Today listeners, we are privileged today to have a very special guest named Rus Hughes on our show.

Rus, is a systems architect. He has been working online since 2002 and been an entrepreneur since 2012. His background is in development and systems administration. During his career, he has worked with small startups and large enterprises to develop, scale and maintain various styles of web, data and telecoms applications used by schools, hospitals banks and governments. Since 2014 he’s also been selling physical products on

Recently he’s entwined his love of systems and Amazon knowledge to create, a SaaS to help Amazon sellers understand their customers more and sell more products.

Here is what I love about Rus….

He is humble, unassuming and incredibly generous. I have seen Rus in action and can tell you point blank that he is more concerned with creating products that add value and truly helping people than he is about making money. He has a high level of integrity, works hard when he needs to and delegates as much as possible. He is a master analyzer, and can take one look at what you're doing with your business, give some quick advice that can catapult sales, and skyrocket your conversion rates. He has an incredible track record of working online including creating a 6-figure business in less than a year. Rus has one of the most incredible and exciting stories of anyone that has stayed in The Entrepreneur House that he shares that with us in this episode.

Lightning Question Round: 34:06

What is the most astounding fact you can share about yourself? How do you keep yourself motivated? What is one or two things you see as common mistakes in business today?

Favorite Books: 38:35

Moving Pictures Exponential Organizations Bold Abundance

You can find Rus at:

“We are about the change the Amazon landscape.” Rus Hughes

Honorable Mentions: Vic Dorfman: Freddy Lanski iChess Neha Gupta Johnny FD - 12 weeks in Thailand

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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Ep.118 ~ The Tech Expert ~ Paul Levine ~ Another Chiang Mai Advisor

August 23, 2016

Paul is the creator and founder of A code free website builder that lets users build websites with ease. He specializes in app development, app marketing, online marketing, SEO, team building, outsourcing and website development. He has been in business for sixteen years and developed a team that operates in Ukraine, India, Romania, San Francisco and Amsterdam.

Paul is an avid world traveler and a true digital nomad. In 2015 he visited and lived in fifteen countries running a location independent business and managing his team during this time. Paul is originally from Canada and has spent a lot of time participating in The Entrepreneur House activities.

Paul’s Business Expertise: 1:00

Why Paul is excited to spend a month at The Entrepreneur House ~ Chiang Mai: 28:08

Benefits of Living in Thailand: 28:31

Excursions in Chiang Mai: 31:28

Rapid Fire Round 34:40

~Paul’s favorite book? ~Paul’s favorite movie? ~After the Dark…. ~Who does Paul consider the most successful person he personally knows? ~If you had to change one thing about the business world today, what would Paul change and why?

Contact Paul:

The Entrepreneur House ~ Chiang Mai 2016

117 ~ Two Childhood Best Friends Building an International 6-Figure Location Independent Business

August 15, 2016

Erik Paquet and A.J. Dunn from tell about their journey from childhood best friends to building an international six-figure company and about their recent angel investment. It is an incredible story of two guys making their way in the business world and how The Entrepreneur House was a part of that journey.

Abroaders is a premier concierge service that helps people save enormous amounts of money by using frequent flyer and award miles turning your regular spending into multiple free flights each year. If you have ever booked your own flights with frequent flyer miles you know how much time it can take and how much of a headache it can be….I can certainly vouch for this. They have a vast knowledge of airline alliances, routes, and experience booking elaborate travel itineraries with frequent flyer miles and award points. They are also international travel experts focusing on banking, credit cards, and location independent business tools.

Listen as A.J. and Erik give specific examples of how to hack the frequent flyer mile system and how they have been helping hundreds of clients travel for free.

Stay Tuned…..After the main show, we have a little ‘off the record’ chat about traveling the world and some of the best cities we have lived in. A.J. and Erik also give some great insight about the world’s largest party….Carnival in Brazil. From Rio de Janeiro, to Medellin, to Barcelona and Bangkok. These guys have experience living and building business all over the world and give some tips about how to have an incredible amount of fun along the way.

Honorable Mentions: Founders: A.J. Dunn Erik Paquet

World Packers Founder: Riq Lima

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