+ graphics/icons and 200+ fonts also integrating with FB, Twitter, and Buffer. They’re really striving to give you everything you need to create excellent graphics without a designer.

Also to mentiona Chris is a very genuine guy who is extremely likeable and happens to be an Alumni of The Entrepreneur House. So, this episode we will throw in with our ‘Where Are They Now” series. It has been 15 months since Chris came to The Entrepreneur House and we are going to see how much his business has grown and how The Entrepreneur House played a role in that success.

“Focus on one or two marketing tests and try to do it really well before moving on the the next thing” Chris Gimmer

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Book: Traction by Gabriel Wienberg and Justin Mares

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Ep.121 ~ What to Expect from The Entrepreneur House Experience in Thailand

September 21, 2016

Today listeners we are going to be getting into the nitty gritty of what The Entrepreneur House ~ Chiang Mai is going to look like. We are going to run you through each week so you get a picture of what to expect.

Joining me today is the man that will be there helping and handling a lot of this for the house in Chiang Mai. His name is Bunty SomRoy founder of Bunty will be working one-on-one with myself and the advisors to make sure The House runs as smooth as possible to make the experience incredible.

We’ll get to know Bunty a bit more throughout the show so we are going to start off by running you through day one of The House in Chiang Mai. Come take a trip with us and see what you’re going to be experiencing if you join us this October in Thailand.

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Ep.120 ~ Why Would an Entrepreneur That Doesn’t Have to Work Come to The Entrepreneur House?

September 14, 2016

Why would an entrepreneur that has three businesses running without him and doesn’t have to work, come to The Entrepreneur House?

Today listeners we have the great Pete Hall with us today. Pete has officially been an entrepreneur since 1996. He is an entrepreneur in the truest sense, his motto being “Let’s start a business and change the world!” Pete now "runs' (and I loosely use that word) three business from his laptop or phone anywhere in the world. Getting behind the entrepreneurial mind of this guy was incredible. You will also find out why Pete decided to come to The Entrepreneur House in early 2015. Today, we will go behind the scenes of what a 36-year old (semi) retired entrepreneur thought about staying with us in Barcelona!

“Nobody (in The House) was better than the other, or looked up or down to one another.” Pete Hall

“The favorite thing about The House is the concentration of Entrepreneurs.” Pete Hall

“To put a price tag on it, I would say it (The Entrepreneur House) is somewhere in the $10,000 range.” Pete Hall

Fields of Expertise:

-Print and direct mail layout -Web page design -Copyrighting -IT

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