Gregory Diehl is a wordsmith, a mentor, and an explainer of how things work. Educational salesmanship and helping businesses clarify their vision and value proposition is his mission. He is also a personal coach, helping people understand their own identity in addition to their brand identity. Diehl is launching a new book called 'Brand Identity Breakthrough' and a book that I highly recommend, which is not common due to the time commitment and the value that you get from most books. His vision helps others take their vision and narrative to the level they are looking for.

About two chapters into the book I realized that this book was going to be really good. I also realized it was a book that I will have to listen to more than once. There was just so much to soak up from the content. I really enjoyed it when Diehl spoke of the balance between value and profit. As a seasoned entrepreneur I still have struggles with balancing these two essential categories. Diehl put a new caveat for me on this struggle stating, that if a business is providing value to the marketplace and still struggling then it is lacking on how and where to communicate that value. If a business is communicating to the marketplace and struggling, then their value is lacking. Value and profit are not an either/or, they work hand-in-hand together.

“As an entrepreneur ‘value creation’ will always be your first line of defense against business failure”

'Brand Identity Breakthrough' officially launches on May 20th, 2016. You can pick up the audio version and pre-order the Kindle version today. The print and audio versions available now The Kindle version available for pre-order is $.99 before May 20th Official launch is on May 20th, 2016



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